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Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment Official Site:
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Fallout: New Vegas

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Obsidian Enterta...
Official Site: http://fallout.bethso...
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
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Fallout: New Vegas Review
Review By @ 01:32am 20/10/10
I’m not sure if it was born out of a sense of comedic irony that Obsidian chose to introduce your character in Fallout: New Vegas as a courier, but it makes oh-so-much sense. The myriad RPGs that litter the proverbial wasteland of gaming’s present and yesteryear have all essentially turned players into couriers; workhorses for the NPC downtrodden - tools through which thriving virtual worlds can continue to spin their virtual spin, while you, a hapless de facto ‘courier’, of sorts, just try and make sense of it all - gleefully counting the experience points you just earned for returning someone’s something and going on your merrily levelled up way.

If people complained that Fallout 3 lost some of the original series’ more hardcore RPG roots, they can rest easier with New Vegas. This definitely looks and feels like Bethesda’s true 3D reimagining of the post-apocalyptic franchise, but at its core there are more nods and injections from Fallout’s past than anything from 2008’s masterpiece. What it carries over from that title is more akin to the mutated bugs that make up so much of your impediments in the wasteland - a ferociously flawed technical experience that definitely needed more time in production. The game isn’t broken, but it sure does limp along.

There’s a lot familiar here, and a lot not so much. As mentioned earlier, the depth of the RPG elements - perks, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., items, crafting, repair, conversation, faction allegiance, buying, selling, looting - are all much deeper than in Fallout 3. It’s actually quite daunting at first too, because unlike the previous game, you’re welcome to approach a Work Bench and craft anything you want, provided you have the right equipment. You can also strip items down to basic parts to craft into other items, and this includes a lot of stuff, even down to individual ammo shells. You’ll find your first two benches some five minutes into the game as well, which can be pretty jarring that early in. And not too soon after that, you’ll learn how to combine food stuffs for health-helping items; another new element of the game that has some serious depth if you choose to utilise it correctly.

Also, interestingly, is the major change to level design over that of Fallout 3. My first experience out of Vault 101 two years ago saw me wandering further and further into the wasteland; unhindered by walls and ignoring the main quest line. The same cannot be said about New Vegas though, and while the game-world is once again massive and much of it open to you, there’s more of a guided sense of exploration here - certain areas are either just too dangerous to even attempt to wander into, or you’re plain locked out because of factions. It’s a nice touch because ultimately, you’re going to be able to stroll through these tantalisingly locked off areas at some point, that much is sure, but getting there is more than half the fun and Obsidian know this. So from the outset, you pretty much are a slave to their design.

In saying that though, New Vegas is actually far more daunting than Fallout 3. The Karma system is still in place, but it’s role in defining your character is minor at best. The point Obsidian have made with this game is that, when playing with post-apocalyptic lore of this nature, there really aren’t any good people left. The wastes are just that; the remnants of society - the dregs if you will, and no one character is above another for personal moral maturity. With this in mind, your character and the type of personality you manifest through the play experience is done so in how you choose to deal with the game’s massive list of factions. Each has their own design for the Mojave wastes, and each believes theirs is the right one. But more often than not said designs are full of power and control motives, or motives of chaos and destruction. You’re talking about a splintered society attempting to build something coherent, but not a one of them has a sane plan they can all agree upon.

What’s left as a result of dealing with the crazy inhabitants then, is finding the faction whose basic outlook reflects your own end-game desires. Some players are all about making chaos in sandbox environments, and because the faction system dovetails constantly, there’s a greater chance for farther reaching consequences every time you make a decision with one. So no matter what you do, there’s always a result you need to be weary of.

I found myself torn between helping the diminished Brotherhood of Steel who were all-powerful in the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3, but essentially forced to live in hiding, underground in New Vegas, or the New California Republic; the closest thing to any decent order in the place. Problem here is both factions hated each other, despite having common goals for some kind of greater good, or order at least, which means that becoming friendly with one was ultimately going to affect my relationship with the other - how far I took this though was really in my hands.

