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PC | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One
Genre: Action Players: 1
Developer: Eidos Official Site: http://www.thief4.com/
Publisher: Square Enix Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
February 2014
Thief Review
Review By @ 12:46am 25/02/14
The HD re-releases publishers seem to be churning through these days are risk-free. You screw with textures, fix things people disliked in the first place and change the HUD to be compatible with widescreen monitors. Modders do this shit for free on a regular basis though, yet somehow we'll still buy it if we remember the source material favourably.

The reboot/remake concept on the other hand is like Tom Cruise when his parents are away on vacation. For every The Sands of Time we get four Sonic 2006s, and all too often even decent revisits get harsh receptions thanks to our rose-tinted glasses. Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Castlevania: Lords of Shadows are two very good examples of these.

The chief problem is that once you take the name of a beloved franchise, you're assuming responsibility for upholding its legacy. My chief complaint regarding last year's Tomb Raider reboot was that it featured almost no challenging puzzles, and I have very fond memories of being regularly stumped by previous games in the series.

By the metrics of the legacy of the series, Thief is in for a tough ride.

The series is remembered for hardcore stealth play, for its unforgiving approach to forcing players to stay hidden in the shadows. It is a series remembered for really pushing players not only to find multiple avenues for approach, but to carefully survey and analyse each approach before progressing.

Thief is an 'Action Stealth' game in much the same vein as the Splinter Cell series. It used to be that if you were seen in Splinter Cell that was game over -- you'd have to reload your game -- but now Sam Fisher tags enemies and executes them on the run.

The new Garrett hasn't quite started running and gunning, but he's moving a lot quicker and he's capable of getting out of sticky situations. That's the sort of game you're looking at now. Thief is a stealth game the way The Bourne movies are thrillers.

If you can't accept an action stealth Thief, move along now; there's nothing more I'll tell you that will change your mind.

With that said, there's still a lot of the Thief series DNA in our new game -- though the game is definitely from the Deadly Shadows family tree more than The Dark Project or The Metal Age lineages. The system of arrow gadgets returns, and the hub world gives you ample reason to explore between missions. Story notes -- lore elements like The Trickster and The City -- are paid brief nods, but in keeping with the reboot theme the world is 95% new content.

Having established that Thief is a reboot, not a remake, I am now free to judge it on its own terms.

The story is woeful. I'm not just talking about the stilted voice-acting or trite plot -- it seems like there might be scenes missing constantly, and the game's insistence on throwing you between the real world and a spirit one are inconsistent and jarring. It's hammy videogame storytelling at its very worst -- the Thief-Taker General is your chief nemesis, and he's portrayed as a corrupt cop who comes just shy of twirling his dastardly moustache.

It's a shame, because there's some fairly good writing hidden within the game. Stories of mad painters and loan sharks are told second-hand through notes and letters you steal, embiggening an otherwise non-cromulent narrative. The fact that you could miss these factoids if you weren't searching for them makes them better -- it's as if the strongest effort went into elements of the game people might miss, while the part everyone would see was left wanting.

Exploring the world as you hunt down new tidbits of information is probably my favourite part of Thief. Playing on Master meant my resources were dramatically low, so having the money needed to buy rope arrows (arrows with ropes attached to them) and blunt arrows (arrows with blunted heads good for knocking out pulleys or pushing buttons from a distance) provided a constant challenge.

The exploration is hampered somewhat by the lack of a jump button, but only because the system in place is repeatedly inconsistent. Instead of jumping up walls, or a parkour style system ala Battlefield 4, Thief opts to allow players to climb up walls only at certain points. Obviously this allows the level designers more control, but there are too many instances where a ledge is a similar height to what Garrett has climbed before when he's suddenly incapable.

I say the exploration is hampered by this issue, but it's worse during the story missions outside of the Hub. Within the Hub areas, Garrett has ample opportunity to try a different escape route if the one you chose happens to be a dud. In the story missions, Garrett's options are much more... limited. The missions themselves are quite linear. They're not the corridors people associate with Call of Duty, and you can spend a significant amount of time working your way through every nook and cranny, but the game does railroad you down to one place.

