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Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Genre: Role Playing
Developer: Bioware Official Site: http://www.starwarstheoldrep...
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
1st March 2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Genre: Role Playing
Developer: Bioware
Official Site: http://www.starwarsth...
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
1st March 2012
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Review
Review By @ 03:54pm 21/12/11
Seven years ago, a little game came out and took the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) world by storm, you may have heard of it: World of Warcraft. Love it or hate it (and I’m sure theres plenty of support out there for both sides) it is undeniable that WoW has utterly dominated the MMO market in its seven year life-span. Many contenders to the throne have risen and fallen and most have ended up being mere flash-in-the-pan experiences that are over before they’ve even really begun.

Now Bioware steps up to the plate, armed with their own version of the Star Wars IP and a string of hugely successfully singleplayer RPGs under their belt, ready to take a shot at carving a lasting piece of the MMO market for themselves and they might even just pull it off. After all, the force is strong with this one.

Eight years ago BioWare crafted the world of Knights of the Old Republic, their own original take on the Star Wars mythology which blended all the elements everyone knows and loves but gave them free reign to do almost whatever they wanted story-wise, since it was set 4,000 odd years before the galaxy portrayed in the Star Wars films. It’s this same take on the Star Wars universe that the player will be thrust into when jumping into the Old Republic, with this new tale being set approximately 300 years or so after the end of Knights of the Old Republic.

There’s plenty of story hooks here that carry over from the old KotOR games, whether it’s familiar characters being referenced, or the continuing story of Darth Revan, fans of the original game should find enough here to satisfy their cravings. At the same time though, if you’re new to the franchise, don’t worry, you wont feel alienated in any way or feel like you need to have played the previous games to understand what is going on -- any back story you might need to know is wholly explained and the main story of the game is largely self-contained and unrelated to previous entries in the series.

First, lets all address the elephant in the room: this game is not launching in Australia until next year. Now for those with very strong opinions about these sort of business practices, this might be enough to turn you off. There really is no obvious reason we can see for delaying an Australian release and explanations have not been forthcoming from the creators or publishers.

Network performance from Australia has not been an issue at all; the latency you will get on Old Republic’s US-based servers is likely better than you will find in other MMOs on the market here -- the experience I’ve had while playing it so far is absolutely perfect. While I don’t agree with arbitrary region restrictions, we're not going to fault The Old Republic for it, because it really is something above and beyond the quality of the game itself and more than likely even out of developer BioWare’s hands.

Now this is an massively multiplayer online game, and as any experienced player can tell you, the launch of a new MMO is usually quite a painful affair -- bugs abound, servers crash, and the whole experience is usually quite substandard until several post-launch patches rollout and things are shored up. I’m happy to say however, it seems that BioWare is most definitely bucking the trend.

In all my time with the game, throughout months of beta testing and a week of playing in the retail game’s early start period, I can’t even recall a single time the game has crashed on me. Yes I’ve encountered the occasional small bug or graphical glitch, but they’ve all been so minor that I’ve barely even acknowledged them. This is quite honestly one of the most -- if not the most -- polished, refined and hands-down well-made MMOs I’ve ever played.

Even three months ago when I was playing the game in its beta form, it already felt more finished and more polished than a lot of games do at launch. Its a very impressive feat by BioWare and my hat is off to them. For most players, probably the worst thing you will have to contend with in these early days are the queues for some of the servers. If you want to play on one of the more popular servers, be prepared to wait in line for anywhere from two up to four hours at peak times to get into your game. The curse of making a wide-appealing multiplayer game I guess: everyone wants to play it.

Rather than go for realism, the game has gone for a slightly more stylised direction that still looks and sounds great. Some have likened it to the look of the animated Clone Wars TV series, but while I personally don’t think it goes that far down the cartoon path, it does present a animated sheen. With the graphics settings cranked to full the game is arguably the best looking MMO to date. From the fine details like the equipment players can wear and the expressions on the faces of NPCs during conversations, right up to the brilliant looking environments.

The environments are where The Old Republic really shines: some of the worlds you visit are simply mind-blowing in scope and design, and even the interiors of things like Sith temples just look incredible. The only gripe here is that out of the box, the game has no support for anti-aliasing. Its not a deal-breaker if you know how to force AA through the control panel of your video card drivers, or if you’re comfortable manually editing the game’s configuration files, but not everyone who will be playing this game will necessarily be savvy enough to do these things, and they’ll unwittingly not be getting the full experience as a result of this puzzling trivial omission.

