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Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5

PC | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One
Genre: Action
Developer: Ubisoft Official Site:
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date:
27th March 2018
Far Cry 5 Review
Review By @ 10:01pm 26/03/18
Call to action and call to adventure are two very big parts of engrossing game-design, if handled right. The Far Cry series has always kind of had no problem with this; serving up desperate scenarios that fit the ‘fish-out-of-water’ player baseline utilised to set the player up, in a world they shouldn’t otherwise be in.

In Far Cry 5, this ‘fish-out-of-water’ setup is as important as ever, specifically in the “getting it right” department, because you play a US Marshal closing in on a religious cult that has deeply entrenched itself in and around the fictional town of Hope County, Montana. The fact you play as a lawman (or woman) makes the narrative setup here risky. If you’re on the side of the law, then shit shouldn’t hit any fans, and you ought to be able to use your law powers to immediately save the day. Only, obviously, this doesn’t happen and while shit figuratively hits a proverbial fan, real bodies hit a literal helicopter blade and your escape setup and mechanism is set. And it’s fucking brilliant.

You’ll quickly wonder, after making good your escape, why you can’t just go and call in the National Guard, or the Army, or any other form of law enforcement, but Ubisoft cleverly gates this. There’s no phone signal in Hope County, so your phone is useless (bringing us back to maps and such, and no more apps). Your US Marshal partners haven’t been killed, they’ve been captured and taken prisoner. And, as it turns out, there are innocents being dragged into the cult’s deadly grasp as well, so you know: duty, and all that. After a few hours, when you’re told by the Ryes that it’s okay if you lose a plane -- the same plane Nick Rye coveted oh-so-much in your mission to bring it back -- that they have a “hangar full of them”, you kind of come back to a bit of traditional Far Cry reality.

So, with that being said what you will get here is Far Cry. It’s a scary Far Cry for a number of reasons, and as I’ve explored in the build-up to this game’s release, not the least of which being that this Far Cry’s release timing is just a bit off in that life is imitating art in the real-world right now, it’s still a classic chaos simulator in the end. Vehicles will blow up when you least expect them to, skunks will come and spray you while you’re trying to be stealthy in the brush, and bears will just come the fuck out of nowhere. But that’s what we love about Far Cry; what we want from Far Cry.

The changes here aren’t all that drastic either. Towers are gone. You’re not a voiced character anymore. You can be either gender. Support AI is back, only now as a bigger roster. And you can have your own dog, or bear. Honestly, it’s barebones, but how they’ve let the game play the player is the best part. I mentioned earlier that this is a chaos simulator, and that plays out moment to moment. Even if you’re trying to just trigger the next quest or side-mission, the game’s systems will come for you. But what this chaos does is push the player to look at the more uniform side of the game. Because Far Cry 5 is actually pretty difficult. So you’ll need to use that loot; use that money you keep finding. You’ll need to upgrade your weapons to reflect your playstyle and you’ll need to use those liberated towns and characters to your advantage.

And it’s honestly the only way Ubisoft Montreal could have handled their liberated gameplay experience. Tone sets up a lot of what this Far Cry is about; dark, realistic (at times), gritty, on-the-nose (at times); justfied -- this is first-person GTA done better than GTA because of its over-the-top nature. If you consider all of the big-bads and crazies in the Far Cry series before, and roll them all up into a single, tonal theme for a game, that’s what Far Cry 5 is. It’s silly. It’s fun. It’s brutal. It’s scary. It’s lost and found, both at once. And in many ways, because of all of this, it’s also America.

Structurally, Far Cry 5 differs from previous entries because it doesn’t hold your hand, but it also doesn’t preach a developer-driven progression at you. This is where the GTA reference comes back to the fore -- and this isn’t a slight against Rockstar’s series, it’s just that there’s a seriousness around those games the developer tends to lean on. And for the good of that series too. Here, however, ridiculousness is design key. Yeah, that HBO-level intro sets up a tone unlike most other intros in games, but it also serves a purpose to sell just how crazy this whole situation is. I mean, ham radio, landlines, the Internet, a fricking postcard -- almost anything could be used to get you out of this mess, and to kick Joseph Seed and his bad-eggs out of Dodge. But it kind of doesn’t matter, because there’s a bear named Cheeseburger, and you have to rescue him.