The system is far more engaging as a result - there’s no cut and dry good, neutral or bad, there’s just outcome, and you have to deal with it the best way you can.

Of course with any such system also comes a chance for intelligent players to milk the most out of the world around them. You’re going to have enemies regardless, but unlike Fallout 3 where you were constantly at war with say the Talon Company or Raiders, you’re almost always given a chance to align yourself with any group you come into contact with. But, as previously mentioned, some will attack on sight if you’re too well liked or sided with their main enemy. There are ways around this (though not always), and so you need to be smart and look at the game’s world in a different way - thinking further ahead with every game-changing decision you’re about to make to carve out your desired path through the experience.

Another much touted new feature is one pulled from mods made for Fallout 3 - Hardcore mode. After you’ve gone through the character creation process, you’re prompted to be able to play the game in this mode, which actually requires constant management of food, water and sleep. The game scales to be much more difficult, and you’re not as strong as when playing Normal mode. This is where food and chem crafting are more important, because you need to deal with shorter buffs - eating straight up Cram, for example, will wear off quickly, making you suffer from starvation much sooner than you’d like.

The same can be said of water, too. Purified water lasts much longer than Dirty water (and has no Radiation effects), and all of these, when you’re suffering from their deprivation of, have negative effects on your skill-set. Staying well rested, well fed and fully hydrated can mean the difference between reaching a particular skill level a time of crisis when you most need it.

Hardcore mode also demands more management of items, as you’re not only capped at a lower weight threshold, but even ammo comes with a weight increment. So loot hoarders are going to find it hard keeping their accrued items to a safe minimum, especially because you’ll actually be carrying required items to help manage the Mode’s other pitfalls, such as only being able to heal damaged limbs with Doctor’s bags, and not general Stimpaks, weapons and items that wear down much more quickly, and a greater chance of death for your companions among a few other gratifying (yet grinding) parameters.

Obviously companions is the other major change for Fallout: New Vegas, and while you could recruit members in Fallout 3 the system here is much more robust. Recruited buddies will give you a skill-specific perk (so Boon the sniper gives you a Perception perk, while ED-E offers up a perk that allows you to see enemies on your radar from greater distances). They also come with their own side-quests, which then offer more loyalty rewards and a greater performance from them. You can only have one member at a time unless you repair ED-E the Enclave Eyebot from the Capital Wasteland, at which point you can have him on-hand as an added bonus, but each companion also comes with their own grudges - so you can’t take someone who hates the NCR anywhere near them because they’ll likely just open fire. By and large they’re pretty cool to have around, especially if you’re playing Hardcore (as I am), and combat is much more difficult.

Commanding them is a bit thin though. The Companion wheel offers chances to make them wait or follow, be passive or aggressive, use ranged weapons or melee, but it’s not always so cut and dry. Usually they’re aggro magnets, alerting enemies to your presence at the worst of times, and their place by your side essentially negates any stealth you might have wanted to perform. They suffer the same AI pitfalls as the rest of game’s characters in that they easily trip up on the environment, constantly running into solid walls and being left behind as you masterfully work your way through the game’s questionable collision detection. Having more dynamic responses from NPCs or your companions based on the major decisions I mentioned earlier would have helped too, but it’s not all bad, the system could just do with a more tangible and manageable interface.

Overall, Fallout: New Vegas is an excellent game through its sheer size and depth. Fallout 3 fans will love it, as it offers enough new content and enough changed content to warrant the massive amount of time Fallout 3 likely gleamed from you, while anyone who thought Bethesda’s effort didn’t live up to Black Isle’s Fallout legacy can look forward to better writing overall, a revamped conversation system (with deeper, more dynamic and ‘Fallout-esque’ responses) and the heavier RPG elements.