Audio is another home-run for the game all around. As we’ve come to expect from Bioware, the voice acting is top notch and the game is scored by a full orchestra -- complete with ominous chanting choirs to create that tension filled Star Wars style music that does so well with lightsaber fights. The generally effects are great and go a long way to really making the game feel an authentic Star Wars experience; from the buzz and crackle of a lightsaber, to the whine of a speeder bike, everything sounds just like it should.

Mechanically the game is a pretty traditional and familiar MMO fare. You have your action bars; you drop abilities on them, then you activate them with mouse-clicks or hotkeys during combat to use your skills and abilities and attack. There’s no auto-attack in the game, so every attack you do actually comes from your direct inputs, but by and large it is the same style of combat that has become standardised in the genre.

All of the fundamentals you’d expect in a traditional RPG make a showing: you have numerical character stats, you have gear, you have levels, you have an inventory that seems to be constantly running out of space. That's not to say Old Republic doesn’t do anything new or different though; it most certainly does. As an example, if you play a Smuggler or an Imperial Agent you will find a cover mechanic akin to what we’ve seen in Mass Effect. It even puts a fresh coat of paint on some of those old mechanics to make things feel more fresh, but at the end of the day if MMORPG gameplay hasn’t been something you’ve enjoyed in the past, don’t expect any truly significant differences here.

The place where Old Republic has chosen to really distinguish itself and distance itself with its competitors is with story. Each class has their own unique, distinct and intricately-crafted story which leads them through the game. As you work your way through the class quests, you will gain companions who can accompany you into combat, or chill out back on your ship crafting equipment or going on missions to acquire money and resources for you. Your companions will then also have their own personal storylines that you can delve into once you have gained enough affection or reputation with them. On top of that, all the side-quests you do outside of your base narrative have their own crafted tales.

At its heart, your quest might still just be “Go kill ten republic soldiers”, but there’s always a detailed setup attached, with so much story and context that it actually feels much more meaningful than the basic kill or fetch quest that it is. Even the game’s dungeons (called Flashpoints) are very story driven. They aren’t merely a series of: kill minions; kill boss; get loot; rinse and repeat; they have group conversations, moral dilemmas, cut-scenes, and a strong narrative.

May of the outcomes of these flashpoints are driven by story and the player’s interaction with it, so, they can go in different directions and wind up differently depending on what the players choose to do, which makes them a lot more replayable.

Helping this heavy story focus is one of the game’s biggest selling points: every single character in the world is fully voiced with several options -- male and female -- for the player character. Every single quest you do -- even if its a lowly fetch quest -- comes complete with a fully-voiced conversation with an non-player character (NPC), that sets up the story and context.

The conversation system works a lot like Mass Effect, with a conversation “wheel” that lets you choose a number of different summarised responses that will initiate a more verbose string of dialogue. If you are in a group, you can even take part in a multiplayer conversation, where everybody chooses a response and one result is randomly selected to be presented as part of the ongoing conversation. It makes for some pretty cool and dynamic looking scenes when your whole group is taking part and different people are speaking at different points through the conversation.

Another nice touch is that if your group initiates a conversation while you are not within range of the NPC, you can make a holo-call using your communicator and appear with your group in holographic form to still take part in the conversation; very handy indeed!

A downside to the game being so story-driven however, is that it becomes a very linear experience. This isn’t much of an issue on your first play through, but once you have played a character to max level and decided to try a second, you will be visiting exactly the same planets, and most of the same quests (with the exception of class-specific quests -- in pretty much the same order as you last did them. There are some Empire only planets and some Republic only planets, so if you make a new character on the opposing side you will get to see a whole new side of the game, but it still feels a little limited to me.

To help combat this somewhat, BioWare have introduced a system called the Legacy system, the purpose of which is to give leveling up new characters more interesting. With the legacy system, all the new characters you make become part of the same family -- or legacy if you will -- as your main character. This means that they all share the same last name, and your subsequent characters will earn “legacy points” for the legacy as they level up. You can then spend the these points to buy items and cool stuff on your characters.

If you’ve had you’re fill of questing and you’re looking for a change of pace, The Old Republic offers a few options, primarily via its Player vs Player (PvP) Warzones and its space missions. There are three PvP Warzones, which are dedicated areas built to PvP in. You can queue up to participate in a Warzone from anywhere in the galaxy by clicking a button on your interface, and once the system has enough competitors, it builds the teams and randomly drops you in one of the three maps. Everyone in the game is then temporarily boosted to the level of the highest person in the match so that it makes for fair contest.