A lot has gone into the cultist research behind the game, and the real-world parallels it incidentally reflects, but when you get a few hours in, it simply rears its head as a liberated Far Cry game and that’s for the absolute best. The gunplay is still fantastic, the ecology is amazing and the less stringent gameplay structure is liberating, to maintain a theme. Distractions come in thick and fast here and the designers aren’t afraid to pull you out of seemingly pressing story quests to have you racing a quad bike, or fishing, or flying a plane through smoke circles in the sky. And that’s why Far Cry 5 succeeds so much. I spoke with Far Cry lead Dan Hay about their design maturity, where I specifically lent more towards the mature tone of the game, but he answered more around them just letting their figurative design hair out. Which is hilarious, because he’s bald.

Co-op, multiplayer and a fully-fledged player-creator mode accompany the game and all will be utilised to their fullest. It's a stunning game, too. With an incredible soundtrack that really needs its own shout out here, and maybe only because we've been conditioned with the likes of Deadwood, Justified or even West World -- obvious points of inspiration for the design team, but it really goes a long way to helping sell the space we're playing in. However, in powerful parallel -- as is our review theme here -- it's also accompanied by sweet 80s and 90s action movie audio moments and cues. This is a game the studio had fun designing.

And so what we get in the end is a Far Cry that is both structured and full of open player-agency and emergent activity. It’s a game whose game-world is designed for you to love and adore, to become intimate and at one with; to be equally terrified of. This is videogames, after all, and that is at the fore of design here. Yeah, the Seeds are ‘bad seeds’, but that’s kind of the joke, right? Of course there are people out there capable of being this horrendous, but could we ever face them and have this much fun? I’d argue no, and it’s in that no that Ubisoft has delivered us a perfect YES.
What we liked
  • Far Cry that is liberated in every way
  • No more towers
  • An actual challenging gameplay experience, especially on Hard
  • That intro
  • These baddies are really, really bad
  • A set of systems that will always make for crazy gameplay combinations
  • The game is what you make of it
What we didn't like
  • At times the VO audio can sound a bit echoey
  • Super-aggro baddies and animals -- combined -- make for a bad US Marshal day
  • The opening on-rails car escape can be frustrating when backed against the rest of game's freedom
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 10:51am 27/3/18
Can't wait to get my hands on this :)

BTW, can you fix the release date on the review page? You have it as 27 Feb, but its 27 March.
Posted 11:39am 27/3/18
fixed! playing on console or pc?
Posted 12:20pm 27/3/18
I'll be playing on PC so I can Coop with a buddy through the whole thing. Most likely PC anyway. Have Xbone and PS4 as well, but prefer to play FPS on PC.
Posted 12:22pm 27/3/18
For someone reason I'm unable to buy this on Steam atm. Was about to impulse purchase it too so looks like they've missed out! :D
Posted 12:26pm 27/3/18
Apparently co-op progress doesn't count for the second player, only the host, so if someone joins your game and plays through it with you it doesn't count for them
Posted 02:54pm 27/3/18
In that case, I'll host :)

fpot, I saw that as well. Maybe it'll tick over tonight when the US catches up with the date. Not sure.
Looks like its $69 pretty much everywhere in the bricks and mortar stores. Will be interesting to see how much Steam is looking to charge.

EDIT: Looks like both Steam and Uplay will set you back $90 AUD for the standard addition. I'll just head down to Target. F*** you Steam and Uplay.
Posted 10:49am 28/3/18

they also have 20% new customers coupon: NEW20
Posted 12:38pm 28/3/18
Yep, that's the one I used as well TiT.
Posted 06:24pm 28/3/18
I can Coop with a buddy through the whole thing
Posted 08:56pm 28/3/18
played 4 hours yesterday. come home from s***** long day at work today looking forward to playing and apparently my saves have disappeared. alt-f4 F***YOU xd
Posted 09:19pm 28/3/18
ok so it would seem my account was hacked somehow and my game was being played co-op by some sneaky f*****g russians.

just after quitting in disgust at my save status, my account got logged out with a message popup saying it was being accessed somewhere else. logged back in and noticed my friends list (which I've never added anyone on uplay because well, it's uplay and who the f*** maintains a friendslist on that?) had some random rusky in farcry 5 playing co-op.

changed my password and activated 2step authentication and seem to be in the clear now.

all in all, pretty f*****g weird.