At some 40hours in as of writing this review, I’ve barely moved on the game’s main plot and still haven’t even remotely met every faction in the game - it’s absolutely massive. But this brings with it my main gripe, and it’s something I touched on earlier. While it’s great we essentially get another Fallout experience in this generation with all of the great stuff mentioned throughout this review, the tech behind it all is just old and buggy as hell.

It’s arguable there’s more scope in Obsidian’s game, but this has come at the cost of the product itself being let down by a lack of bug fixing. It doesn’t look as good as Fallout 3 did, and perhaps that’s down to internal support at Bethesda knowing the engine better than their outsourced pals, but it shows, and doesn’t help when Obsidian are known for lacking in the polish department. I was lucky enough to avoid any full crashes (though my house-mates have suffered these), but dodgy texture load-ins, massive frame-rate drops, out of sync voice work and alarmingly close pop-up have actually marred the experience for me. It is a detriment when you invest so much into the world, lore and characters and I’m hoping some serious patch work is released as soon as possible.

Beyond the technical shortcomings though, I can’t put the damn game down. And like I said, it’s big. Really big. Dauntingly big. But engagingly so. The writing is much tighter, the characters more engaging, the world more tangible and your investment in it so much more personal - here’s hoping we see a culmination of both efforts for the obvious fourth installment on some bugless new tech.
What we liked
  • More engaging game-world through reputation and faction management
  • Excellent writing and better scripting
  • More quests, locations and people to interact with
  • Hardcore mode adds a whole new element
  • More RPG elements with greater depth
What we didn't like
  • Buggy as all hell
  • The game engine really looks dated now
  • Still lacks a certain amount of dynamic effect based on your decisions
  • AI is still very, very annoying
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 02:42am 20/10/10
Hrmm, sounds like a good game, but the lack of polish and buggyness is what I was afraid of :(

Might wait for a few patches before picking it up, I got plenty to keep me amused in the meantime.
Posted 02:55am 20/10/10
Man, this sounds awesome (minus the bugs). I could not get into fallout 3 at all because it seemed too cheery and directionless for me. Now if only I could find the time...
Posted 05:32am 20/10/10
I like good storyline, bugs don't bother me that much. That is why I was a STALKER tragic.
Posted 06:17am 20/10/10
STALKER was hard :(
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 08:24am 20/10/10
I started playing it last night thanks to some VPN goodness with Steam. I'm enjoying, probably more so than Fallout 3 which I really had issues getting into. I've only played it for about 2 hours though, but I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into it a bit more.
Posted 10:23am 20/10/10
This review concerns me, i liked fallout3, wasnt a huge fan of it though. Probably due to me thinking fallout 1 and 2 are the holy grails of post apocolyptic rpg gaming. I was hoping New Vegas would fix alot of the small niggling issues i had with fallout3, but your review suggests otherwise. :S
Posted 10:24am 20/10/10
I think a huge proportion of my favourite games were bugfests when released. that's because i guess they tend to be ambitious titles.

eg. STALKER, Fallout 1/2, Op Flash, Morrowind, Oblivion, Vampire: Bloodlines.
Posted 10:55am 20/10/10
Vampire bloodlines, was that the one on source engine with teh hawt vampire chicks in school girl outfits, if so... sadly the bugs forced me to stop playing and i never found time to get back into it.

Vampire: masquarde on the other hand was f*****g awesome and i played it to death.
Posted 11:16am 20/10/10
Is this game standalone or DLC? If it's a new game is it as big as the original?
Posted 11:42am 20/10/10
Oh Steve, your such a soft touch on reviews. 9 out of 10 with all the complaints you have!? The quality of games will not improve unless your not afraid to use a little bit of stick bud.

