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AusGamers Survey

Welcome to the AusGamers 2008 Survey!

This survey is intended to give us some insight into the sort of visitors we get here on AusGamers - we want to know more about you so we can better serve your gaming needs.

We've tried to keep it as simple as possible, so please take the time to fill it out as accurately as you can - the better the information we get, the more we can do.

Anyone that completes the survey will be eligible to enter a competition in which they can win some great prizes - all you have to do (after filling out the survey) is let us know what feature you'd like to see most of all on AusGamers - and maybe we'll make it happen!

Please note that all entries are confidential; no individual information will be made available when we publish the results - only aggregate data.

1. How often do you visit the AusGamers website?


2. What sections of the AusGamers site do you use the most?
Rate responses 1-4 with 1 being what you use the most. Leave responses blank if you do not use this section of the site



File Downloads





3. Do you look at the advertisements on AusGamers?


4. Do you agree that advertised brands are more relevant on AusGamers?


5. Would you refer the site to a friend?


6. How would you rate the site?


7. Are there any improvements or additions you’d like to see made to the AusGamers website?
Please state


8. Please indicate your gender


9. Which age group best describes you?


10. Please enter your postcode
If you live outside Australia, please specify the country you live in instead.


11. What is your marital status?


12. Do you own a mobile phone?


13. If you own a mobile phone, is it 3G enabled?


14. Have you made any online purchases in the last twelve months?


15. Approximately how much have you spent on online transactions in the last twelve months?


16. What have you bought online in the last 12 months?


17. What media do you consume?
Rate responses 1-8 with 1 being what you spend most of your time consuming. Leave answers blank if you do not consume that media at all


Free-to-air television

Pay television




Mobile phone


18. Do you have broadband at home?


19. In the next 12 months are you looking to…


20. Please indicate your total household income per annum (before tax)


21. How long do you spend gaming on average per week?


22. What is your employment status?


23. Please indicate whether you are:


24. What other gaming websites do you use, either regularly or occasionally?
Select as many as required