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GGC streaming issues & Maplist resetting Procon every server res...
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Hi guys,

I have no doubt this has already been discussed but after searching I couldn't find a thread. I need to set up GGC Streaming on my BF4 server in order to compete in the ESL Oceania cups, but in following the instructions provided, I cannot seem to get it going. I've registered the server at the website but after changing the files as required, I'm still getting a streaming offline alert. Can anyone help? The server status page link is here

The status of the server is active, so it's detecting it, but you'll see to the bottom left that streaming is offline (the red dot).


I am using Procon to Rcon into my server, however, when I change my maplists inside RCON, after a restart my maps are resetting to the original default of conquest large of the classic maps. I've tried using the save map command in the console (I can't remember exactly what it is by now), but it didn't work. Can anyone provide me with any advice as to how I can have RCON (and the server) remember the map list and modes even after a restart?

Thanks a lot for helping with my noobiness.

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Sydney, New South Wales
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I stream my server to ppbans and ggc with no issues,try putting the streams together so it looks like this :



pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use
pb_sv_USessionLimit 10
pb_sv_ucontimeout 300
pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 GGC
pb_sv_uconadd 1 ggc_85.114.136.131 bf4
pb_sv_uconadd 1 ggc_85.114.136.132 bf4
pb_sv_uconadd 1 ggc_85.114.136.133 bf4
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub2-1" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub2-2" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub2-3" "pbbanshub"


Use these settings and it will be fine.


You need to edit and save your map rotation on the MapList.txt file which is located on your server configuration page under "files", save and restart your server,for example:


MP_Prison Domination0 1
MP_Siege Domination0 1
MP_Abandoned RushLarge0 2
MP_Flooded RushLarge0 2
XP1_003 RushLarge0 2
XP1_001 ConquestSmall0 1
MP_Prison Obliteration 2
MP_Tremors RushLarge0 2
MP_Siege RushLarge0 2
XP1_004 RushLarge0 2
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Cool, thanks for the response. In so far as changing the .cfg stuff is concerned, I'm a little unsure of how I actually add the code to the document as I'm not experienced in formatting? Do I just paste it into the very bottom of the document? Do I need a space between each line? Apologies for sounding like an idiot.

Furthermore, regarding the maplist, if I modify the maplist within GameCreate to have every map in the game available, can I then modify which maps and mopes are being cycled through RCON and have it save the preference? It was my primitive understanding that any changes I made to the game map/mode settings via RCON would be reflected (saved) in Gamecreate, I imagined the server furnishes us with Rcon details for that very reason? Arrrrrgh! It's not problem for me to set the game settings via maplist, it just makes it a little more difficult to change map and mode settings on the fly, whereas within Procon it's a very simple drop and drag process.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Post the maps and modes/rounds you want in rotation and I will give you the maplist code,you just have to copy and paste as is into the "admin\MapList.txt:" file.
You can change maps with procon but your server is set to restart every day and the maps will reset to what is in the "admin\MapList.txt:" file.
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Hey mate,

Thanks very much for the offer. I actually have the ability to set the maps and have manually done so, but I really appreciate your help. My hope was that I could get it permanently remembering changes through RCON so that I could change map listings and game modes on the fly.

You might be able to answer another question for me though. I have a 32 player server, but the domination game mode is 20 players, what would happen if I added domination into my game mode cycle? Would people get automatically kicked off the server? Or does it pack 32 players into the 20 player map?

Secondly, I don't appear to be able to see a plugins section on Gamecreate to add stuff like Fairfight, etc etc. Is there a means to do so? I've heard a suggestion you can only manage plugins through an RCON client.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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On your configuration page, set the "Player Count Lock:" to 36. This will override the player count changing per game mode.
(This will allow 32 players to play, regardless of any game mode).

Plugins here (if you use Procon) :

(There is no plugins section on Gamecreate - you can only manage plugins through an RCON client).

Your welcome :)

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Thanks for that Foxy.

As a side note, I just discovered this information on the Ausgamers Gamecreate support doco

Upload a Configuration File
Both server files and game files can be remotely uploaded. The uploaded file definition replaces the previous definition, in the same manner as editing the file using the GameCreate web interface would. The new file definition is uploaded by performing a HTTP POST to the GameCreate site.

The exact URL to use varies (see the specific server's or game's Edit File ) but the process is the same: send a username, password, and new definition for the file. Here's an example URL and POST contents:

POST: username=myuser&password=mypass&contents=New+file+contents
The username/password must be a valid login for a user in the domain. The user must have write access to the server file or game file being updated.

While files may be uploaded at any time, note that the uploaded definition is actually written to the host's disk using the update schedule configured for the file. Often, the file will only be written to the host's disk when starting the server.

Files can only be updated remotely; they can not be created. In particular, this means if you wish to upload a Server File it must be created first: from the server's Files tab, click Edit next to the file you wish to upload and then click Save. This will ensure a server-specific copy of the file is created (as opposed to using the file definition supplied by the game).

As stated earlier, file uploads are treated in the same manner as editing the file using the GameCreate web interface would: GameCreate substitions and tags may be used as normal.

This suggests to me that changes I make with Procon should be editing/saving to the server files right?

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Oh by the by,

Even after using your advice, I still can't stream to GGC.. Would the presence of information text within the file be effecting the function of the code? For example pbsv.cfg has the following text at the begining of the file:

// List of PB config files to load
// We strongly recommend you don't alter this file
// Instead, alter the other files in the list to keep things easy to read.

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Sydney, New South Wales
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Hey Ulantees,

editing and saving files can only be done by you directly, not through Procon, maybe AusGamers can give a more detailed explanation.

Make sure you use the "Physical Address" of your server, not the "Admin Port" you have used for Procon, when you add a server to GGC, and try again to see if this works.
The IP will be the same but the Port will be different. You will have to delete your server and add it again.

I have just added the files to pbsv.cfg , without deleting the existing information text .

Hope this helps.
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Foxy, I could kiss you. You're right, I had messed up the ports. You're the best. I am now streaming. SO MUCH GROSS LOVE ON YOU RIGHT NOW
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Happy to help.
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