PC Gamer gave it 84 out of 100. I think their score is more accurate. IGN gave it 8.5 as well.
Maybe you need to use half points? Just a suggestion.
Posted 11:43am 20/10/10
Or maybe don't get a big fanboy to review the game :P
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:36pm 20/10/10
my issues are technical issues that will likely be fixed in patches, and just that the game engine itself is looking dated, the sum of all the gameplay parts is awesome though; it's not that I'm a fanboy - I never played the first Fallout games, only Fallout 3, but this is really awesome. Eurogamer also gave it 9/10, I genuinely believe it's worth that score
Posted 12:45pm 20/10/10
I haven't read the review (paranoid about spoilers) but from what I have played so far 9 seems very deserving. The game owns.
Posted 01:18pm 20/10/10
my issues are technical issues that will likely be fixed in patches, and just that the game engine itself is looking dated, the sum of all the gameplay parts is awesome though; it's not that I'm a fanboy - I never played the first Fallout games, only Fallout 3, but this is really awesome. Eurogamer also gave it 9/10, I genuinely believe it's worth that score

I spose the problem I have with all that Steve is that what you are reviewing is a product and the product is the sum of all its parts. You should not speculate on what may or may not be fixed with future patches. Surly you should review what is in front of you as this is what people are parting their hard earned money on.

Anyway, I dont want to labour on the point as I think its well made by now.
Posted 01:22pm 20/10/10
so is this a full sized game?
Posted 01:37pm 20/10/10
Yes, its a full game, not DLC
Posted 01:44pm 20/10/10
Yeah I can see where Steve is coming from though - anyone who looks at just glances at the numeric score or just looks at the metacritic rating without reading a few full in depth reviews is bound to run into problems at some stage.
The 'What we Liked' and 'What we didn't Like' are much more valuable as a summary than X out of 10.

It's the same issue with factoring in inflated AU pricing into a review score. Pricing & bug levels change over time, but the rating is pretty much fixed unless review sites bother to come back and update their review as each patch comes out or as the prices fluctuate.
Posted 05:19pm 20/10/10
Played a couple of hours by VPN. It's good, real good, but the $90 price tag still seems a bit steep.

That and there really are a LOT of bugs.
Posted 05:22pm 20/10/10
$90 for a game with 1-2+ yr old graphics and buggy as hell. no thanks
Posted 05:24pm 20/10/10
Loved fallout 3 but the npc animations were already becoming dated back in oblivion.
Posted 06:26pm 20/10/10
don't pay 90 for it simple.... not as hard as it sounds don't buy it from steam aus and don't buy from eb games, people that take the 50 seconds to vpn it and save the money i tip my hat off to you.
Posted 07:07pm 20/10/10
Use much cheaper solution.
Posted 07:30pm 20/10/10
you can buy it for $40 lol?
Posted 07:58pm 20/10/10
Posted 07:59pm 20/10/10
bugs are soo annoying, especially if u havnt saved in a while and you get stuck or fall through the level.
Posted 08:26pm 20/10/10
That's so creepy Mantorok. Gives me salad fingers chills. ><
Posted 08:32pm 20/10/10
whats salad fingers :(
Posted 08:33pm 20/10/10
how can u not know what salad fingers is...
Posted 08:33pm 20/10/10
Posted 08:34pm 20/10/10
i like rusty spoons
Posted 09:27pm 20/10/10
I just worked out how to make a serious horror game...just hire poor programmers and animators :D
Posted 11:03pm 20/10/10
apologies if you wrote this in your review steve (i don't want to read it all, you know i'm a fallout zoid), but did you play on a console or pc?
Posted 11:05pm 20/10/10
try actually opening the review, it says at the very top what system they reviewed on.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:31pm 20/10/10
whoa mantorok, I didn't come across anything remotely that bad :\
Posted 02:10am 21/10/10
Ahahaha, I couldn't stop laughing at Mantorok's video, its so creepy and awesome
Posted 03:28am 21/10/10
Haha Mantorok, his lines even seem to fit the creepiness of the bug.
Posted 10:35am 21/10/10
It's unlocked on Steam, I just restarted the service and it says it is available and I can click play now.

