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DeathAdder V2 X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review
Review By @ 05:10pm 17/05/22

Product: Razer DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed
Type: Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse
Price: $109.00
Availability: Out Now

Seems almost weird writing about an RBG-less peripheral from Razer (though it’s been done before). The company knows its lighting and tends to err on the side of “yep, everyone wants to be drenched in neon” as its legacy stance on all things current. And when said gear is games-first in design, it seems even stranger that its DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed wireless gaming mouse would be without the modern red, green and blue lighting standard. But there’s seemingly some method to this madness and it begins in a so-called ‘office space’ from a long time ago in a galaxy that feels far, far away now.

And no, there’s nothing Star Wars about the mouse, I just thought that fit nicely there. In fact, the DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed sort of belies much of what makes it cool and nerdy, like its name, or its sleek black design and “wireless gaming mouse” descriptor. And that’s because the DeathAdder doubles brilliantly as a boring old work (or creative) mouse. A utility device designed with two worlds in mind, and therefore geared towards both (though in such a way that it’s robbed gamer Peter to pay boring old buttoned-down Paul), which is its ultimate pitch and, it turns out, also its ultimate strength.

Grip It

Obviously when it comes to any mouse in the market, comfort and form if you’re a long-use user are as important, if not more so, than function. And that’s where the DeathAdder immediately makes its mark -- as an ergonomic long-use device good for long hours behind any desk whether for gaming or for work. What’s more is that it’s wireless, so you can take the comfort with you, and it moulds so perfectly to your hand (well, at least my hand) that it probably won’t want to part with you anyway.

"I’ve had mice before where cluttered button placements can have you mis-pressing all the time, and feeling tense when using...”

My regular wired go-to is a HyperX PulseFire Surge, which is a symmetrical mouse with two thumb buttons, but I have a weird right arm with metal plates in it from a skating accident in my early 20s which means I can’t keep my arm in a more front-on position, and it can get achy after a while if using the Surge. It sort of needs to rest more right, if that makes sense, but the DeathAdder V2 has helped me realise it might be time for a permanent switch to a right-hand oriented contour mouse. It’s a weird thing maybe to point out, but even for non-accident-smashed arms, the feedback my household tester (read: my 10-year-old son) gave me was that it just, well… fit.

What was also awesome were the button placements (there are five plus right and left click). I’ve had mice before where cluttered button placements can have you mis-pressing all the time, and feeling tense when using because you might be worried you’ll mess something up. Not so here. The whole design is ergonomic and logical. There’s also a perfect amount of weight to add to proceedings, while we’re at it. I’m not a pro competitive gamer, so it doesn’t need to feel like I’m moving around a dry sponge for super-fast play, and I tend to appreciate more weight in a mouse, which is precisely what I got here at its 102 grams with battery in. I just think they feel more robust.


The DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed comes recommended by a few big names in esports, such as Faker, S4 and CouRageJD (they're on the box!), and with additions like the Gen-2 mechanical mouse switches (complete with gold-plated contact points), it’s safe to say this is a beast for the competitive circuit. And while its 14K DPI Optical Sensor isn’t a standard competitive 20K, it’s still beyond serviceable, especially as a wireless option.

I gave it a solid run in a handful of games that require a bit of precision (nothing competitive), including ‘die ‘n’ retry’ permadeath shooter, The Cleaner, where its precision was really on display, as well as a few other favourites like Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem and Kingdom of the Dead, to name a few. It’s the sort of mouse that performs above and beyond, but isn’t the $200-odd option some of the rest of the pros spruik, but sometimes it’s just not about that. Work with what you’ve got, and all that. Because honestly here, the baseline performance of the DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed is really very good, and its dual nature as a top-end work mouse (which includes in creative fields where precision use is also important), exemplified with its non-flashy design, gives it plenty of reason to be in your mouse wishlist.

Here’s it’s official deets:
Official Specs
    Form Factor - Right-Handed
    Connectivity - Razer™ HyperSpeed 2.4GHz wireless + Bluetooth®
    Battery Life:
    • Up to 235 hours (2.4GHz), 615 hours (BLE) with included AA battery.
    • AA/AAA Hybrid battery slot (only one type at a time)
    RGB Lighting - None.

On that creative front mentioned above, I tend to play a lot in Photoshop which includes a bit of freehanding about with a mouse (I’m yet to pony up for a drawing tablet as I’m only dabbling for now). And I actually do a lot of this on my laptop when away from my work PC (which is my primary gaming rig), when I’m taking a break from games. Whether using the Lasso tool to cut something out as precisely as possible for design stuff, such as decks or AusGamers social media assets or the like, or using it to create all-new images, I’ve honestly found the DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed the best option.

Prior to this, my laptop wireless mouse option was the Razer Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse, which served its purpose, and then some, but in coming back to a point mentioned above, the DeathAdder beats it in robustness due to a better mould (specifically in my case), and in weight. That’s personal preference though, and it’s easy to see how the Orochi might win out because its stature, but if anything what all of the above tells us is when it comes to Wireless Gaming Mice from Razer, and those that double as work mice as well, the company really is top of the pile.

Definitely recommended.

What we liked
Fits your hand as if it always belonged there
Huge battery life
14K DPI Optical Sensor is more than enough for twitch-style gaming
A great office/work companion mouse, especially in creative spaces
Feels robust and sturdy and not at all plastic or flimsy
What we didn't like
No RGB lighting for the drip effect
Moulded right-handed design leaves out the few who use a mouse with their left hand
Great battery life but a rechargeable option would have been better
We gave it:
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