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Trine 2
Trine 2

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Developer: Frozenbyte Official Site: http://trine2.com
Publisher: Atlus USA
Release Date:
8th December 2011
Trine 2

Genre: Action
Developer: Frozenbyte
Official Site: http://trine2.com
Publisher: Atlus USA
Release Date:
8th December 2011
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Trine 2 Review
Review By @ 11:34am 08/12/11
The original Trine was welcome relief when it arrived back in 2009. Combining what made games like The Lost Vikings challenging with a delicious visual palette made for an interesting, if short, romp through a dangerous kingdom. The success of the first title has obviously spawned a much anticipated sequel, and what’s been provided is basically what fans wanted; more of the same.

Trine 2 begins where its predecessor ends, with our 3 heroes yet again out on a mission to save the world. For those who aren’t experienced with the first game, the (very loose and forgettable) story has our antagonists’ souls bound together by the “Trine”, a mysterious crystal of sorts that allows the player to switch between each character at will.

It’s with this ability that you engage puzzles, combat and orb collection at will, coming up against situations in which one or multiple skill sets are required to proceed. The key is that each character has the capacity to move, break, or attack -- as an archer, a conjurer and a warrior -- with each possessing a particular ability the others do not. So while you can go up against a horde of goblins with a bow, it’s much easier with a sword and shield.

Since only one can be used at a time, it’s exploring the environment to find the correct switch or panel to be manipulated -- whether by a grappling hook or levitation -- where the major challenges present themselves. To make things a little less linear, there are various ways to complete puzzles; in some cases I was able to abuse the physics to jam gears with objects to hold open doors or gates. It’s a testament to the engine design that allows this level of emergent freedom, especially in a platformer where rigid guidelines to player movement are usually heavily restrictive.

Frozenbyte need to be lauded for the level of ridiculous detail they have poured onto everything in Trine 2. From the moment the tutorial level loads, the stunning, luminous beauty of the world knocks you flat on your arse. You’ll find yourself stopping occasionally, just to peruse the intricate flourishes; from the way the water ebbs and flows, to the extraordinary detail in both hero and enemy animations. The detail is sometimes almost too much and can occasionally be difficult to notice an obvious path, or locate what is able to be interacted with.

Controlling Trine on the PC is a little clumsy at times, especially when the game sporadically throws combat sections at you, although it does provide subtle warnings. Switching between players is done with number keys, while fighting is mouse controlled. It’s obvious that the design of the game was done around a joypad, which feels much more comfortable in practice, particularly when you are trying to make accurate movements using a keyboard. But these are niggles, traditional controls for most players will be more than sufficient.

Where the game truly shines, however, is when you’re teaming up with two other players in the much hyped cooperative mode, which puts all three characters on screen at the same time. Allowing for simultaneous actions provides a much more fluid style of play -- especially when you’re sitting on vent or Skype and setting up a chain of actions to move past a puzzle that requires everyone to work in unison. It’s a stupid amount of fun, which is compounded by the fact that it provides a completely different experience and challenge to the single player mode, even though the campaign is identical.

In terms of new changes outside of the multiplayer component, most involve the additions of water based physics, bonus game modes, new bosses and upgrades. For the most part, Trine 2 is more of slight evolution than a revolution, but that’s hardly something to complain about. It’s a game with few real weaknesses, is accessible to players of any calibre, and provides hours of entertainment for those who like to go solo or play with friends. Considering its price, it’s almost a steal for the amount of enjoyment that can be had from it.
What we liked
  • Absolutely stunning visuals, deep and detailed environments
  • Intelligent and interesting gameplay
  • Great new Co-Op mode
  • The price is right
What we didn't like
  • Controls can be a little clumsy at times
  • It’s over before you know it
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 12:32pm 08/12/11
Nice review, I really enjoyed Trine, looking forward to picking this one up.
Posted 02:47pm 08/12/11
so picking this up tonight, & probably bastion too
Posted 02:50pm 08/12/11
Yep, I'll be all over this like FaceMan on PrisonPlanet.com - loved the first one. Played through it coop with the missus. Good fun.
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:58pm 08/12/11
Trine was such an great game. Whoever wrote the music for it deserves something awesome.
Posted 04:53pm 08/12/11
getting this.
Posted 05:13pm 08/12/11
As always, skipped to the closing comments. Short length and s***** controls i can deal with. Hopefully its on sale during the steam xmas sale.
Posted 05:57pm 08/12/11
oath rev, the music is awesome

