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Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

PlayStation 4 | Xbox One
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Rockstar Official Site: https://www.rockstargames.co...
Publisher: Rockstar Games Classification: TBC
Release Date:
October 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2 Review
Review By @ 10:03pm 25/10/18
Before you is a review detailing arguably the greatest, most remarkable example of design and development ever produced in gaming. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the most engaging game this veteran games writer of 21 years has ever played, or had the privilege to review. It’s overwhelming in its majesty. Absolute in its promises. Paced to perfection. It features the most detailed open-world ever created. An ecology David Attenborough would spend years making a BBC series about, and then win every BAFTA for. It’s a microcosm of romanticised period media; a place you can hang your dusty hat and call home for an ungodly number of hours. It’s as close as we’ll ever get to experiencing the Wild West, unless a real-life Ford goes a step further and brings Westworld to life.

Honestly, I have never played a game of this calibre before, and it almost feels doubtful I ever will again.

What separates Red Dead Redemption 2 from so many other open-world games -- GTA included -- is in something you’ll read and hear a lot about where this game is concerned: weight and context.

The weight side of the game is in its grounded realism. Arthur Morgan, our outlaw anti-hero protagonist, moves with purpose. His animations are contextual to the environment, and in almost everything you do you feel the weight of his actions. He also moves with a sense of purpose and bravado, but these highlights transcend Morgan. Horses have a believable weight. Buffalo have a believable weight. The buzzards that descend upon your freshly killed foe have believable weight. The fish you catch have believable weight -- in and out of the water. The weapons you carry; the clothes on your back -- it’s all part of a larger system designed to plonk us, the player, into a believable world. And this plays perfectly alongside some of the best in-game physics ever produced.

"When you get off the early beaten track and just ride out into Red Dead Redemption 2’s ungated game-world, you’ll understand why all of the above is such a big deal..."

What we gain from much of this is dynamic and contextual outcomes based on systems playing together in unique player-driven ways. It’s not always dynamic, but it doesn’t always need to be. Even the game’s scripted moments create interesting outcomes if something gets in the way, but it all flows with a sense of purpose and place. Moreover, in adding to context this, as an open-world game, breaks myriad rules for utilising context-sensitive interactions that aren’t planned, canned or even scripted. It’s a marvel to behold, and the main characters, NPCs and the world around them dynamically deals with whatever the player throws at it. And while all of that is a bit of a mouthful to take in, when you get off the early beaten track and just ride out into Red Dead Redemption 2’s ungated game-world, you’ll understand why all of the above is such a big deal.

When looting, for example, you don’t spam Y or Triangle to fill bottomless pockets accompanied by a Pavlovian ‘ding’, you open a cupboard; a drawer, you break into a lockbox, you slide a case out from underneath its hidey hole. The goodies inside -- you physically pick them up. One by one. They have the slightest sheen on them to show that you can own them if you have room, but it’s never distracting, nor ever completely obvious. Even the money you find or earn is handed over in believable folds or piles. The world itself is equally full of weight and purpose. We exist here, and we exist to interact realistically with the things around us.

I mean, horses shit in real-time in the street and it builds up and attracts flies.

This is the level of detail we’re talking about here.

The actual hero of this piece, however, is the world itself. We applauded The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creeds Origins and Odyssey, Marvel’s Spider-Man -- and many others -- for richly detailed spaces. And rightly so. But honestly, nothing comes close to what Rockstar has managed from a world-building perspective here. Whether it’s day or night; sun or shower; wind or thunder -- Red Dead Redemption 2’s game-world is simply breathtaking at every direct and peripheral point. You’ll find yourself shaking your head in disbelief, gasping for air or just stopping whatever it is you’re doing to take in the view. The draw distance is utterly ridiculous, though it should be pointed out here we reviewed the game on Xbox One X on our new Samsung 2018 65” QLED Q9F, which carried the product to its 4K HDR nth degree. And then some.

