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EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset Review
Review By @ 03:56pm 30/11/21

Product: EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset
Type: Gaming Headset (Wired)
Price: $259.00 AUD
Availability: Out Now

When it comes to the difference between an Open or Closed headset the general perception out there is that the latter is for noise cancellation with the open-style audio-bleed is for those that don’t mind letting those close enough to you to hear what you’re, well, listening to. This much is certainly true, but as a differentiator it’s a rather confusing distinction in that it doesn’t really explain where the difference lies.

For audiophiles or those that love listening to music with over-ear headphones, the Open design is where you’ll most likely find the most support. By letting the surrounding air flow through the cups you end up with a wider, warmer, and richer overall sound akin to a decent pair of bookshelf speakers. The Closed environment is still great, mind you, and better suited for on the go listening; but the main difference between the two is the overall sound profile. For straight up gaming on a PC or PS5 or Xbox Series X, the open design has the benefit of letting you hear your own voice when speaking.

Right, so that’s a rather long-winded way to start the review of the new EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset, but it should help set the scene for where this wired-offering from EPOS firmly sits. And that is as a great at-home option for those looking for more than a gaming headset. The EPOS H6PROs can be used to enjoy all forms of passive or interactive media across PCs, consoles, and smart devices -- and excels when it comes to straight up music. Basically anything with a standard 3.5mm audio jack in your home will become an audio beast with these cans.

Tech Talk

Okay, so with the style of headset out of the way, as the latest offering from EPOS the new H6PRO is basically the spiritual successor to the Sennheiser GSP 500 and GSP 600 series -- headsets that offered up great audio response, balance, and versatility. This is definitely true of the EPOS H6PRO where the out of the box sound is detailed, warm, and booming in all of the right ways. The balance is commendable with little to no tweaking required no matter if you’re firing up Halo Infinite, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, or listening to some jazz or chilled hip hop. Where a lot of headsets tend to be bass heavy, it’s always great to get the same effect but without feeling like it overpowers the rest of the frequency range.
  • Drivers: 42mm
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 28 Ohm
  • Cable length: 2.5m (PC), 1.4m (Console)
  • Weight: 309g

  • Frequency response: 100-10,000 Hz
  • Pick-up pattern: Bidirectional

As a wired headset the only downside is the lack of an inbuilt DAC or out-of-the-box surround option. So when it comes to 7.1 you’re limited to the likes of a dedicated DAC and bit of software (we used EPOS’s own Gaming Suite and GSX 300 and dedicated headset amplifier for this review) on PC or using whatever service is available on console. This isn’t a bad thing per se, but highlights the fact that sound quality even for a headset in this price-range can change drastically depending on the connection, software, or device.

Design and Comfort

Compared to the Sennheiser GSP range, which was rebranded with the EPOS label last year, the EPOS H6PRO is a major step-forward design-wise. First of all the aesthetics are more minimal and stylish whilst retaining the EPOS look, sitting somewhere between gamer and street-wear. More importantly the chunky microphone is now magnetic and can be detached -- meaning that the EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset can double as straight up headphones. Which is great because, again, listening to music on these is a quick showcase for how great the overall sound quality and balance is.

Basically anything with a standard 3.5mm audio jack in your home will become an audio beast with these cans.

Keeping the comparisons going, the EPOS H6PRO is also considerably lighter than the GSP series, with the weight of the headset here coming in at around 309 grams. It’s not all great news though, and this might come down to personal preference, but the actual cushions feel a little tight and stiff for an open acoustic product. So much so that there was some initial discomfort compared to other headsets we’ve tested -- including the EPOS H3 Hybrid.

That said, the lightweight design and new shape seen across the entire EPOS range does make for better weight distribution and less fatigue.

Sounds Like

Great sound is something you can take for granted but when taken away it’s something you’ll immediately miss. Whether it was playing the aforementioned Guardians of the Galaxy or Bethesda’s Deathloop, the EPOS H6PRO Open Acoustic Gaming Headset excels in the cinematic department. And doesn’t skip a beat, no matter if it’s subtle environmental audio, ambient music, or a loud explosion. A great headset, like a great pair of headphones, can even amplify stuff that you barely noticed.

The aesthetics are minimal and stylish whilst retaining the EPOS look, sitting somewhere between gamer and street-wear. More importantly the chunky microphone is now magnetic and can be detached.

Playing Age of Empires IV and getting to hear all of the positional audio and chatter amongst units is something that feels elevated compared to listening to the game over traditional speakers. In the end the EPOS H6PRO delivers in the audio department, with a great out-of-the-box sound suitable for just about anything you can throw at them.
What we liked
Excellent sound quality for gaming, streaming media, and listening to music
The new EPOS design that features a detachable mic
Lightweight with great build quality
What we didn't like
Can feel a little stiff and tight when worn for extended periods
Surround support limited to hardware/software solutions
We gave it:
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