edit: oh, and the game is just so (for lack of a more hetero word) ...pretty
Posted 08:08pm 08/12/11
I was hoping they would have fixed the s*** controls for the sequel...
Posted 11:06pm 08/12/11
I had no probs with the controls. Tip for anyone here, Trine 2 works sweet with XBox 360 wireless controllers straight out of the box (I have 2 controllers and play this game with my kids.... SOOOO AWESOME!)
Posted 02:18am 09/12/11
9 after the first one?! Will buy!
Posted 07:58am 09/12/11
Posted 09:11am 09/12/11
i like how they announced the release date the day before release.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:49pm 10/12/11
Well, I ended up buying this today. After setting up the controls and getting into it, I decided I wanted to change my jump button. So I went into the controls and tried to change it and the whole game hung. I thought, no worries, I'll ctrl-alt-del out and start again. WRONG! Now the game doesn't want to let me change anything and the controls have gone back to default. So I tried backing up the game and re-installing but it still wont let me change anything. F*** YOU!

Gonna try deleting the game and downloading it again. F*****g stupid thing. Anyway, what I saw looked good.
Posted 10:57pm 10/12/11
What are the default controls? Are they the same as the original?
Posted 11:13pm 10/12/11
try verifying integrity of game cache
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:47pm 10/12/11
What are the default controls?

Default are WSAD and space for jump. Can't remember the others.
try verifying integrity of game cache

How do you do that? Never had to before. Although it's finished downloading anyway so I'll give it another go after I finish watching this movie.
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:45am 11/12/11
I got it werking. I had to select control 3. Who would have though that? Seriously, why have control 1 and 2 there if I can't f*****g use it?

Anyway. Apart from that, the game is awesome fun.
Posted 02:00am 11/12/11
Jump is W or Space.. what do you use to jump in a platformer?!
Posted 05:21am 11/12/11
I think I'm half way through it...and playing on hard with no hints and I have to say the wizard makes the game trivial. Just make 2-3 boxes and levitate to any parts of the screen you want. Get all the secret chests and all the xp balls the game has to offer. Needs a nerf imo! Maybe something like.. only being able to levitate for x seconds.

But then again I havent finished it yet and maybe I'll eat my words... I doubt it though.

Still good fun.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:44am 11/12/11
Ah, f*** this game. So aparently when you quit out it doesn't save your changed keybindings and now it won't let me change them again. F*** you whoever made this. Tried remapping keys for all three keyboard setups and it wont werk for any of them. And the funny thing is there's nothing I can do but hope maybe a patch can fix this if it's a known problem.

Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:38am 11/12/11
And all because you're a leftie Rev...
Posted 12:07pm 11/12/11
nothing I can do but hope maybe a patch can fix this if it's a known problem.

You could be the one to let them know about the problem...
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:25pm 11/12/11
Hmm, I guess I could see if they have an official site. I can't post in the Steam Trine forum because I haven't posted something like 10 threads in the general area. Seriously, what type of f***ed up rule is that? Doesn't make any sense.
Posted 12:29pm 11/12/11
wow, i didn't think it'd be that hard.
Posted 02:31pm 11/12/11
And all because you're a leftie Rev...

How you play FPS leftie? Use numpad?
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:22am 15/12/11
Hooray! Finally got around the game not responding to the controls. Just turned off the Steam cloud thingy and it werked perfectly.

Anyway. Myself and a mate from werk just finished the multiplay part. Took us bout 6 hours all up and f*** me it was awesome. Easily the prettiest game I've played in ages. Everything looked so gorgeous. Well worth the $15 once it was all up and running.
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