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Reccomend me: Vacuum Cleaner
Gold Coast, Queensland
20 posts
Looking to pay roughly $300 for a really good vacuum cleaner, sick of having to vacuum all the time / go over the same spot a few times to get all the s*** picked up. Apparently Dyson are a good place to start. Any tips?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6184 posts
We have a Dyson, it sucks, hard
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Brisbane, Queensland
13808 posts
Miele brand for sure.

$300 wont get you a really good vacumme cleaner, it get you an OK one.

$500-600 is where it starts to get real.

Our current Miele was pulled from a dump about 8 years, gave it a small service and it has had only 1 professional service since and still performs very well. You don't get much better than that.

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Brisbane, Queensland
13809 posts
Also your vacuum head is a big part of vacuuming. We have two, one for non material floors (like tiles, lino and stuff) and an entirely separate one for carpets. The carpet one has a special roller thing inside it that really lift the crap off the carpet. The attachments we have are Swiss made, you can get Chinese knock off ones that are pretty s*** quality and will die quickly.

We also have a catcher that you unscrew and empty into the bin, then re-screw. Saves massively on using vacuum cleaning bags. Also super satisfying seeing how much you suck up.

So yeah, with vacuum cleaners, spend the coin on a good brand (Miele) once and you wont have to spend coin on it again for a long, long time.
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Sydney, New South Wales
307 posts
Do you have a pet?
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Brisbane, Queensland
223 posts
Nilfisk make a unit called the "Power Special" its is by far the best vacuum, for build quality and suction, under $300.

Dyson are great, but they start at $399+ and in my opinion arent as good as some of the bagged options on the market.

Miele make some of the best vacuum's moeny can buy, but you're not going to be talking sub $300. More like the $450 - $700 for their good units.

I have the power specials from Nilfisk for $264, they come with 5 bags, it has a 5 year warranty straight out of the box and if you ever need more bags, i can post them to you from Beenleigh. It has my vote for your budget.

Sorry if I cant reply, me and the clan mates are off down the gold coast for a boys weekend of poker and strippers, and I wont be back in the shop until Tuesday.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3984 posts
related and might help OP but where to go for a big selection/range of vacs? godfreys?

edit: are you vacuuming carpet? cause I bought a top of the range wertheim like 7 or so years ago with a powerhead. The powerhead is amazing, the vibration of the head dislodges s*** stuck deep down in the carpet. It also 'lifts' the carpet and makes it softer. Wertheim are expensive but see if you can get a powerhead in a cheaper different brand vac.

our model has been supersede a couple times but here is the latest one:
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Brisbane, Queensland
2165 posts
we've got a wertheim, had it for 8 years and its great. bought one of those power heads which is not bad on the carpet but useless on tiles.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
37070 posts
please fix the subject typo
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We have a Dyson, it sucks, hard

Technically, it blows hard therein creating a very effective vacuum :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
2362 posts
I bought a 2nd hand kirby off ebay 10 years ago and it's still going strong.
They are worth about $2.5k new but you can get them on ebay for $300-500
Built to last. My parents have had theirs for 15+ years.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
294 posts
If you want something that lasts get a Kirby.

Everything else is s***.
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Central Coast, New South Wales
805 posts
We've got some ghettlo hoover upright grey beast that we've had for like 15 years that recently exploded due to sucking up water.

But generally, I won't bother too much with a vacuum, they all pretty much suck.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10608 posts
Kirby or Wertheim

Dyson is the Apple mac of the vacuum industry, yes they do work, but they're poor value for money.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6357 posts
dyson dc 29
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