Once you steal the item you are after, Garrett finds himself caught in the act more than once and you'll engage in an action-filled escape scene instead of sneaking your way back out. Even when you don't get caught 'black-handed' (a phrase so-named because a caught thief has their hand tarred in boiling pitch) you'll probably wind up at some convenient exit point anyway.

The story missions -- with the exception of one -- were far and away my least favourite part of the game. They awkwardly stomp from one clichéd environment to the next -- the architect's mansion, the whorehouse with secrets, the massive keep -- and with the exception of the brothel every area tends to be one of 49+ shades of grey. Here the AI is at its very worst, hilariously exploitable -- because guards can't duck, they figure nobody else can duck either. So if you can find a crawl space, you can knock out a guard, lure his friends to his body and knock out his friends as well.

Here's the thing about exploiting the guards though -- you get judged based on your playstyle and rewarded accordingly. If you play like a Predator, killing all the guards in the fashion described above, you're told this at the end of the level and you get a pitiful sum of cash as a reward. If you knock people out when they get in the way but you don't actively search for people to kill, you'll probably earn the Opportunist reward, and if you go completely unseen you'll be awarded the Ghost rank.

This is standard for stealth games these days -- ranking systems have been in Metal Gear Solid for as long as I can remember, and the latest Splinter Cell used the ranking guide as a solid tool to encourage players to replay missions in a different style. It doesn't negate my concerns regarding the AI, but it does mute them a little -- the AI follows rigid pathways (like most stealth game AI) and so they're fairly easy to distract and avoid. Well, they are until later missions put goddamn birds which sing out when you're near everywhere.

On the subject of the AI, the game does switch things up on you a little. There's an Asylum in Thief, and it's the best story mission in the game. The atmosphere is creepy as hell, it's multi-levelled and multi-winged, allowing for quite a bit of exploration and it also introduces a completely left-field enemy type -- corrupted inmates. Corrupted inmates abhor the light, so instead of Garrett staying in the shadows at all costs there comes a time when you'll try to light up as many torches as you can. These decrepit souls actually take damage when they're in the light (and they take very little damage from arrows) so you wind up relying very heavily on the fire. It's a nice bit of turnaround for our Master Thief character.

The other new addition to the game is the Focus vision, a system you can trigger to highlight nearby interactable elements of the environment. I could definitely see a hardcore Thief player not wanting this to mess up their game, and it's something you can turn off in the options if you like, but I found it extremely helpful. The world is designed in such a way that interactive parts of it are indistinguishable from art assets, so while you'll eventually learn what an enterable door looks like, without Focus you could spend a fair bit of time running into bits of wood stuck in door frames before you do.

Finally, I couldn't finish this review without talking about the bugs -- Thief's got some doozies. Audio bugs appear to be chief on the list of problems with the code I played -- occasionally I'd get no audio for a cut-scene, or ambient environment audio (the canned lines nearby NPCs spew over and over) would play during a conversation between Garrett and others -- and it would be louder at that. The wheel menu from the console systems breaks its way into the game sometimes, showing up for a microsecond before disappearing again (usually after loading screens), betraying the true lead platforms for the game. I also had an odd glitch where if I tried to upgrade my focus powers, the screen would become pillarboxed but my Field of View and HUD would stay widescreen, making it very difficult to read or see descriptions of my focus powers.

Like I said earlier, if you're coming in expecting a Thief game like those from Looking Glass, you're not going to be pleased by what you lift here. The problem with Thief is that the studio spent so much time trying to make a game for all kinds of people that it forgot to execute any single part of the experience perfectly. It has this hub area for people who like to explore, but it's almost void of people and gated with constant loading screens. It has these action-packed story missions, crippled by a generic story and bad AI. It hides some great writing away in letters and behind jumping puzzles, instead showcasing the aforementioned generic story. Most importantly, while it does have some extremely solid stealth-focused puzzles they're wrapped in a package I found it immensely difficult to care about. Thief isn't a bad game, but it's not a good one either.

Joab "Joaby" Gilroy is a huge fan of sports games, racing games, first-person shooters and 4X strategy games. He's awful at fighting and real-time strategy games although he'd love to get better. He thinks the Halo universe is hollow and that Arkham City was the real game of the year in 2011 and that AusGamers' managing editor Stephen Farrelly only gave Skyrim the nod because he is a filthy Marvel fan. His top three games of all time are (in no particular order) Deus Ex, GTA: Vice City and DayZ.

