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Unreal Tournament

Subcategory Summary
Tactical Ops Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror is a semi-realistic counter terrorism first person shooter (FPS) powered by the Unreal Engine, published by Microprose. It began its life as a mod for the popular FPS,
UT: Maps UT: Maps
UT: Modifications UT: Modifications
Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
30-07-07 extremew00tvol1nalicity.zip Extreme w00t Volume 1 Map Pack for Unreal Tournament 30.4MB 150
31-07-07 extremew00tvol2.zip Extreme w00t Volume 2 Map Pack 18.6MB 107
22-08-02 IpDrv-436-Linux-08-20-02.zip Unreal Tournament 436 Linux Server Denial of Service Fix 103kB 739
17-08-07 jailbreakmappack-classic-zip.zip Jailbreak Classics Maps for Unreal Tournament 14.2MB 139
06-08-07 jailbreakmappack-custom1-zip.zip Jailbreak Map Pack Custom 1 for Unreal Tournament 15.1MB 212
29-10-10 jailbreakmappack-custom2-zip.zip Jailbreak Custom Map Pack 2 18.2MB 197
23-08-07 jailbreakmappack-custom3-zip.zip Jailbreak Custom Map Pack 3 18MB 143
26-07-01 pcscreen.zip Unreal Tournament Screensaver 898.5kB 804
02-09-02 ut-server-436.tar.gz Unreal Tournament 436 Linux Dedicated Server 88.5MB 1602
29-10-10 UTA-MapPack-51.exe UTA Map Pack 5 for Unreal Tournament 44.9MB 215
29-10-10 UTA_zpiCTF-MapPack_v1_1.zip UTA CTF-MapPack v1.1 for Unreal Tournament 19.1MB 126
21-11-01 utdemo348.exe Unreal Tournament Demo 53.1MB 130
18-09-02 utpatch436.exe Unreal Tournament Patch v436 7MB 7801
06-08-01 utpatch436nodelta.exe Unreal Tournament 436 Patch 32.2MB 19032
24-07-03 UTPGPatch451.exe Unreal Tournament Patch v451 3.5MB 2856
17-05-10 UT_S3TC_Hi_End_Texture_Package_01.zip UT S3TC Hi End Texture Package 01 323.7MB 196
17-05-10 UT_S3TC_Hi_End_Texture_Package_02.zip UT S3TC Hi End Texture Package 02 270.9MB 129
17-05-10 UT_S3TC_Hi_End_Texture_Package_03.zip UT S3TC Hi End Texture Package 03 280.8MB 116
17-05-10 UT_S3TC_Hi_End_Texture_Package_04.zip UT S3TC Hi End Texture Package 04 279.9MB 115
17-05-10 UT_S3TC_Hi_End_Texture_Package_05.zip UT S3TC Hi End Texture Package 05 268.6MB 162
29-10-10 w00tcontestfinalists.zip w00t Competition Pack for Unreal Tournament 16.5MB 68