The three maps on offer are Huttball, Alderaan and Void Star. Huttball is essentially a very violent game of football, where both teams try and get the ball into the opposing team’s endzone. The ball can be passed to your team-mates (and intercepted by opposition) and the map is dotted with deathtraps such as acid pits and vents that spew fire. The second map, Alderaan, takes place during the Alderaan civil war and is a basic capture and hold type map, where both sides fight over three different control points to activate giant guns and blow up the other team’s base. The last of the three, Void Star, sees one team defending a ship while the opposing team attacks with explosive charges.

Dishing up a bit of fan-service, the space missions are short, little action-packed scenarios you can undertake in your starship. They range from escorting a shuttle to safety, to attacking a space station or fighting off an enemy fleet in an asteroid field. You don’t have full control over your ship -- it’s an on-rails experience -- but that doesn’t stop it being a lot of fun. While Star Destroyers and Republic cruisers go at each other and you dodge and weave your way through turbo laser fire to take out fighters, turrets, shield generators and other such targets of opportunity, there’s some good old fashioned arcade fun to be had.

As you complete space missions you earn tokens which can then be used to buy new equipment upgrades for your ship, allowing you to undertake more difficult missions. It’s not a major focus and essentially doesn’t amount to much more than a cool little mini game (its by no means necessary or mandatory for your character’s advancement), but since the missions themselves are generally no longer than about five minutes each, it makes for a nice change of pace and a fun little distraction from the core game.

BioWare have remarkably pulled a rabbit out of the hat with Star Wars: The Old Republic. While they haven’t revolutionised MMO gameplay as we know it, they have delivered one of the best looking, most playable and most polished MMOs in history -- in fact, a level of polish you just don’t expect from the genre.

Will it have lastability to rival World of Warcraft? At this point it’s far too early to tell if a long-term subscription will be worthwhile. But if you enjoy RPGs, if you enjoy Star Wars, or like BioWare’s well-crafted epics, then Star Wars: The Old Republic is certainly worth the initial price of admission (well, assuming you can get your hands on a copy).
What we liked
  • Easily the most graphically impressive MMO to date, with some truly stunning environments.
  • Story driven gameplay gives a great depth and context to everything you do.
  • Wonderfully epic orchestral score, solid voice acting and iconic sound effects really pull you in to the Star Wars galaxy.
  • Arguably the most complete and polished MMO ever launched.
What we didn't like
  • Delayed for months in Australia -- imports only until then.
  • Narrative-focus makes the game quite linear, which will inhibit replayability.
  • Expect huge queues if you want to play on one of the more popular servers at launch.
  • No support for Anti-aliasing out of the box.
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 06:17pm 21/12/11
Posted 06:32pm 21/12/11
ehhh, i disagree about the bugs- i've encountered a few (mostly during cinematics where textures on character models stuff up).

other than that, i am enjoying it, haven't really played an MMO before this.
Posted 07:08pm 21/12/11
Yeah, I mentioned that you get the odd graphical glitch in the review, but realistically considering the huge scale of the game, and how minor they usually are, its pretty much a non-issue. I've seen worse graphic glitches in single player games that don't have the added complexity and scope of being an MMO. And being a PC game you never really know how many of those graphic glitches are the game's fault or the video card driver's fault anyway.

Personally I've had no texture problems, but my character now is wearing a cape and once it acted a bit odd in a cutscene, but off the top of my head thats the only one I can even remember, and thats only because it happened to me today.
Posted 07:37pm 21/12/11
yeah, hit and miss with each PC i suppose, so many different setups these days.

nice review mate :)
Posted 07:40pm 21/12/11
Hey Khel, the storyline isn't actually as linear as you mention. The class quests can go down several different paths with different outcomes and gear, and the other quests featured throughout the game can have different endings and different choices.

Otherwise, great review!
Posted 07:55pm 21/12/11
So how grindy is this?
Posted 07:58pm 21/12/11
Yeah, I guess by linear I mean the order you do things, like its not like you get to a point where you can choose to go level in a couple of different places, its always this planet, then this planet, then this planet, etc. Even though you get a choose in your class quest to either go to (for example) Tattooine or Alderaan, its not really a choice, cos at that point you're too low level for Alderaan, and you have to end up doing both anyway. And with only two different starting planets, if you rolled say an Imperial Agent, and then a Bounty Hunter as an alt, you wouldn't even get a different starting zone to try out.