Recent articles by Joab:Find him or follow him on Twitter - @Joabyjojo, Steam - Joabyjojo, Xbox Live and PSN - Joaby, Twitch - /Joabyjojo, Battle.net - Joaby#6688, and Origin - Joaby.

What we liked
  • Focus mode helps the player analyse an area quickly
  • The Asylum Level is fantastic
  • Solving climbing puzzles in the hub world is almost its own reward
  • Fantastic secondary writing
  • Action Stealth (if you're into that)
What we didn't like
  • The AI is very exploitable
  • The climbing mechanics are inconsistent
  • The story is dull and generic, and the villains are caricatures
  • Very linear story missions
  • The new Garrett gets caught way too often to be described a Master Thief
  • Quite a few bugs (though no showstoppers)
  • Action Stealth (if you're not into that)
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 01:04am 25/2/14
Well that was a massive let down.

*Laments the days of classic Thief*
Posted 02:20am 25/2/14
Jesus... not looking good. What's this s*** about a spirit world? Really? I had high hopes for this but if this score is anything to go by it seems like it's a poor man's Deadly Shadows and that's saying something. The climbing didn't really work great in #3 so why did they think it should come back for 4 and take over instead of a jump button? The Thief series has always been a favourite game series of mine, with #2 being the 2nd best PC game i've ever played I'd say, Following Blood. It's very sad to hear what has become of the series. Although I should of guessed as much when they cast anyone EXCEPT Stephen Russell as Garrett.
Posted 03:13am 25/2/14
"I told you so!" says a million original Thief fans in unison.

Embiggening an otherwise non-cromulent narrative ftw.
Posted 03:40am 25/2/14
sad panda
Posted 04:26am 25/2/14
I guess if it had Call, Of, or Duty in the title it would of got a 10.
Posted 04:49am 25/2/14
I guess we just need to accept that they don't make games like they used to. Here's another example
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 05:32am 25/2/14
Oh man, one of the only times I pre-order, when I really knew that I shouldn't have....

Damn you 40% GMG discount...
Posted 07:54am 25/2/14
I was really hoping this would be good. After dishonored I was craving a great stealth game again

Oh well
Posted 09:20am 25/2/14
I guess if it had Call, Of, or Duty in the title it would of got a 10.

Pretty sure its being judged on its own merit, in that it is a terrible Thief reboot that takes what we love about the old series and throws it away in favour of dubstep music and not-stealthy Garrett.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 09:20am 25/2/14

Some reviews had said that it's appalling, others have said it's good, some people have suggested that the PC reviews seem to be positive while the console reviews tend to be negative, though I can't imagine what the difference would be between versions.

Negative reviews:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJS1yCSKlhs (total biscuit)

Posted 09:22am 25/2/14
dubstep music - ruining lives since 2007
Posted 09:47am 25/2/14
I don't know about the RPS review, but I know for sure TotalBiscuit doesn't finish games before he reviews them. Actually, he doesn't really 'review' games by his own admission - what he does is a First Look style thing.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out John Walker didn't finish the game before he wrote his review.

Thief's a sneaky game, where you play the first couple of missions and then spend a few hours in the hub world getting lost, thinking everything's cool and you're enjoying yourself.

Then you start to see just how empty the hub worlds are and how the story missions are terribly linear and the context sensitive climbing s*** starts to weigh you down, and eventually the crushing weight of the game's inadequacies culminates in an ending to a story you didn't care about that doesn't make any sense.

It's why I was positive in my preview, optimistic even, but my review appears to be among the lowest scores on metacritic.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 09:55am 25/2/14
Yeah that's true, a lot of negative reviews seem to have actually finished the game, because they all comment on the story making no sense.
Posted 11:18am 25/2/14
it's averaging a 7 on metacritic which is still a decent score. glad i got it cheap though.
Posted 11:37am 25/2/14
I'm still really looking forward to this. Has 3d surround support out the box. Downloading now.