I want my progress back :(
Posted 10:58pm 28/3/18
I've played nearly 5 hours now. I seem to die often. One thing kinda annoys me is that with the past 3 games, there is all s*** with visions and stuff. I don't care for it. A deer with the bliss effect on it, turns into a f*****g bear or bison when you get close to it. Faith dancing around and s***. Like, i get what they are getting at but to me, it seems a little stupid.

Performance is great, 60fps on ultra. Looks nice enough. I would like to see more of those little buildings and huts open. There is not much reason to keep them closed up. The variety of weapons is nice, MP40, M14, .45 lever action rifle, M60, it's a good selection.

'Murica F*** yeah
Posted 12:32am 29/3/18
ok so it would seem my account was hacked somehow and my game was being played co-op by some sneaky f*****g russians.

just after quitting in disgust at my save status, my account got logged out with a message popup saying it was being accessed somewhere else. logged back in and noticed my friends list (which I've never added anyone on uplay because well, it's uplay and who the f*** maintains a friendslist on that?) had some random rusky in farcry 5 playing co-op.

changed my password and activated 2step authentication and seem to be in the clear now.

all in all, pretty f*****g weird.

I want my progress back :(

Reload. I had the same problem. Was playing Coop with a buddy and a message came up about the account being accessed by others. The scary thing is that at teh saem time I had a warning SMS from Microsoft saying that someone else had accessed my MS Live account. WTF. Did you get your key from Greenman like I did Reload?
Posted 05:49am 29/3/18
I got my key from Greenmangaming. I have had no issues. Have you checked to see if your email addresses have been hacked recently?

you can check to see if it has been in any security breaches here.

Its always a good idea to change our passwords for our accounts. I may just do that for my Uplay account too.

TiT friended me on Uplay too yesterday too it seems.
Posted 11:53am 29/3/18
Yeah, I use unique passwords for everything now, keep them in keepass. My Uplay was hacked a few years back when the Division came out too, so I guess its one of the common things people try if your email/password is out there
Posted 02:54pm 29/3/18
i just got it straight from uplay. was 20% for 100uplay points so paid 71AUD

similar thing happened with my origin account except im still yet to be able to change my password because all the secret questions were changed to russian. I emailed EA about that and they never got back to me. will prolly address it again if i ever want to actually play an EA game again ;/
Posted 04:55pm 29/3/18
interesting you said its hard. What are you playing at. I choose Normal and find it pretty easy. Can i change it to hard half way through the game? maybe its harder co-op??
Posted 06:02pm 29/3/18
Does anyone else keep seeing this thread and thinking it says "Skanks" or is that just me
Posted 10:08am 30/3/18
No but now that you mention it, Khel.....

Anyway, I wanted to talk more about the stuff in the game. I'll use spoiler tags. It's really a rant.

I just killed Faith I think....It's hard to tell since the player character never actually meets her. Aside from those stupid astral projections/hallucinations. I have come to the conclusion that the developers want to make Far Cry in a completely different setting where visions and all this crazy crap that has been going on in the past few games would make a lot more sense. I get what they are trying to achieve but it just doesn't sit right with me in a modern setting. Visions and astral projections, animals appearing out of nowhere and/or turning into another animal etc. This sort of stuff would be at home in a fantasy style game or a game with a modern setting but with magic, like Final Fantasy. If they made the world far more magical or mystical, it would make more sense and not seem out of place. Not sure if anyone else feels the same way though. The battle with Faith, it far more at home in a RPG or something. end rant.

I do like the game in general though, runs well, looks nice, FISHING, some funny dialog etc. The developers just need to figure out what type of game they want to make and story they want to tell.
Posted 03:50pm 02/4/18
sooooo completing the main story ends your game and you aren't able to return to the open world to finish up remaining quests and f*** around. pretty annoying.
Posted 05:57pm 02/4/18
The .45 lever action rifle only has 4 rounds in it when it should have 10.

They pretty much have 2 M14s and 2 lever action rifles, it's the same thing just different model. No different calibur or magazine capacity. Could have done a bit better than that but I imagine they will have more guns in the DLC.