There is also a 250mb patch for pc users...

last edited by tHeBoRg at 10:35:23 21/Oct/10
Posted 12:37am 22/10/10
Well i gotta say, i am enjoying it way more then i did fallout 3.

The setting alone is helping quite a bit.
Posted 07:19am 22/10/10
Bethesda engaging in more unethical practices? getting reviews taken down.
Posted 10:36am 22/10/10
Bethesda engaging in more unethical practices? getting reviews taken down.

Obsidian won't run in to the same issue - they've recycling the same game with the same tech as Bethesda put out two years ago so all the reviews can just be recycled as well.
Posted 10:37am 22/10/10
I agree with Groganus, I loved FO3, and I'm loving this even more. But I bought it on 360. Played it for about 4 hours last night without running into any bugs, maybe I just got lucky?
Posted 02:44pm 22/10/10
So i played a good chunk last night, The tutorial imo was much better, i felt i was making an impact in the world right from the start, to compare it to fallout 3 id say in fallout 3 the tutorial introduced you to the back story of vault life, the tutorial in fallout:NV introduces you to the grim world of the wasteland and the life or die attitude of it all.

I've experienced only one bug, a dog had its eyes hanging out the side of its head. It was small bug and i probably wouldnt of notice dit had i not been looking for it.

Conversation feel more natural and flow alot better then fallout3, for me the conversations felt way to scripted like oblivions in fallout 3. In new vegas the scripts are written and delivered in a format that feels more immersive and it makes me want to listen to every word and hear more lore.

The ambience of the game is fantastic, i turned the radio on and had a listen and it was very typical to what you are use to hearin gin fallout3 but with a more country theme. However the actual in game music is fantastic, it blends with the sound of your footsteps and the ambient noises around you really well.

Crafting ammo is a nice touch, adds some more rpg in the mix.

The overall verdict for me and this game is that i finally have a next gen fallout game that feels like the originals.
Whilst it still lacks some of the humour and it still lacks some more adult and mature themes, its ambience makes up for it.
Posted 02:57pm 22/10/10
Gargh I need to get this some time, it sounds like it addresses a lot of what kept me from enjoying Fallout 3.
Posted 07:32pm 22/10/10
I'm sure it wont, I'm sure you'll still find something to b**** and moan about.
Posted 07:37pm 22/10/10
Bloody loving this game so far but ran across this not 1 hour into it. Had a good laugh, recorded her walking into the chair a bit on fraps and went on my way.

Posted 07:56pm 22/10/10
Why is the inventory so s***, they couldn't spend 5 minutes making a more pc centric system, especially with all this crafting s*** that is now in the game, i can't see myself bothering f*****g about checking if i have all this miscellaneous crap to make something ill probably never use.
When you get overloaded you spend 5 minutes looking for crap that is heavy and you can dump, mainly due to the inventory being so f*****g useless.
Also it leads to things like a 10mm gun and a weathered 10mm gun being at opposite ends of your inventory, yeah great design there.

Also combat seems a little easy so far, i completely f***ed up an encounter in Spoiler:
the primm casino
and barely took half damage, even though i triggered 5 guys and was pretty unprepared, i just ran back a bit into a doorway and they didnt really attack me that hard.
Posted 07:57pm 22/10/10
I'm sure it wont, I'm sure you'll still find something to b**** and moan about.

Of course nothing is perfect and I will always endeavour to help identify where things can be improved, as I am a hero, but I mean overall it sounds like the core stuff that I felt was missing in my attempts to get into fallout 3 has made a triumphant return. :D

Might be able to mod the UI, I had to to be able to play Oblivion without raging.
Posted 08:25pm 22/10/10
The deatclaws were pretty hard at the quarry and I think Im only level 14. Climbed up on top of the digger rig and just sniped them from far, other than that combat has been reasonable easy. Awesome game, the side missions are fun.
Posted 10:39pm 22/10/10
I'm playing in Hardcore mode, how about you guys? I'm so glad they spent a bit of time adding that into the game instead of it being a third party mod.