Watching either a sunrise or sunset over Flat Iron Lake -- never the same hue twice -- or a flash storm off in the distance with lightning strikes, delayed rolling thunder and unfurling clouds of torrential rain engulfing the Heavens above, is something you’ve simply never seen in games -- I guarantee it. And all of this shapes the mood of everything you’re doing at any given moment, and it’s accompanied by arguably the best soundtrack to grace a videogame ever. This is no longer Ennio Morricone-esque, this is now pure Red Dead Redemption -- a symphony of banjos, violins, harmonicas, guitars, drums and more not trying to emulate the Spaghetti Western. A soundtrack that dynamically works to fill the player with mood and purpose, to relay a sense of romanticised proprietary.

"No two missions are ever really the same, and while there’s a sense of familiarity around some where Rockstar mission design is concerned, they’ve matured their approach here..."

Of course there is a game here. It’s not all moving postcards from yesteryear with perfect audio accompaniment. And it’s in the game’s gameplay so much of the above coalesces as a whole. No two missions are ever really the same, and while there’s a sense of familiarity around some where Rockstar mission design is concerned, they’ve matured their approach here, save but a few hardfail situations that stem from annoying things like being too far away or accidentally punching someone or the like. But these are so few and far between what is a mammoth game, they barely even blip the radar.

Gunplay is fantastic, and there’s little-to-no RPG here. Some survival, sure. But you have three basic stats in Health, Stamina and Dead Eye. Your horse has Health and Stamina. And that’s largely it. You build these up by just existing in the world and playing the game properly. This is an outlaw simulator, and as such you’ll be breaking the law often, but you also have a family around you; a campsite of like-minded off-the-griders who look to you for help and guidance. You’ll need to earn money to put back into the campsite, and you’ll need to engage with your ragtag friends in order to open up a number of different types of missions and quests. You can upgrade the camp in numerous ways, and you need to perform chores, but in doing so -- regardless of how mundane they might seem -- you’ll work towards making Arthur a more complete person within the game.

You’ll do some missions solo, some missions with random NPCs, some missions with regular NPCs and some missions with your gang members, but again each mission is dynamic in the context of the game-world itself. Some missions allow you to make a choice, and sometimes those choices will come back to bite you in the ass, or come back and reward you even further. You can also choose to play the game as the type of outlaw you want to be. A reputation system helps define your place in the game-world and how folks will react to you, and I’m not gonna lie, I went pretty goodie-two-shoes, but that’s because even the baseline required outlawing is pretty full-on.

Bucking some preconception, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an adult game, but it’s not even close to GTA V Trevor levels of maturity. Rockstar has foregone expectation in favour of a balanced, emulative take on the period in which the game is set. And it’s also a bit less silly than the first game. Strangers are the odd ones here, naturally, but the main story told in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a heavy and articulate one. It has its funny, kooky moments, but there’s no Seth Briars: Grave Digger extraordinaire, and the game is better for it.

What you get here is a game where… well, here’s an example of what you might experience yourself: During a play session I stayed up for eight hours straight, and in that time I managed one single mission. Just one. The mission itself couldn’t have lasted more than 10-minutes, either.

The rest of my time was spent on exploration and hunting; on being emergently jumped by a gang of hillbillies known as the Murfree Brood (there are five gangs to discover). On finding a logging camp where in-game weeks later the camp would be bare of trees and the lumber shipped -- in real-time -- to numerous towns for construction of actual buildings and homesteads. On where I would be tasked with finding dinosaur bones. Or asked to collect (read: hunt) “perfect” examples of animals for a “Wildlife Art Exhibition” (much harder than it sounds). On where a murderous serial killer left bloodied, dismembered calling cards. On collecting Cigarette collectable cards to send to a crazy collector. On gaining access to a Legendary fishing map for Legendary fish across the game-world. On emergently stopping a fight in the street, only to be roped into a fight of my own.

"And it wasn’t about money, or advancing the story or learning the fate of the gang and bridging the gaps between this and 2010’s initial release. It was the world..."

