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Xtrfy M4 Gaming Mouse Review
Review By @ 03:25pm 12/02/20

Product: Xtrfy M4 RGB
Type: Gaming Mouse (Wired)
Price: $99.00
Availability: Out Now

When it comes to gaming mice designed for use in the competitive esports scene we’re currently in a bit of a hardware space race. With the goal being to get weight down to an absolute minimum without sacrificing performance and overall feel. The Xtrfy M4 RGB falls into this new ultra-lightweight category of gaming mice that we’ve seen crop up lately, and it does so via that age-old Simpsons way to obtain a competitive edge – speed holes.

Which, in the case of the M4, is a honeycomb like look that results in less material required to create the shell. And less material, well, that leads to less weight. From Swedish company Xtrfy, a team comprised of people passionate about esports, the M4 RGB also manages to excel in areas unrelated to the shedding of excess grams. From its excellent Pixart sensor to the flexi-cable that reduces drag to the ergonomic and very-unique shape of its build – the Xtrfy M4 is a great choice for those looking for a competitive edge.

Grip It

As mentioned above the M4 features a rather unique shape when it comes to right-hand mouse design, with a thumb indent that at first can feels a little too steep. With Xtry claiming it has opted for ergonomics over simply using a tried-and-true shape and form, the result takes some getting used to. On that front we had no issue coming to grips with the comfort and speed after a few sessions, and the ultra-lightweight build is something that once gotten used to can make it hard to go back. In fact, testing out a few different mice later-on we were surprised to find just how ‘heavy’ they felt by comparison. Relatively speaking of course.

“The honeycomb like look results in less material required to create the shell. And less material, well, that leads to less weight."

With a lightweight build and one with ‘speed-holes’ you might expect the M4 to be a little flimsy or buckle a little under pressure – which isn’t the case. Holes or no holes, the Xtrfy M4 features a robust build that defies its weight. Also, with the Xtrfy EZcord, which is the fancy name given to the flexible and non-intrusive USB-cable you also avoid a situation where the cable feels heavier than the actual mouse when in use. The whole flexi-cable design found in esports and competitive-focused gaming mice is something we’d love to see become the norm across the board.


  • Sensor: Pixart 3389 sensor
  • DPI: 16,000
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Movement: 50 G acceleration
  • Weight: 71g

Underneath the hood, or inside the beehive, you’ll find the excellent PixArt 3389 sensor which offers precision and reliability alongside the ability to fine tune settings. Which is done without software through the use of button and click combinations – where a function button underneath the scroll-wheel combines with the left and right clicks to adjust RGB lighting, brightness, and DPI settings. And, in a first for us, underneath the M4 there’s a switch that can adjust the polling rate on the fly too. In lieu of software it’s an elegant implementation that suits the design and aesthetics of the Xtrfy M4 – where you get no fuss performance and a great feel as so as you plug it in.

“Underneath the hood, or inside the beehive, you’ll find the excellent PixArt 3389 sensor which offers precision and reliability."

In terms of performance you might be wondering if the legends are true – that is, will making the switch to an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse turn you into a pro in a matter of seconds? The answer to that of course is no, but what it will do is amplify your own skill. Something we found when playing Overwatch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and retro FPS Amid Evil (which recently got an RTX patch). The increased speed that comes from going ultra-lightweight is immediately noticeable and allows for faster movement, that much is true. In the competitive space where movement and acceleration are key mechanical skills – it’s easy to see how the Xtrfy M4 RPG fits in. For everyone else there’s the promise of a competitive edge, and for those that press-TAB constantly checking their standing – well, this might just be the mouse for you.
What we liked
Ultra-lightweight design
Ergonomic shape and sturdy build
Excellent sensor
Ability to adjust settings via button combinations
Available in a range of colours
What we didn't like
Detailed customisation options not really there
We gave it: