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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

PlayStation Portable
Genre: Action
Developer: Kojima Official Site:
Publisher: Konami
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review
Review By @ 01:19pm 21/06/10
Snake's latest tactical espionage adventure takes him into strange new territory. We refer not only to his new career as a stateless, morally ambiguous Cold War mercenary, but the market segment his new PlayStation Portable game is aimed at: co-op hand-held gaming. To put things in perspective, the last Monster Hunter game on PSP sold something like four million copies, and the superpowers of Japanese games development are all scrambling to reverse-engineer the secret to its success.

Konami has nailed it with Peace Walker. The game mechanics are straightforward, yet deep, and there's oodles of economic management and gear-leveling to obsess over on the side – and while solo play is addictive and rewarding, the game only reaches its full potential when you team up with your mates.

This is one of the best
games ever made for the PSP...
Peace Walker introduces new characters, weapons, gadgets, maps, and mechs, but the core of the game will be instantly familiar to series veterans. Controlling Snake from a third-person perspective, you have to sneak through convoluted, enemy-patrolled environments, ever-aware that you are out-numbered and out-gunned. But on top of this tactical espionage action, there is a meta-game that pokes its head up between missions; the soldiers-for-hire business that Snake and his ‘Militaires Sans Frontieres’ chums are running out of an oil rig off the coast of Costa Rica.

Accessing the Mother Base option from the main menu, you can assign each of your personnel to the team that best suits their talents. A strong R&D team is essential for developing better sniper rifles, more nourishing rations, smokier smoke bombs, and so forth. Your sick bay will need skilled medics, and without top cooks preparing top grub, team morale could drop so far that your men will start to quit.

Building up your team is crucial – and the easiest way to recruit new staff is to kidnap them. No kidding. One of Snake's handiest gadgets is the Fulton Recovery System; little helium balloons that can be attached to unconscious soldiers. Simply stroll over any stunned body, press the Triangle button, and he'll be whisked away to the brig back at Mother Base. After a spot of re-education, he'll become a productive member of your team – we can't recall the last time the Stockholm Syndrome was used so effectively as a game mechanic.

The graphics engine is a beast, rendering huge levels in stunning detail. One mission puts you in a sniping battle in an open-cut mine, with enemies firing from hundreds of metres away. The character models sport intricate detail, and the lighting is eerily atmospheric – few PSP games look this good.

The animatic cut scenes are long, but bearable, thanks to the incredible drawings of Ashley Wood (who did the Metal Gear Solid graphic novels), and the top voice talent (including, amongst others, Tara Strong, who played Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls...). All the campaign missions can be re-played in co-op, and there are substantial incentives for doing so – capture equipment instead of destroying it, and your lab boys can use it to craft new gear. Co-op opens up new tactical possibilities as well, and the kidnapping never gets old.

Kojima has boasted that Peace Walker has hundreds of hours of gameplay, and we doubt he’s bluffing. This is one of the best games ever made for the PSP, though if you want to enjoy it to the full, you’ll need to persuade some of your friends to pick it up as well – by hook, or by crook...
What we liked
  • Rock-solid sneaking and shooting action.
  • Graphics, sound, and overall presentation push the PSP hardware to its limits.
  • Hours and hours of bonus missions in the Extra Ops, Outer Ops, and Co-Ops.
  • Superb voice acting and art design.
  • Customisable, immersive, addictive, and contagious.
What we didn't like
  • Some fine targeting can be a little finicky.
  • The cut scenes still drag on forever.
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 01:38pm 21/6/10
Started playing it on the w/e and its definitely one of the best games out for PSP right now.
Posted 02:37pm 21/6/10
S*** that looks great for a PSP.
Posted 12:16am 22/6/10
Got it and it's bloody great you can not go wrong with this game!!!
Crizane Tribal
Posted 12:35am 22/6/10
That looks stunning... No joke, I am honestly considering buying a PSP just for this game. Well, that and buying retro PS1 games online. Tara Strong doing voice acting was a strong selling point, she's awesome. David Hayter is on board playing Snake, so that's pimp too. I don't get why people b**** about the long cut scenes; it's all a part of the MGS fun. If you don't like thick, meaty plots and deep character development that requires long cut scenes, f*** off and play something else IMO.
Posted 12:42am 22/6/10
While this looks like the goods, i'll still be hanging out for MGS: Rising fpr the 360.

I was contemplating getting a ps3 just for MGS4. It's been a while since i've been injected with that MGS luv.
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