So far this does feel a little more like the original fallouts, still missing that Special charm of the originals though.
Posted 11:21pm 22/10/10
Yeah i'm on hardcore mode as well. Also no clue what that wasteland perk is at the beginning but i'm on that mode too. So... who knows wtf is going on in my game.
Posted 12:12am 23/10/10
f*****g lol
anyone else found the sacrificial chamber in vault 11?
Posted 09:21am 23/10/10
I didnt bother with hardcore, i do have the wasteland perk though.

From what i gather dm, it juts makes more random encounters occur.

My starting stats were 7 luck 7 intelligence 6 charm.

It's made for some random lulz, like 1 shotting boss with an awesome crit to the head.
Posted 09:55pm 23/10/10
I'm about Lv 11 and thinking of restarting because I don't like my stats. I'm trying to get loved by the Legion which is hard obviously. Anyway came across this. I have a habbit of seeing people stuck inside others.

He was running on the spot like an idiot and couldn't move. I tried to help with a headshot but YOU CAN'T KILL KIDS. Wtf is with that crap? I want to be a child murdered god dammit! Anyway think i'll start again and make a real smooth talking psychotic. Hatchets, swords and bladed gauntlets ftw.
Posted 08:47am 24/10/10
The most usefull starting stats are intelligence and luck. pump everything into them,

Then speech or barter, 1 choice of weaposn and either science or lock picking

My prefs are Barter, guns and lock picking

Though you could replace guns with energy weapons as later on in the game, there are some f*****g sweet energy weapons and more heavily armoured dudes.

F:NV seems to have more lock picking then hacking
and i would of gone with speech over barter, but what evs.

Posted 12:02pm 24/10/10
Also the meltdown perk is awesome.
Posted 12:05pm 24/10/10
i somehow pissed off all the casinos. draining.
Posted 11:54pm 24/10/10
Trying to find out how to get friendly and loved by the legion but all I can guess is that i'm supposed to do something at hoover dam so they let me through the door but cant work it out.
Posted 04:01am 25/10/10
Posted 09:02am 25/10/10
I like this sooo much more then Fallout 3. Your non-combat skills have more use throughout the game and it just feels a little more RPGish then Fallout 3 did. This game is 2 steps closer to the original Fallouts, which is a good thing.

The only bugs I've encountered are creatures stuck in the ground.
Posted 11:00am 25/10/10
Found out how to befriend the legion. Woo! i'm about 15 hours in now. Also that Maria pistol is awesome as s***. How f*****g strong is it.
Posted 12:49pm 25/10/10
Played the game for 11 hours now, only 1 random cras** What a sweet game, Has a few bugs in it witch will soon be smoved out with more patches to come.So glad it is on steam this time round!

Posted 12:56pm 25/10/10
Hay guys also What operating system are you guys using?im going to upgrage my system to window 7 64bit currently using windows vista 32bit. Have you guys been having any crashing issues on window 7 64.
there seems to be alot of crashing issues going around the net with the 64bit vers of window 7 runing this game.

Thanks Crowbar
Posted 01:48pm 25/10/10
I've only had one crash about 31 hours into the game.

Small glitches here and there, but nothing game breaking.
Posted 01:54pm 25/10/10
im guessing if you could run fallout 3 you should run this fine, it's basically the same specs im pretty sure, with that said i need an upgrade :(

but on that note i have windows 7 64, hopefully mine shall arrive in a few days ill give you a heads up if it's just infected with problems

last edited by Basket at 13:54:36 25/Oct/10
Posted 01:55pm 25/10/10
Yeah runs fine on my 6month old machine everything on highest setting possible.