Like you said though, quests can play out in different ways, same with the Flashpoints, so theres some replayability there, but you're still going to the same places in the same order and doing essentially the same things. Its not a HUGE deal, hence the reason the game still scored so well, and the stories are so well written that playing through them twice is still most likely going to be fun, but I still can't help but feel a bit limited by it.

And thanks :P
Posted 09:06pm 21/12/11
As a starting point SWTOR seems to be i na really good place. Give it the time and effort WOW has had over the years and imagine where it could get.
Posted 09:13pm 21/12/11
ive yet to play a non grindy MMO except for the glory days of UO, i bet this is the same s***
Posted 09:14pm 21/12/11
Is this finally the wow killer? Or is this just another AOC, LTRO, etc.

I hope it is so blizzard do something new
Posted 09:29pm 21/12/11
ehhh, i disagree about the bugs- i've encountered a few (mostly during cinematics where textures on character models stuff up). other than that, i am enjoying it, haven't really played an MMO before this.

put it this way ... this is unbelievably bugless compared to every other mmo release. never seen such a stable release ... only problem is the queues but that was easily predicted.

while it's an mmo, it hardly feels like one. I'm just happy doing all the quests. storyline is great!
Posted 09:40pm 21/12/11
I keep hearing good things about this but I've never really been an MMO fan.
Posted 10:10pm 21/12/11
The good thing is you don't have to be. It's Kotor3 but multilayer capabilities. What's really good is that you decide of you want it to be a singleplayer feel, or a multilayer. You can questions with your companion or do it with a group. Even better is that there isn't that grindy feel like other know, as those quests appear randomly and you can finish them or not.
Posted 10:30pm 21/12/11
Is this finally the wow killer? Or is this just another AOC, LTRO, etc.

WoW will continue (WOW was an "eq killer" and EQ just released another expansion ... good mmo's don't die easily)

AC and LOTRO have their fans.
I think this will have a larger fan base to start with.

As for bugs ... If you have mice issues (and all the people who I play with have experienced it multiple times a night) eg. the left mouse button stops responding ... press ctrl-u twice.
Posted 11:34pm 21/12/11
This has killed WoW for me if it helps! :)
Posted 11:47pm 21/12/11
yeah i have to agree with TicMan, so far i am really enjoying it far more than wow.. i have to say this is a wow killer if there ever was one.. considering i have been playing wow since release, thats a pretty big call for me.

having said that i am only level 10 so things might change.. although it does look like they have learnt a lot from wow and other MMOs that tried and failed.
Posted 01:26am 22/12/11
The only WoW killer is the Kung Fu Panda Expansion, and by "killer" I mean they might lose a few million subs. Only Blizzard can kill wow, but competition is excellent for the future of gaming.
Posted 02:12am 22/12/11
Great game review Khel! I'm happy too see this game rise above criticisms about it's value against the MMO heavy weights. However....
I take issue regarding the region issues. I'm not playing ANOTHER MMO that gives me 200ms (with tunneling software). Ever.
Beyond that, the game sounds promising, though painfully similar to WoW.. If they seriously release local servers, I might find myself playing it. I love Starwars, and have played both KOTOR's. Not sure if this is enough for me to get back into the MMO genre unless previous requirements are met. A fine business model, though not a great model for proper gamers IMHO.
I'm a massive MMO skeptic. It is not the future of gaming, or rather, I hope it isn't.
Posted 02:13am 22/12/11
Hopefully they'll add some sort of free trial option so people can test it for themselves in future.
Posted 02:21am 22/12/11
More importantly, where can we buy it?! Seems most of the CD keys sites are out of stock
Posted 03:15am 22/12/11
Stalfax, keep an eye on CJS-keys imo.

I got mine from them for like $60 (which was $20 or so cheaper than buying from amazon).

Keep a look on their facebook page and they usually say on there when they're putting new keys up.

As for the game, I think I'm something like 60 hours /played (probably more) and I've still not even settled on a goddamn main class XD
Posted 07:47am 22/12/11
I'm not playing ANOTHER MMO that gives me 200ms (with tunneling software).

I get ~180ms on my ADSL2 (haha, syncs at 1.4Mbit) BigPond connection without any tunnelling software.
Posted 08:47am 22/12/11
I rememberthe good ol days playing FPS' with 300 ping on dial up.