I couldn’t stop, either. I just wanted to keep going. And it wasn’t about money, or advancing the story or learning the fate of the gang and bridging the gaps between this and 2010’s initial release. It was the world. This place Rockstar has crafted; the dewy plains, the flowery meadows, the snowy mountains, the swampy Bayou; the density of Saint Denis -- all of it. I just wanted to exist as one with it and feel alive within it.

And that’s what I did, and continue to do. Horseshit-riddled streets and all.

Rockstar, my dusty old hat is off to you. You’ve made this old videogame cowboy a very happy camper.

What we liked
  • Easily the most gorgeous and engaging open-world playspace ever created in videogames
  • Dynamic weather adds immeasurably to the above
  • A truly gripping story with incredible characters and performances
  • Context-sensitive game-design in a dynamic world... unthinkable yet pulled off with aplomb
  • An ecology to die for
  • The best audio and soundtrack ever produced
  • Your horse is your life-blood; your best friend in the best possible way
  • Dynamic, ever-changing missions and mission types
What we didn't like
  • Some hardfail scenarios are a bit annoying
  • Honestly, nothing else...
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 10:27pm 25/10/18
Can’t read the review it’s like broken?
Posted 10:32pm 25/10/18
I'm having no problems.

I'll save you time: he said it's really good!
Posted 11:05pm 25/10/18
For those trying to access it from the news post, with the broken link:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:24pm 25/10/18
sorry gang, one sec...
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:25pm 25/10/18
and fixed!
Posted 12:56am 26/10/18
no game with micro-transactions deserves 10/10

good review/10
Posted 03:54am 26/10/18

Speaking of Broken, The view original image link never works and has not worked in a couple of years on the screenshots page.

No characters like Nigel West D***ens? :( I like those kooky characters in the first one. Oh well, Nice review. The Kotaku review is long, TLDR long for me.

5 hours til I can get my hands on my copy. I will either lay on my bed and play my PS4 or sit on the small couch in the family room and play it on the 48" JVC LED tv.

Also, there will be a companion app for the game that will connect your phone to your console so you can have an interactive map and journal and you even even hide the UI on the tv screen.


Posted 07:40am 26/10/18
The level of detail must be insane, talking about the logging camp for example, wow.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:48am 26/10/18
Yeah we'll try and get that screenshot issue fixed BladeRunner.

Lithium, if there are microtransactions, they'll be in Red Dead Online and will likely only be cosmetic. In the retail copy of the game I was given for review, there are no microtransaction opportunities for the single-player game at all.
Posted 10:29am 26/10/18
fortnite has transactions, but they are purely cosmetic. perfect way to do them, imo.
Posted 11:38am 26/10/18
Shame there is no master race (PC) version? :(
Posted 11:43am 26/10/18
I really would love to be playing this game right now /PC whinge
Posted 12:21pm 26/10/18
should treat yoselfs to an awesome ps4 and also then enjoy all those other exclusive games which are awesome.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:22pm 26/10/18
I can't stress enough how crazy it is that they've pulled from the consoles what they have. Like, this is the best s*** I've EVER seen. No jokes.

If you been fence-sitting around a console buy, this is the game to do it for.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:38pm 26/10/18
And yeah, either machine has value: PS4 Pro isn't quite as powerful as One X, but the exclusives are tight: God of War, Spidey, Horizon Zero Dawn...

One X, however, is more powerful and games do tend to look better if you have the right screen. Forza Horizon 4 is stupidly gorgeous. Origins and Odyssey are crazy good looking on it, and Red Dead simply sings...

It'll have a few new exclusives next year too
Posted 12:49pm 26/10/18
Yeah, they've done some pretty amazing things with their engine by the looks of it, been watching the Digital Foundry coverage where they go indepth on the engine details and its impressive as f***

Posted 01:45pm 26/10/18
that vid was super interesting!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:23pm 26/10/18
Couple of little tricks for those of you jumping in this eve:

If you've bonded enough with a horse to have it follow you and you're out hunting, steal another horse and that way you can stow two major carcasses across both horses and just have one follow you home or to the butcher.

Fast Travel is limited, but if you've got a destination set on your map, start riding and following it, then engage the cinematic camera -- you won't need to control the horse at all until you arrive, though you're still able to interact with the camera mode on regardless.

