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Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series Gaming Chair Review
Review By @ 08:28pm 12/03/21

Product: Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series
Type: Gaming Chair
Price: $549.99
Availability: Out Now
Link: https://www.andaseat.com.au/products/andaseat-kaiser-2-series-gaming-chair

Eons past, when we were working in the print sphere on magazines, the idea of a ‘gaming chair’ was one of luxury, and even a bit of overindulgence. The PC world obviously kept that fledgling industry seated with an eye towards a future where said luxury would become aspirational from both a comfort level and one of stature -- if X YouTuber was seated in what looks like a billion dollar gaming throne, then Y viewer is going to want one.

Truth be told, it’s all less about that and more about the ergonomics of being seated behind any game, on any platform, in your space of choice. While it is difficult to trump a solid lounge, the lounge room is less a desktop-friendly area, and in this age of working from home, our jump to a dedicated gaming chair as not only a work-space upgrade, but one to compliment a rejigged at home office and dedicated PC, and second gaming space, was beyond necessary. Enter Anda Seat – a solution for the comfort and ergonomic ages.
Official Specs:
  • Durability: Built to last; hard wearing foam and PVC leather
  • Healthy: Healthy material EU standard, no smell, no harmful amount of substances
  • Safety: Integrated steel framework, class-4 hydraulic gas lift, high-strength aluminium base
  • High density neck and lumbar pillow
  • Adjustable back offering five modes

Have a Seat

It’s kind of hard reviewing a gaming chair. Is it comfortable? Yep. Can you put it together easily? Yep. Does it fit? Yep. Is it adjustable in all the right areas? Yep. Is it robust? Yep. Does it look cool? Yep.

What’s a negative about it? Well, it’s heavy, but that leans towards its robust “yep”, so we don’t really want that changed. Could it have any added features? Not really, all of the yeps are everything we look for in a chair. What about, like, built in speakers and such? Nah, our dedicated gaming speakers already do the job, and to be honest, if we’re at a point where a gaming chair is a must-own and ergonomic requirement, the idea of one with built-in speakers and those sorts of bells and whistles sounds kind of cheap.

"Everything else is as you’d expect it -- a high back, lumbar cushion and head pillow, both of which are removable. The seatback has a 90 to 160-degree adjustable playspace, so if you like playing games practically lying down, or have your monitor set into your roof...”

The Anda all over is set in a comfy but firm PVC leather and foam construction, except for the armrests. These are hard plastic, but are adjustable and surprisingly comfortable. We’d be lying if we ignored suggesting that maybe they’d have been better off constructed in the same materials as the rest of the chair though. Everything else is as you’d expect it -- a high back, lumbar cushion and head pillow, both of which are removable. The seatback has a 90 to 160-degree adjustable playspace, so if you like playing games practically lying down, or have your monitor set into your roof, you’re covered. But really the point here is choice, and Anda inside the first few minutes post-construction found its perfect-posture positioning for yours truly. It was easy to adjust and set to both the gaming space, and to my best level of personal comfort.

Heavy Lies the Posture

The seat’s weight also works with it being a wheel(s)-based setup, which is helped with our space featuring a tatami-like mat, so movement was relatively limited, but even on a slicker surface like polished floors it never once felt like the seat was going to take us on a wild, unticketed ride to parts of the house unknown (like the shower). Additionally, while never really buying into the lumbar and head support ‘scams’ of the past, it turns out the earth is a sphere, vaccines are fine, chemtrails don’t leave ancient runic symbols in the sky and these things really help. Especially after lengthy sessions both working and playing. In fact, we can confidently say we’ve pulled a few 18-hour sitting sessions in the Kaiser 2 Series, and walked away without an issue.

In all, price might be your biggest hurdle, but you’re investing in a seriously longterm ergonomic solution for working from home, gaming or both. If you’re aspiring to be a competitive gamer, the hours in this chair will only do you favours on your professional climb and its overall comfort, regardless of overall or disparate use, is just a head above anything else we’ve tried. The Kaiser 2 Series Anda Seat really is a chair you can bet your caboose on.
What we liked
Sturdy and robust
Great for long gaming or WFH sessions, or both
Very comfortable
Plenty of positioning options
The lumbar and head pillow additions are good for your back
What we didn't like
Very heavy
Entry point in price might be high for some
We gave it:
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