Polygon – 6/10
Destructoid – 7.5/10
Eurogamer – 6/10
gamesTM – 6/10
GameInformer – 8/10
OXM – 7/10
Digital Spy – 4/5
Gamespot – 6/10
OPM – 7/10
CVG – 8/10
Joystiq – 4/5
GameTrailers – 7.5/10
Xbox Achievements – 75/100
Kotaku – No
Softpedia – 8.5/10
ArabicGamers – 65/100
PlayStation Universe – 7.5/10
Edge – 7/10
Lazygamer – 6.9/10
GameStar – 8.9/10
IGN – 6.8/10
Posted 11:43am 25/2/14
Well for IGN and Gamespot to give it 6's, thats really like a 2, cos 5 is the bottom of their range
Posted 12:22pm 25/2/14
Awww this is disappointing. Eidos Montreal did such a great job with Deus Ex, I really thought they were going to do good things with Thief.
Posted 01:45pm 25/2/14
Just played about 3 hours of it. Uninstalled it. What a waste of time and money.
Posted 01:46pm 25/2/14

The game's AI in action.
Posted 01:50pm 25/2/14
Eidos Montreal did such a great job with Deus Ex, I really thought they were going to do good things with Thief.

thankfully there's separate deus ex and thief teams.
Posted 01:55pm 25/2/14
At least its better than the new Rambo game.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:10pm 25/2/14
For some reason mine doesn't unlock for 2 more days, might be due to where GMG sourced the key.

(Which is perfect really, I'm about exactly 2 days away from finishing my current project, so might actually play a game for once without massive guilt. :P)
Posted 03:17pm 25/2/14
it doesn't release until the 27th for australia. however, it's already released in some asian countries. if you want to play it early, you need to use a VPN.

last edited by ravn0s at 15:17:46 25/Feb/14
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:36pm 25/2/14
Tbh from the sounds of things I don't want to play it early... I'm trying to go in with really low expectations.
Posted 03:57pm 25/2/14
Looking forward to getting stuck in after a quick arvo nap. LTD..
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 04:27pm 25/2/14
TB did a take on the split in reviews for this game.

Posted 05:54pm 25/2/14
appreciation of video games is subjective? it took him 20+ minutes to say that s***? i'm seriously asking because i got to 10 min mark and shut it off because he'd covered the same point from the same angle about 50 times interspersed with someone, presumably him, playing 3 different games badly and then the scenes started to repeat.

then i checked his youtube channel and every single video is 20-30 minutes. who the f*** listens to that guy?
Posted 05:56pm 25/2/14
So, so many people you wouldn't believe it.

He also admits he only played about 7 hours of the game in the vid. It took me about 22 hours to finish it (on Master, but still).
Posted 06:31pm 25/2/14
He also admits he only played about 7 hours of the game in the vid. It took me about 22 hours to finish it (on Master, but still).

that's because he only does first impressions, not reviews.
Posted 06:34pm 25/2/14
appreciation of video games is subjective? it took him 20+ minutes to say that s***? i'm seriously asking because i got to 10 min mark

sounds like my kinda guy ;p
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 07:31pm 25/2/14
appreciation of video games is subjective? it took him 20+ minutes to say that s***?

He said more than it is simply subjective, he explained why past experiences and being new to a franchise will mean that the game is good or bad for different reasons for different people, explaining that you need to find a reviewer who has your shared position to know how you'll likely feel about it, then went into detail about what he likes or dislikes about games so people know whether their opinions will match up with his, explained why he doesn't like review score numbers, the legal implications in people's accusations that he's been paid off, etc.
Posted 07:41pm 25/2/14
jesus christ i'd hate to have to speak to my audience like they are all functionally retarded autists. that is explaining in painstaking detail how a normal person thinks; a massively unnecessarily detailed explanation of the word 'subjective'
Posted 07:48pm 25/2/14
I was really hoping this would be good. After dishonored I was craving a great stealth game again

Oh well

I got bored with Dishonored after a while. It seems like you could only find alternate ways of doing stuff when they allowed it rather than all the time. Like going across the roof tops.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 07:51pm 25/2/14

I got bored with Dishonored after a while. It seems like you could only find alternate ways of doing stuff when they allowed it rather than all the time. Like going across the roof tops.