Sell all your jewels etc at Fence, don't donate them to the camp -- you'll get more money that way.

Get the Varmint rifle early, it produces cleaner kills on animals keeping their coats in better condition.

I have a whole list I did elsewhere if you're interested:

Posted 08:46pm 26/10/18
I am actually stuck with a bug. I am at the part where you go into the barn you fight O'driscoll and then you are supposed to focus on him and grab him. But for me, when I focus on him, there is no prompt to grab him....so.....I can't do s***.
Posted 12:28pm 27/10/18
Wowee this game is good.

Edit: how good is just cruising around doin stuff. Also so much good dialogue.
Posted 04:23pm 27/10/18
I'm not really enjoying it tbh, feels like it penalises me for trying to have fun, and the long ass animations on EVERYTHING are getting really annoying. The controls are frustrating and the survival s*** where you need to keep eating is annoying. It looks amazing and the story seems pretty good, but yeah I can't say I'm really enjoying it much so far
Posted 08:29pm 27/10/18
Khel might be silly question but are you past the snowy intro-y bit?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:45pm 27/10/18
That genuinely surprises me Khel,. I mean yeah he's a bit 'heavy' and slow in the game, but I got used to it pretty quickly...
Posted 09:25pm 27/10/18
It took me a while to get used to the controls. I'm still getting there.

This reminds me of the first time I played GTA3. I've been playing for probably 10+ hours at the moment, I've barely done any of the 'missions' - I've just been going around exploring, talking to random people, picking flowers and shooting rabbits. I got absolutely DESTROYED by a bear.

I wanted to be a good guy bad guys, will be interesting to see if I continue with that theme :)

Oh, it looks amazing too.
Posted 09:37pm 27/10/18
I think im with Khel.
The game feels laggy to me. I guess after playing alot of fast paced 120 fps with 120hz games on PC for awhile you really feel the 30fps lock on ps4.
I really hope they bring out a PC version. The controls feel clunky and there is an excessive use of animations & cutscenes for trivial things.
Posted 03:55pm 28/10/18
You know that fps has nothing to do with how fast a character moves in a game, right?
Posted 09:12pm 28/10/18
There is a fair bit of animation for things like looting bodies but that makes it seem more realistic, No floating and spinning guns and ammo on the ground like a Unreal Tournament or something lol. It would be nice if there was an option to speed up the tedious animations or perhaps turn them off for quicker gameplay.

Also my L2 button problem was my controller, so I went and got a new one. Damn controllers are expensive though. It's the crystal one.

Have not progressed to find how to fish yet but you can use a bow to shoot fish, it's what I have been doing. Like a real hillbilly.
Posted 09:27pm 28/10/18
Real hillbillies use dynamite.
Posted 04:00pm 29/10/18
Looking forward to when they bring out to the PC. Rumours are they are also going to make it into VR
Posted 05:54pm 29/10/18
I'm absolutely loving it. Could do with a little bit less 'management' in the game in terms of health/stamina and horse health/stamina, but that's a minor quibble overall really.
Posted 09:42am 01/11/18
I have some screenshots I've taken here. https://imgur.com/a/PrG7P7Z

I also have a video of a doctor sawing some dudes arm off because it was infected.
Posted 01:29pm 05/11/18
The stranger events are pretty cool. There is a french guy in St Denis, I find him hilarious.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:11pm 26/11/18
Posted 04:27pm 27/11/18
Yeah, where the f*** is Gavin, that c*** is been missing for 7 years. I'm soo worried. GAV.

Im getting close to 90% complete.
Posted 07:47pm 28/11/18
Fun game so far. It is just so painful playing games with a controller. Wished for a PC version.
Posted 09:26pm 28/11/18
Sounds like fun. We have PC's (and an old console) in this house. No plans for a new console. I like to skip slow dialogue and animations etc. Esp any cinematic content, always need to hit everyone button to escape fluff. It does look very good. If we had a current console I'd get it for sure, but nahh. Still playing The Witcher 3.
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