No 3rd person view when in vehicles. I like to be able to drive cars in 3rd person.
Posted 06:51pm 03/4/18
nvm apparently I lied and needed to scroll through the end credits instead of pressing esc to skip or something. or mebbe it was a bug theyve now fixed or some such because I can now resume my game.
Posted 10:15am 04/4/18
Random quad bike driving itself.

Posted 11:00am 04/4/18
No 3rd person view when in vehicles. I like to be able to drive cars in 3rd person

Thats never been a far cry thing though, its always been about everything happening from a first person PoV. If its about controlling them, try using a controller for the vehicles, I find it works a lot better than mouse and keyboard. I usually have a controller plugged in at the same time and just swap to that when I'm gonna be doing any significant driving/flying in a vehicle

I ended up grabbing it over the long weekend for something to play and really enjoying it, the setting is so far turning out to be my favourite I think and the helicopters are awesome fun
Posted 04:55pm 04/4/18
I thought there was 3rd person view for vehicles before? I may have been thinking of Ghost Recon that had that. Would be nice if they could add it in.
Posted 06:38pm 06/4/18
An interesting video made by some guy about the Far Cry games.

YouTuber Crowbcat has done a neat little retrospective comparing Far Cry 5 with its compatriot ten years prior, Far Cry 2. It's interesting to note that both games are still using Ubisoft's take on the CryEngine, Dunia. Far Cry has always been a game that has a lot of little visual details, and it's fascinating to see the differences between the two games. The sounds in Far Cry 2 still have a great amount of oomph, and it's aged pretty well visually all things considered.

Posted 03:34pm 07/4/18
I dunno, this recent resurgence of far cry 2 nostalgia feels a bit like rose coloured glasses. It was a pretty dull game with an empty world that didn't feel alive at all, and outposts would respawn after you cleared them so you never felt like you were having much impact. Also had that malaria thing which was pretty universally hated. It didn't do that we'll, to the point where a lot of people where genuinely surprised when Ubisoft dredged the franchise back up and did a Far Cry 3
Posted 09:54pm 07/4/18
Far Cry 2 was cutting edge in its day. The self-propagating fire was a game changer (forgive the pun). What I miss about FC2 is the ability to play 1V1 against a buddy of mine. FC5 will not allow us to do this. WTF!!?? Arcade Multiplayer requires 6 players so it seems. I really do not understand why they would force this.
Posted 10:20am 10/4/18
Thats the thing though, whenever Far Cry 2 is mentioned its the tech that gets called out as good, not the game itself. Yeah it had some nice tech behind it, but it really wasn't a very good game. The gameplay and the world of something like Far Cry 5, or even Far Cry 3, is far far better than Far Cry 2 ever was. I'll take a better game over breakable trees any day. If they have to choose where to spend their resources, and they spend it on making the game better vs making the trees or the fire better, I'm ok with that.
Posted 04:13pm 11/4/18
Loved Far Cry 5, it is definitely the Far Cry series refined. The big issue I had with previous Far Cry's is that I'd get carried away just doing objectives and ignore the story, then get bored of the objectives and be so disconnected from the story that I'd just never finish it. Far Cry 5 forces the story on you every so often once you complete a certain number of objectives which turns out to be exactly the kind of thing I need.

The mechanic does get a little silly, you basically get captured in some way or get overwhelmed by all the drugs you are surrounded by all the time in order to have a meeting with one of the baddies that progresses the story but it works so whatever.

I really enjoyed the story but can understand how religious people might struggle with it. From what I've seen it has either gone over a lot of peoples heads or people have been offended by it and taken it as a personal comment on their own beliefs but it's not really making any statements about God but more about the human organizations and their methods. Which makes a lot of sense since it is about a cult.

Edit: Oh and as to the Far Cry 2 comparisons, I will admit that some of the physics used in that looks cool but I can definitely see reasons as to why it is different in later games. The way you heal yourself and the way the enemy AI reacts to injury could easily be about meeting stricter censorship standards, or even community standards as I'm personally pretty happy I don't have to watch my character pull a piece of wire out of them. That s***'s f*****g gross.
Posted 05:12pm 11/4/18
The bandaging in Far Cry 5 feels like it takes a bit too long, I'm sure it was faster in some of the other games. The animation I don't care about, I just wish it was a bit faster. But yeah on the whole I'm really enjoying Far Cry 5, a lot more than I expected to
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