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Thanks to Perfect World Entertainment AusGamers has a batch of keys for the Heroes of Three Kingdoms beta test up for grabs.

    Known as the Chibi in China, Heroes of Three Kingdoms is based on one of history’s greatest battles and not only gives players the opportunity to experience the chaos first hand, but also the chance to rewrite pivotal moments in Chinese history.

    • Motion Captured Combat – Using advanced motion capture technology; combat is brought to life martial arts specialist, making the action exciting and realistic. Experience in-game combat as if it were real life.
    • Eighteen Weapon System– With a unique cool down system, players will have eighteen types of weapons available during the Three Kingdoms era in China to choose from.
    • Weaponry Crafting System – Following an ancient Chinese proverb goes “before you send out your troops, prepare your supplies” Heroes of Three Kingdoms features a unique, free-flowing production system that allows players to obtain key technological advancements to help aid them on the battlefield such as stronger bows, catapults and other siege weaponry.
    • Kingdom War System – Join the Wei, Shu or Wu and choose to wage war or create alliances against one another.
    • Historic Instances – Go back in time to experience historical battles and pivotal moments that helped shape the Three Kingdoms era and modern China.
    • Legion System – Come together to create Legions to help aid or conquer players in battle. Conquer one or multiple cities together to gain more troops and become their leader.
    • PvP Battlegrounds – Test your fighting abilities against other players to prove who shall lead the kingdom to victory.
    • Title System – Hundreds of different titles and occupations are available to earn in game. Each title comes with different outfits, skills and rewards.
    • Achievements – Explore everything the game has to offer and reap the rewards.
    • Reputation System – Gain reputation with the various factions in the world to gain access to new areas, better equipment and powerful skills.

Submit the form below to snag a key.

(Note: 2010-March-13): Please note that a game client is not yet available for Heroes of Three Kingdoms, this key giveaway is so that players can redeem a key to ensure their closed beta participation in preparation for a yet-to-be-specified April launch.

Update: The beta launch date has now been revealed as April 12 2010).

Once you have received a key, just follow these simple steps:
  • 1) Go to
  • 2) Log in using your Perfect World Entertainment username and password
  • 3) Click on the "My Account" link
  • 4) Click on "Redeem Beta Keys"
  • 5) Enter your closed beta key

Sorry, this Heroes of Three Kingdoms Closed Beta Keys promotion has finished!
This promotion has now finished, unfortunately no more keys will be given out.