Out of curiosity? Do you remember how far you got? I got bored of dishonored around the time that you start blinking around rooftops, finally went back to it over a year later, and the game got fantastic after that. Lots of classic thief exploration and hiding bodies around the place.
Posted 07:55pm 25/2/14
I got to the bit where you have to get up to a tower thing. You ride an elevator up the inside of (I think) a dam or something. I think it's about where you have to go assassinate the head honcho guy or something. With all those big walker things running around.
Posted 08:08pm 25/2/14
Dishonored was awesome, there's so many ways to accomplish each mission, lots of classic Thief-style vibes and action. And Deus Ex HR was great too. Surprised they didn't get those teams to make this Thief.
Posted 08:38pm 25/2/14
Honestly if they hadn't of called this Thief it would have been fine, but having that past history of fantastic stealth games and then ripping it down to basic levels really dirties the water.
Posted 09:49pm 25/2/14
I'm still really looking forward to this. Has 3d surround support out the box.

Almost every review has mentioned that the sound is a glitchy clusterf***, but at least you can enjoy that glitchy clusterf*** in 3D surround!
Posted 10:26pm 25/2/14
Haven't bother to read reviews. I only played it to setup the 3d this arvo, so I didn't notice any bugs. I'll get stuck in after tea. Just playing a RELOADED copy, I'll be giving my key away.
Posted 01:27am 26/2/14
We'll I got a chance to play 2 or 3 hrs tonight. It's very linear and the voice acting isn't the best but it's far from terrible.
The only sound issue I noticed was when you can hear people outside of the buildings when your in them,
Posted 03:18am 26/2/14
Is this game worth playing even if you get it for free?
Posted 07:29am 26/2/14
it's like there's not an entire review in the very first post that gives an in depth opinion on how the game is according to some guy
Posted 11:25pm 26/2/14
Honestly if they hadn't of called this Thief it would have been fine, but having that past history of fantastic stealth games and then ripping it down to basic levels really dirties the water.

no offense against Steve - he's a champ.

but yeah.. I'm not going to warez this game when it comes to PC.

I'm not even going to you tube it to see the story... or buy it now

I wish Khel could have been there eh...

Nerf Stormborn
Posted 07:51am 27/2/14
Played it for a bit, screen kept freezing but game would keep running, allowing me to alt-f4 and follow the sound prompts out of the game. Googling for the issue is hopeless since the game has nothing unique in its name, keep getting articles for the Frozen movie and car thieves in NSW. Also while I'm upset I'm going to get pissy at google for somehow making their search method worse in the last 2 years.
Posted 07:54pm 27/2/14
Played another couple hours and its safe to say I'm enjoying it.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 08:47pm 27/2/14
I went in with low expectations, telling myself I would be able to brush off the changes (since I could understand why some of them might be made), so long as they still made something special, but am really not enjoying it at all, just forcing myself through because it cost $30 and I want to see whatever callbacks to the old Thief there are, since it was my favourite series...

(Begin frustrations rant after 3 to 4 hours of it...)

The levels are tiny and painfully linear (it's just a bunch of predefined hallways/'tap e' to open window things, avoid the stupid guards in each box), the voices are s***, the writing is uninspired, the characters are painfully boring cliches, I've had a few huge bugs, the loot is completely nonsensical - just random coins and s*** all over the ground at paced intervals, the controls handle like ass and it's a pain not being able to jump, the sound constantly bugs out requiring restarts and stops mid-conversation or the guards take about 10 seconds between each conversation section, not to mention often sounds like they're coming from all random directions, the UI is ugly as sin like they were trying to copy the clean white of the animus without the sci-fi technological reasoning to do so leaving it feeling oddly not medieval, the floating text in some sort of terrible serif'd font font everywhere is nigh impossible to read since it quickly moves out of focus as Garrett moves, the takedowns are constantly bugged and for some reason I can't takedown civilians without getting game over but can take down guards, yet am sure that there was no option to differentiate that, the hands make looting the thousand drawers they put on every desk take forever and makes the game feel like a click grind, the music is not particularly good, the cutscenes were poorly put together without sound effects half of the time unless mine was just bugged, there were explosions and falling pilllars and just no sound on mine...