Anyway I'll finally be giving this a bash tonight, yay.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:21am 22/12/11
So the big question is, what are the controls like? Do the characters feel sluggish when moving around and do the casting/fighting animations feel fluid. This is normally a game breaker for me. I know I say this all the time buy WoW is the perfect example of how it should feel. I might give this a go when it gets an official release out here if it hasn't died off in the ass like so many MMO's do.
Posted 09:29am 22/12/11
So the big question is, what are the controls like? Do the characters feel sluggish when moving around and do the casting/fighting animations feel fluid.

great. no and yes.
Posted 10:08am 22/12/11
Rev, from everything I've read SWTOR is as responsive or even more so then WOW.

What people have not spoke about and I touched on above is this:

As a starting point SWTOR is already in a great position. They have nailed the basic gameplay, learned from WOW's mistakes and have an excellent platform to build on. It will be very interesting where they take this game over the course of the next few years.
Posted 10:33am 22/12/11
Rev, from everything I've read SWTOR is as responsive or even more so then WOW.

I'd say no, despite the better ping
Posted 10:38am 22/12/11
just to confirm there is no monthly subscription???
Posted 10:54am 22/12/11
just to confirm there is no monthly subscription???

$14 a month.
Posted 12:01pm 22/12/11
Its a great game and I love it.

Many times id leveled and forgot to train so engrossed in the story.

Ive leveled with friends so I see all their class quests and its great fun seeing what options people choose in dialog and the responses. Ive not laughed in an MMO since the days of Jim on the walls in DAOC doing rolling hammers.

Downsides ;

-4 man group size (including pets)
-I don't get to kill everyone (People I group with are soft c****)
-Vent f**** up left mouse and you have reload UI (10 times a night)
Posted 12:09pm 22/12/11
Can you be a Jedi?
Posted 12:25pm 22/12/11
Yes trog you can be a pussy whipped Jedi but it's more fun to be a Sith.....something something something darkside

I throw up some other links;



torhead also includes a skill calculator


Posted 12:35pm 22/12/11
Can you be a Jedi?

there's two jedi classes, jedi knight and jedi consular that then split into 4 advanced classes at level 10 (2 advanced classes each)
Posted 12:44pm 22/12/11
Yeah, the 4 man group size seems odd, I'd really like to know their rationale behind that
Posted 01:38pm 22/12/11
i like the group sizes. it's hard enough getting 4 randoms together to do heroic area quests, let alone 6+ people. that's also why i usually skip all those heroic quests. cant be f***ed wasting time spamming lfg when i could be off doing solo quests.
Posted 01:44pm 22/12/11
there's two jedi classes, jedi knight and jedi consular that then split into 4 advanced classes at level 10 (2 advanced classes each)

That sort of statement confuses people.
Advanced classes are the classes. The first 10 levels of the 4 basic class are nothing, ignore them they are about 3 hours of game play, the "class" defines their skill limiting resource.
There are 8 advanced/real classes, 4 of them are jedi. Sentinel, Guardian, Sage and Shadow. The 4 sith classes are basically copies give or take a cosmetic change and different names.

Previous games that had a class that you then chose an advanced class for the most part have removed that mechanic. You can not respec your advanced class (ever). You get a 1 time 1 shot chance at picking the class you want. And the first 10 levels of Bounty hunter give you absolutely no idea what the 2 advanced classes are. I have no idea how the bounty hunter heals, despite playing a bounty hunter (a different advanced class however). And say I get to 40 and realize I wanted to be a healing bounty hunter, I would have to replay 40 levels of the same bounty hunter content ...

Dumb mechanic is dumb.

Yeah, the 4 man group size seems odd, I'd really like to know their rationale behind that

It's not an mmo in the old sense, it's a single player game expanded to 2 person mode (discussion choices have super limited input on the outcome) with barrens chat. Maybe the 16 person operations will feel more massive.

I know that sounds like I am being negative, but it's not a bad thing. 2 people can do most of the non-"raid" content in the game. Compared to DAOC that needed 8 ... or an enchanter pet. The very linear nature of the conversations and content is going to hurt alt-a-bility.

It at least at the moment feels super casual friendly.
Hence why I don't think it is a WOW killer, hard core raiders will not hang around after they get max level and realize it isn't as "hard core" as wow.

