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HyperX PulseFire Haste - Wireless Gaming Mouse Review
Review By @ 02:33pm 29/06/22

Product: Wireless HyperX PulseFire Haste
Type: Wireless Gaming Mouse
Price: $139.00 dollarydoos
Availability: Out Now

“Those are speed holes. They make the car mouse go faster … You want my advice? I think you should buy this car mouse.”

If you’re new to the HyperX PulseFire “honeycomb” design, which is a mouse chassis with lots of holes in it designed to minimise the mouse’s weight, specifically for competitive gaming, while also helping with sweaty palms (with the added bonus of just looking cool), this wireless edition of the popular and and affordable wired Haste Gaming Mouse is not only a great place to get familiar with it, but to also consider yourself a convert. That is if you find the weight of your mouse experience an important one where being on the leaner side is concerned, because with this Swiss cheese, speed hole, honeycomb-designed mouse, you’re getting the breeziest and lightest of user experiences.

What’s more, is it’s wireless, being a follow-up to the wired version that came before it that maybe only offers up a few flaws that will determine your overall compatibility, and those are honestly preference-based anyway, otherwise out of the gate (and box), this porous mouse is a competitive gaming winner.

Grip It

Comfort, comfort, comfort. With mice like these, and in this day and age, the true winner is the form fit of any controlling device. There are contouring-specific mice, mice that are small and compact, wired options with custom profiles and through-the-roof DPIs, mice that glow in a range of hues and straight-up utilitarian mice. And the one standout for all of the above is arguably the most important -- how it feels in the palm of your hand.

"For competitive gamers and those who play twitch-style games, that weight is likely a major selling point...”

With the HyperX PulseFire Haste you get a symmetrical mouse with two left-hand side thumb buttons, making it a predominantly right-handed mouse. It also comes with the requisite right and left buttons, a mouse wheel and button and, of course, a switch for mouse speed. It’s simple and elegant in a what you see is what you get sort of way, and while it’s heavier than the wired version at 62 grams, that’s still incredibly lightweight in the grand scheme of things.

And as I’ve actually mentioned in a handful of other mouse reviews, weight will really boil down to the user. For competitive gamers and those who play twitch-style games, that weight above is likely a major selling point, but others like me who like a bit of weight in their device might find it a bit of a turn-off. I will say I get it from both camps now, having run a few of the varying options through their paces, but this also makes me think it might be time to offer up an option to add or subtract weight from these designs moving forward -- cater to both camps and it becomes a win-win.


The wireless HyperX PulseFire Haste sports a 16,000 DPI sensor and TTC Golden Micro Dustproof Switches for its left and right buttons. There’s a genuine sense of click when using the mouse, in that it feels robust and responsive, if you know what I mean. Like, the mouse helps you assert your trigger finger better than most -- at least that was one of my “gut feel” review takeaway. In this way the Haste feels strong and sturdy. It comes with a 2.4GHz dongle which is very good, as well as an extender cable and USB receiver for the dongle. This allows for anyone with an awkward setup to have the dongle as close to the device as possible for the lowest latency.

"There’s a small amount of RGB here too, in the mouse wheel, but I’m a sucker for a good RGB layer and there’s a missed opportunity to take advantage of lights emanating from the honeycomb...”

And while that’s all well and good, the lack of Bluetooth here, while never as good as a dedicated receiver, still hurts the overall device in terms of options. The Haste is definitely geared as a bit of a specific mouse from a competitive gaming perspective, and is probably one of the best entry points for that world, but it might not suit people who need a mouse with multiple options.

Here’s the device’s official particulars:
Manufacture Specifications
  • Buttons: 6
  • Battery Life: Up to 100 hours
  • DPI Presets: 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI
  • Onboard Memory: 1 profile
  • Left/right buttons durability: 80 million clicks
  • Sensor: Pixart PAW3335
  • Speed: 450 IPS
The lack of multiple profile options also lets the mouse down while helping double down on its almost single purpose design, but I’d be remiss to say it wasn’t still beyond functional for all other types of actions. There’s a small amount of RGB here too, in the mouse wheel, but I’m a sucker for a good RGB layer and there’s a missed opportunity to take advantage of lights emanating from the honeycomb design of the Haste.

While still only up in demo form, I gave this a massive amount of play-time through Project Warlock II purely because it is pixelated chaos in glorious, glorious form and I will say it outshone my mainstay HyperX PulseFire Surge here. I don’t think I’ll be replacing that any time soon because I prefer RGB and the Surge is a workhorse that caters to all my needs, but on my gaming laptop I’ll be exclusively using the Haste from here on out as it just does the job and is robust and a great portable option for on-the-go gaming (which I actually do a bit of).

So from a buyer beware perspective just know what you get here is a dedicated competitive gaming mouse with the added bonus of being wireless. For all-round use, my Surge or the Razer DeathAdder X HyperSpeed I’ve most recently reviewed are still top of the crop, but for those long sessions of pure twitch-style gaming, this one is a very, very solid option.

What we liked
Lightwight yet solid
The extender cable and USB Enclosure helps you use it however you please
Feels strong in its clicks
A solid low-latency 2.4GHz setup
Great USB-C rechargeable battery life
What we didn't like
No Bluetooth
Very, very light so might not appeal to all
Room for only one profile
Not nearly enough RGB
We gave it:
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