The worst though is that it just lacks imagination, it's like the team got told "Here is the old thief, make a knock off of it", but nobody on the team had any enthusiasm or creative talent, aside from maybe the visual asset programmers.

The same location in Thief 2 and Thief 4 (the bonus bank dlc), one has imagination and enthusiasm, one is just somebody turning up to do their job in the least efforty way possible. One told a story just in a single picture, the other was just a string of context-free space to grind through.


The lockpicking is kind of okay. But, all in all, it's just a really boring game to play with the only challenge being the bugging out controls and scripted action activations, and that's on the hardest mode. New Garrett didn't even need to be a reboot, he still has his age and mechanical eye and starts out already being a master thief without any explanation for any of it, there was no point rebooting the whole thing since he even finished Thief 3 with a female apprentice as Thief 4 starts.
Posted 08:51pm 27/2/14
then i checked his youtube channel and every single video is 20-30 minutes. who the f*** listens to that guy?

I guarantee the majority of those 20-30 minute videos are the same in that they could be cut by half or two thirds.
TB often makes some decent points, but god damn if he doesn't repeat himself more than a drunk dude with a bad stutter once he taps into a good rant.
Posted 08:58pm 27/2/14
I've had a pretty much bug free 6 hrs of play.
Posted 09:39pm 27/2/14
but god damn if he doesn't repeat himself more than a drunk dude with a bad stutter once he taps into a good rant.

To be fair though, considering the target audience, you probably have to repeat a point 10 or 15 times for it to have any hope to sink in, and even then I'm sure the comments section on those videos are full of people who still missed it.

But yeah, I agree, while I generally like him and his videos and often agree with his points of view, I usually find I can stop them about halfway through and I've heard everything I need to.
Posted 10:02pm 27/2/14
Agreed. I rarely get to the end either.
He gets a first impression of the game and we get a first impression of his first impression video. Time saving all round!
Posted 10:07pm 27/2/14
Nerf I've had the same issue of sound just completely cutting out in cinematics, makes things really awkward and amateur. I also constantly find areas that were made for jumping, so maybe they did have it at one point and decided to rip that out.

Overall this just feels like an empty husk of a game with some poor stealth and pointless loot chucked in. That shadow dash thing is super OP as well, can basically navigate an entire level with it and not bother doing anything else unless its mandatory.
Posted 12:20am 28/2/14
just finished chapter 2 and loving it so far.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 04:04am 28/2/14
Empty husk and pointless loot are spot on Eorl, it's like there's no humour or character to fill the setting, generally not even any civilians in streets beyond stationary beggars either, and just a few pairs of guards which are easy to pass by. The whole place just feels dead...
Posted 12:05pm 28/2/14
just finished chapter 2 and loving it so far.

Yeah, it's far from terrible.
Posted 12:11pm 28/2/14
Does anyone in the game use the word "taffer"?
Posted 12:37pm 28/2/14
Yeah, pretty sure I've heard it.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:12pm 28/2/14
A guard on patrol (who normally recycle the same 3 conversations every 15 seconds or so, sometimes even the same one multiple times in a row) said one time only that somebody called him a taffer. The other guard asked him what that was, and he said that he didn't know, but from the tone and the way that the person spat he presumed that it was bad...

I'm still holding onto a fan theory that this is actually the same universe at some different time. >_>
Posted 03:31pm 28/2/14
the c*** ring conversation in chapter 2 gave me a good laugh.
Posted 04:55pm 28/2/14
^^ haha yeah I caught that, was funny s***.
I'm finding it a nice challenge with the custom difficulty options I've set up. They've nailed the gloomy atmosphere of the originals really well imo.
Posted 05:24pm 28/2/14
5.1 out of 10 is better than 3 out of 10, good to see joaby is consistent with his review scoring of disappointing stealth franchise releases.
Posted 05:53pm 28/2/14
Things are trending upwards for Square Enix Published stealth games!
Posted 06:49pm 28/2/14
Ah, where is that f***** Panda when you need a good laff.
Posted 09:43pm 28/2/14
has anyone managed to find all collectibles in a chapter? f*** me s*** is hidden well, I get the feeling they've specifically designed them for multiple playthroughs on different paths, which kinda sucks :(
also, I agree some of the UI is pretty s***, the map being the main issue. such a prick navigating around with it. tbh I'm still pretty happy with it, I prefer the medieval style city to Dishonoured, but there's a lot of other stuff that it got right that Thief has fallen short on. I don't like comparing the two, but it's hard not too.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 09:52pm 28/2/14
The only thing it has going for it for me so far (up to chapter 3 I think) is how hard it is to find all the loot.