It's fun, in a co-op RPG sort of way.
Posted 02:13pm 22/12/11

I might give this a go when it gets an official release out here if it hasn't died off in the ass like so many MMO's do.

Give it a crack now Rev so you have heaps of people to level up with. I've played many an MMO and can honestly say this is beating the pants off them all! It's fun, it's engrossing, there's a lot of content, the visuals and sounds are f*****g amazing, instances/flashpoints are loads of fun and as Keato said I've also laughed at some of the responses friends make to the storyline but also what the actual characters say when you choose an option.
Posted 02:53pm 22/12/11
i can see it now. rev will play for a couple days, think its boring and go back to WOW.
Posted 03:05pm 22/12/11
Don't worry guys Guild wars 2 the mmo holy grail just went into closed beta so the wait is finally coming to an end.

TOR is going be to quite a forgettable game imo.
Posted 04:04pm 22/12/11
TOR is going be to quite a forgettable game imo.

Yeah, I guess you're right, cos its obviously a s*** game that nobody here is playing or enjoying
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:09pm 22/12/11
i can see it now. rev will play for a couple days, think its boring and go back to WOW

LOL, I prolly will. But that will be because of s***** controls or gumby animations. Anyway, by the time it gets officially released here they would have had time to stamp out the major bugs if there are any.
Posted 07:03pm 22/12/11
Well I think it'll do better than RIFT.. and that's prob the closest game to being comparable to WoW in recent times
Posted 12:10am 23/12/11
Good review Khel. I agree with most of the sentiments you've considered.

The real issue is with the delayed release strategy for those in the "red zones" - which doesn't seem to serve any fathomable purpose.

Having played through the Early Game Access and now waiting for my Amazon order to arrive, this will be the PC game that will occupy my time in 2012.
Posted 03:46am 23/12/11
Checked about cdkey sites... all sold out :(
Posted 09:05am 23/12/11
Hand's down one of the best mmo launches I have ever been involved in.

As for bugs ... If you have mice issues (and all the people who I play with have experienced it multiple times a night) eg. the left mouse button stops responding ... press ctrl-u twice.


This game is all kinds of magic, from the unattended crafting system of getting your companions to do it. To the fun break up the mmo feel of a space mission. To jumping annoyingness of searching for datacrons. It is seriously hard to faulty this game.

It has balance issues in pvp, but that clashing sound of light sabers quickly helps you forget about that.

There is so much to this game and I almost can't believe they "did it".
Posted 10:01am 23/12/11
i'd like to hear the opinion of someone who is entirely indifferent to, or actively dislikes star wars.
Posted 02:38pm 23/12/11
Well if you really hate Star Wars, then you probably aren't going to enjoy the game, because its very Star Wars. Even though its set like 3000 years or so before the movies, it still has the feel of classic Star Wars.
Posted 02:49pm 23/12/11
I still can't even play, game has started crashing on launch for me again. Cancelled my sub just before, which is a shame but i'm not paying for a game i can't even play.
Posted 04:35pm 23/12/11
That sucks :(

Do you know anyone with a different video card that you could maybe chuck in your PC, to see if its the video card? Run things like memcheck and prime95 to test the general stability of your system? Dunno what it could be, but that does indeed suck
Posted 10:46am 26/12/11
SWTOR customer support centre is lacking in real service.

If you're phoning, expect to be waiting on hold for 2+ hours then cut off. Ring back go through same routine and be given the run around with no resolution to your problem then cut off.
If you submit a ticket or email, expect days to pass for a vague response.

This is very concerning to me when you have purchased the game and have account or subscription problems that need to be resolved. If you have received this game as a gift, expect them to ask you for proof of purchase to be provided before they consider resolving your problem.

Ingame- stuttering; making endgame content or raiding a nonevent.

The questing was fun, particularly in groups. But I'm afraid that Rift wins hands down at this time for impeccable service and smooth playability.
Posted 10:53am 26/12/11
Khel ... be objective, not defensive.

You say the game won't be forgettable ? why ?
ps. the answer isn't "it's fun the first run through".

What is the end game content people will be staying to play ?
Posted 11:15am 26/12/11
There is currently 1 PVE raid, several end flashpoints, a PVE world for anyone who doesn't want to do raiding, and PVP.
Posted 04:57pm 26/12/11
Khel ... be objective, not defensive.

I wasn't being defensive, it was a stupid troll post so I gave a stupid sarcastic answer. Such is the QGL way.