I've had a few known bugs, slow down in frames using vats. dogs eyes appearing out of there heads randomly, a few stuck people. but again nothing game breaking.
Posted 05:56pm 25/10/10
Thanks dudes!
Posted 06:02pm 25/10/10
Been playing this a bit and i've just got the platinum chip for mr house. I haven't really come across any game breaking bugs, although i did get a quest breaking one. In the area near new vegas you come across a gun shop where you can take a quest to guard the door of the shop. I aimed my gun at one of the people who was trying to get in and he completely bugged out. Couldn't talk to him or anything and if i tried to leave the guard shot at me.

So i just killed the guard and everyone in the shop and sold all the guns and stuff in the shop and made about 15,000 caps. lol
Posted 08:05pm 25/10/10
I've got 2 characters going. One legion friendly beefcake and a smooth talking lady who's currently doing that door guarding quest. It's so tempting to kill everyone in that place and take the weapons though. Also I think i'll start leveling my energy weapon skill up since they seem rather powerful. Both characters around 16 - 19
Posted 08:07pm 25/10/10
It's so tempting to kill everyone in that place and take the weapons though
Got a stealth boy? Use that. I stole everything there and then sold it back to them.
Posted 08:11pm 25/10/10
I've had no issues with crashing on 64 win7 thus far.
Posted 08:14pm 25/10/10
Likewise the only bugs I've encountered are a couple of creatures stuck in the ground and a person stuck in a table. No crashes but have had it freeze on the load screen once when trying to quick travel to a location I was already in, just not in the right spot.
Posted 11:29am 26/10/10
WIsh i'd of taken a picture of this but I found 3 "Holy Hand Grenades" on a table, and next to them was a sign that said "pull pin and count to 5 (with 5 crossed out)... 3

I cant remember exactly where they are but I think they are in that irradiated town in a cellar somewhere. They do like 299 damage when I had about a rank 20 or 30 explosive skill and a f*****g HUGE blast radius.

last edited by DM at 11:29:10 26/Oct/10
Posted 11:42am 26/10/10
They had holy hand grenades in fallout 2, along with a million other monty python references.

The bridge with guy who asks 3 questions as a random enoucnter was always my favourite.
Posted 11:57am 26/10/10
WIsh i'd of taken a picture of this but I found 3 "Holy Hand Grenades" on a table, and next to them was a sign that said "pull pin and count to 5 (with 5 crossed out)... 3

theres lots of easter eggs like a fridge with bones and a fedora hat inside and 2 charred bodies with the names owen and beru.
Posted 06:02pm 26/10/10
fallout 2 was the f*****g greatest :D
Posted 04:40pm 30/10/10
Playing yet AGAIN with a character with max strength and endurance, but 1 luck and intelligence and here is some of the awesomely funny dialog you can get. This is in Helios one.

EDIT - Flowers of Pock-Lips = Followers of Apocolypse lol. I urge everyone to give it a go since you get some really awesome lines to talk about. The responses are awesome too.

EDIT 2 - Ok so i've racked up about 18 hours on my stupid character and realized that unarmed is the way to go for end game it seems. Bullets and stuff is all well and dandy but as soon as you pick up a ballistic glove, or a displacement glove, the fun begins. I'm at 10 strength with a Lv 70 unarmed skill, and a fully repaired glove (either one, ballistic is a explosion graphic and displacement is a blueish white energy one) can one shot anyone i've come up against so far. I just ran into caesar's tent and 1 shot everyone in that damn place, including him. I didn't even have my companions with me as I left them outside. Also having a high unarmed skill lets me do uppercuts in VATS. This, together with the 1 shot nature of the gloves = flying corpses. I've got so many fraps videos of people shooting off cliffs and stuff.

Found a bug though. If you kill any of the people Cass's companion quests lead you to, you can no longer get her. I killed one of them and she wouldn't get off the chair so I lost the chance to get her. Right now i'm using ED-E and Lily. He announces when mobs are nearby with his music, and she is a beast with her huge sword and 480 hp.

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