Garrett has gotten automatically caught as part of a scripted moment right at the big loot moment of every mission that I've done, even the dlc one. :S
Posted 11:17pm 28/2/14
lolz you guys going for some sort of gamer score?
Posted 11:39pm 28/2/14
^^ is there something wrong with wanting to complete something in a game? or should I play it like you?
I'm enjoying the game, but it has some flaws, pull your head in.
Posted 06:54pm 01/3/14
it's kind of annoying that the city is split into multiple hubs that take 30 seconds of climbing through windows or clambering between boxes to transition between. i can't think of any good reason for them doing this.
Posted 07:15pm 01/3/14
^^ is there something wrong with wanting to complete something in a game? or should I play it like you?
I'm enjoying the game, but it has some flaws, pull your head in.

I envy you being able to let collecting pointless items entertain you for hours.
Posted 09:41pm 01/3/14

I envy you being able to let collecting pointless items entertain you for hours.

Some would say it's milking
Things are trending upwards for Square Enix Published stealth games!

Lets hope they get a few more under their belt before they molest Hideo Kojima's child.
Posted 10:54pm 01/3/14
I envy you being able to let collecting pointless items entertain you for hours.

yep, that's exactly what I said. please stop before you sound even more f*****g stupid.

And f*** off nings, play the game if you'd like to put s*** on it.
Posted 11:53pm 01/3/14
I was paying you a compliment s*** bird. Pretty sad you're so upset over a simple everyday conversation.
Were you bullied about your OCD at school?

Had a chance to get some more hours in tonight. About 7 in and still finding it fun.
Posted 12:45am 02/3/14
Yep, heaps upset. pretty sad your a comment back tracking f*****. if it was actually a compliment you wouldn't have worded it like a c***.
Posted 02:08am 02/3/14
nice homophobic slurs. what terrible decisions did you have to make in life so that you feel the need to 100% a mediocre game? if i had that much free time i'd kill myself.
Posted 03:05am 02/3/14
Ladies, chill the f*** out.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 01:37pm 02/3/14
I wish that every game video came with this guy's accent and sayings.

Posted 10:26pm 02/3/14
chapter 5 in the asylum was some scary s***.
Posted 04:35am 03/3/14
Enska is still trying to level 1 Talk about s*** bird.
Posted 08:20am 03/3/14
Started playing it the other night, I think it's pretty disappointing on the whole. Still, i'll keep playing through and see how it goes.
Posted 08:37am 03/3/14
Finished the mission last night at the old factory/morgue place.

I'm finding the dialogue, both in terms of the voice acting and the writing way to contemporary, everyone is american and "f*****g" this "friggin" that, not enough taffers.

The world itself is obviously much more detailed than the previous games but somehow it comes off as less fleshed out, the conversations you overhear which in the first 3 were fun to stop and listen to I find myself ignoring for the most part, the letters and notes you come across lack the world building character and come across as transparent exposition.

I'm still early, so they may come later but where's the Hammers? Mechanist? Keepers? Pagans? even if they do come later they do a poor job of building the universe early on before you cross paths with them.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 09:46am 03/3/14
All the factions are gone, for no apparent reason (yet, I haven't gotten past chapter 2, and hoping that they'll redeem this with some sort of alternate timepoint thing). Somehow pretty much every change that they made, only made it worse (the hands are kind of okay, if not often annoying), while a little bit of what was good about the originals still shines through.

I've played 10 hours now, the past 5 or so were just spent doing the side missions without being exposed to the horrible writing and voice acting, replaying the bank mission for more loot since 1 rope arrow on hard mode costs almost as much as you'd earn from an entire mission. It's a lot more fun when you don't go near the bland story and voice acting, the actual advanced treasure hunting and secrets part is relatively well done.
Posted 12:07pm 03/3/14
south park and walking dead ep2 come out this week so I'm trying to get through the game as quickly as possible. I'm only doing side missions if they're on the way to a main mission.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 10:02pm 15/3/14
Finally finished it on hard after like 20 hours. Wasn't toooo bad with all the rubbish turned off, but still had a lot of flaws. The final cutscene was abruptly s***.