Forgettable doesn't equate to "is it going to last as long as WoW" though. I mean, I got no idea if it will have that lastability, even expressed doubts of my own about its replay value in the review, but its not forgettable, it makes a lasting impression (well at least, it has on me, and I'm sure it has on many other people as well based on replies in this thread). Whether it lasts or not, its still a really fun game, and even if it only keeps me amused for a couple of months thats a lot more than most games do.

There is currently 1 PVE raid

I think theres actually three raids, they only announced one (that prison one), but if you look in the raid lockouts tab theres lockouts for three different raids, and theres three different raid-level gear vendors, so I'm assuming theres three raids. Once again though, I got absolutely no idea what they're like or even if they're any good, they could all be s*** for all I know.

SWTOR customer support centre is lacking in real service.

Yeah, sadly, I gotta agree here. I haven't had to go through the phone support yet, but my experience with customer service as far as submitting tickets go has been pretty woeful, and even when they eventually responded, they didn't even come close to even understanding the problem I was having let alone resolving it.

Have to disagree with your conclusion though because personally Rift bored the pants off me :P But yeah, they really need to work on their customer support for ToR in a big way.
Posted 09:02am 27/12/11
I think part of their customer support issues is due to the game selling much better then what they anticipated and they just don't have the staff on hand to deal with it. Hopefully that is resolved in future.

They say they are releasing a new content update early next year, that will give us a vague idea of the direction they want to head with SWTOR.

I really hope they flesh out the economy a lot more, at the moment it is very basic. I really feel this is an area they need to work on to keep long time players on board.

Supply and demand based crafting quests perhaps. Where vendors and world NPC actually use equipment made by the Empire and supplimented by player crafting. When item stocks are getting low, vendors pay higher prices and give better XP.

Get it to the point so that if your sides economy is sliding the other side has a stronger advantage in PVP, give those end game players a real sense of contributing to the economy and helping all players overall perhaps?
Posted 12:58am 28/12/11
Its fun, although i do wish was a little bit more detail and customizations in the character creator.
Jump Jump Die
Posted 04:29pm 04/1/12
I have only invested about 15 hours into this game so far but I am a little disappointed with how linear it is. To me it just feels like a kinda crappy single player I see other characters running around in. Yeah, the story is better than other MMOs, but not better than a dedicated single player campaign.

The quests are really grindy I find, yes there is conversation but sitting there listening to every idiot you come across can become quite boring and I find myself skipping past a lot of the quest dialogue (except the main plot). The quests themselves don't feel unique at all to me. All the bonuses for each quest are basically "Kill x guards" and it gets a little dull.

The combat is fun but again, not much different from anything else I have played. Reminds me A LOT of WOW which is to be expected I guess. All in all I would have preferred a star war games much more like Star Wars Galaxies in terms of its openness and size, but I feel like I got a multiplayer campaign mission... Dunno how much longer I will play it.

Anyone agree?
Posted 04:36pm 04/1/12
^ No, just you.

I think a lot of people are forgetting just how linear WoW really was.
It was pretty much the same. talk to some random assbean who wants you to kill x many mobs or collect y ribs which is 1% drop rate of z mob. etc.

Never read a single line of quest text in WoW. I listen/watch all quest and main quests in SWTOR.
Does it feel like wow? sure it does, but improves on the idea. Is it quite as fleshed out and as polished? No, probably not quite but WoW is what, seven?! years old. Theres content coming very shortly for swtor and its being patched regularly so it'll get there.
WoW was not a flawless gem on release.
Posted 08:12pm 09/1/12
If anyone wants to buy a copy of this I am looking to offload an extra one I got from amazon


$55 - I am in Sydney Australia

PM for details

Oh and its a pretty fun game BTW - it will leach a lot of players from Wow. I don't think it will have true staying power and to be honest they have copied an awful lot from Wow but if you are looking for a new MMO it will keep you occupied for a while at least.

Posted 08:49pm 09/1/12
I think a lot of people are forgetting just how linear WoW really was.

Nah you didn't go from the same zone to the same zone doing all the same quests (bar the class ones).

SWTOR is super light on content. It's polished content, just not much of it.
Posted 09:01pm 09/1/12
Agreed Obes, very polished, most superb MMO I've played, but sadly the content is thin, as it's really one planet per level bracket. I noticed this after getting a Scoundrel to 22, and then trying to level up a Sage, and just space barring through content.
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