There were a whole lot of easter eggs for fans of the originals though, if you search pretty thoroughly. As I was suspecting ever since they said that it wasn't exactly a sequel, it seems to actually follow the story of a second Garrett, or a reincarnated Garrett, or something, who was sort of hinted at maybe being a 3rd god of balance in the originals, with tons of hints about the city being some sort of supernatural force that perpetuates through time, something like the Island from Lost. There's references to the original series and factions everywhere, with their buildings now ruins or buried deep underground, the new city built atop the old, which kind of makes things a bit better since it's still effectively the same storyline, just in some different age. Apparently the original Garrett's belongings can be found hidden about in the asylum, including his mechanical eye, but I never came across them. The dating system seems to suggest that the 'legendary sneak thief' was eons before. The 'widow founder' of the Moira asylum was a recent widow in Thief 3, who Garrett stole from, who she then seemed to imprison in her asylum as revenge.

All in all, I thought that the mysterious connections to the original story were really a shining light amongst all the s***.
Posted 09:59pm 15/3/14
The final cutscene was abruptly s***.

haha so true. actually, most of the cut scenes felt disconnected from the rest of the game. it's almost like there was no communication between the people making the cut scenes and the rest of the game devs.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 10:04pm 15/3/14
Yeah the cutscenes were rubbish, totally disproved their claim that they couldn't go with the original voice actor because they needed somebody who could do motion capture stunts to match the voice work :S, Garrett spent 99% of the time just standing around staring at people waiting for them to speak.

Found this pretty spot on -

Posted 08:27pm 16/3/14
So I finished it, My thoughts
The story was a massive turd of incomprehensible garbage. That's enough said on that.
The mechanics themselves are all mostly sound, focus is pretty much useless apart from scoping out the contents of a room. All the upgrades and add-ons aren't worth the effort based on how quickly the focus power is used up when activated.
Guards are all dumb as a post but for the most part it worked in an old school Thief kinda way, only issue I really had was the fact that one alerted guard telepathically alerts all other guards instantly, really annoying, I wish there was an audio cue before nearby guards would react so you had a chance to take them out before they alerted others.
Too much fluff, ditch all the set pieces moments, Chapter 6 was great and was a perfect Thief mission up until The whole building catches on fire Nothing was more satisfying in the old games then quietly sneaking away after completing a mission. I didn't buy this game to play a fast paced action set piece.
The asscreed free climbing sections are so unnecessary and seemed shoehorned into the overall design. Unlike the rest of the game there is no choice involved for the player, it's just a matter of following the level designers path. boring. F*** it off.
Apart from a few times, mainly later in the game, the missions are far too linear, I know Deus Ex was another team but surely they could have learnt from their work?
I was really disappointed to see the lack of Hammerites, Mechanists, Pagans or Keepers. The series has some of the most original and interesting universes and to completely ignore all that world building character seems like a massively wasted opportunity and a slap in the face to fans.

It's such a shame because underneath it all this has such potential, the core engine and mechanics are all there, there's a few moments of Thief greatness scattered throughout and when it does work, it's fantastic. Eidos or even the modding community could take that core now and do great things. F*** it Eidos, just use what you have now and remake 1,2 and 3, then profit.

I'll also add that it feels like half the game is missing, the city itself is great but feels empty and segmented by load screens. The squeezing through crates seemed like a contrived mechanism to segment the world, I would guess to fit in memory on lower end SKUs (PS3/360) There's also not a whole lot to do in the city, the few moments you do get good side missions would have been great it they were more numerous. I'd take a city 1/5 and 5 times as dense gameplay wise any day over what it is. Whole parts of the story seem missing, like entire missions were excised
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 08:53pm 16/3/14
Whole parts of the story seem missing, like entire missions were excised

This is very true, does anybody know why the baron's architect guy even committed suicide?

Garrett's missing year just got completely forgotten after the intro.
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