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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless Gaming Headset Review
Review By @ 03:51pm 25/11/19

Product: Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero
Type: Gaming Headset (Wireless)
Price: $269.00 RRP
Availability: Out Now
Link: au.turtlebeach.com/pages/elite-atlas-aero-headset

The Turtle Beach name is one that we immediately associate with game audio, namely headsets designed and priced across a wide-range of levels and suitable for just about anyone. Recently, we’ve only had the chance to check out the more budget-friendly options from the company - with the results being as expected. Booming bass and high-frequency heavy sound mixed with a plastic but durable enough design that looked at least a console generation behind the competition in terms of style.

With the arrival of its latest wireless offering though, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero, all that changes. Based on the inclusion of the word Elite, it’s safe to say that Elite Atlas Aero is a far cry from a budget headset from the company. The build quality is uniformly excellent. The comfort exceptional thanks to the blend of memory foam and a careful consideration for those with glasses. And the sound quality is one step ahead of the competition thanks to a blend of great hardware and excellent software.

Tech Talk

  • Type: Closed
  • Driver: 50mm
  • Frequency response: 12,000 to 20,000 Hz

The key to the Elite Atlas Aero’s versatility when it comes to both surround sound and modes and features designed to benefit certain styles of games and players, comes with the new Turtle Beach Control Studio software. Developed in conjunction with award-winning audio company Waves, the result is a powerful and easy-to-use suite that offers exceptional control over presets, equalisation, surround, and game specific tools like boosting chat and optimising and highlighting the sounds of footsteps. To give you an advantage when playing a competitive shooter.

“Powerful and easy-to-use suite that offers exceptional control over presets, equalisation, surround, and game specific tools.”

Access to the Control Studio software is only available on PC – with those that connect the Elite Atlas Aero to their PlayStation 4’s being limited to using the inline controls that cover elements like separate volume sliders for both voice and game audio. But even on this front, the Elite Atlas Aero still impresses as a gaming headset – especially when factoring in the 2.4 Ghz wireless audio stream. Crisp, clean, and showy in ways you’d expect from the gaming-first brand. With an excellent microphone that comes from being in the chat-game for well over a decade.

The only downside being the high-frequency sharpness that comes from this sort of balance has very little in the way of versatility across different uses without access to something like Turtle Beach’s Control Studio software. That said one area where the Elite Atlas Aero did surprise was with its overall warm bass sound, perhaps a sign that the Turtle Beach of now has well and truly caught up with the times.

Design and Comfort

Which brings us to back to that whole “one step ahead of the competition” line from the introduction. This was a conclusion drawn from the price point of the Elite Atlas Aero in relation to its quality. Something that becomes immediately apparent when opening the packaging for the first time and testing the unit’s durability and comfort. Firstly, the floating headband design and the blend of metal and hard plastic is of a far more premium quality than the price would indicate. This then extends to the cup and cushion design, where you get supreme comfort thanks to the blend of memory gel and Turtle Beach’s own ProSpecs Glasses Relief design. Which, if you’re one of the many out there that wear glasses whilst gaming, results in the sort of comfort rarely experienced.

This all then comes together in a subtle yet bold look that feels very modern, with minimal branding, and a brushed and rugged black finish that has the air of a headset designed for gaming. If there’s one complaint to be made with the physical design of the Elite Atlas Aero then that comes from the somewhat complicated inline dials, buttons, and sliders setup. A case where versatility means an overall busy left ear where you’ll find – the microphone port, USB cable/charger port, power button, 3.5mm jack for mobile devices and consoles, the Superhuman Hearing button (to amplify high-frequencies like footsteps), and two volume sliders. Also, a mute button. It’s the sort of complicated and overly busy design that then extends to getting the most out of the Elite Atlas Aero – which comes from using the software whilst connected to a PC.

Sounds Like

Although it’s great that with a 3.5mm jack the Elite Atlas Aero can become a wired headset than can connect to any phone or smart device, connecting wirelessly to a PC via the USB-dongle is where it shines.

When it comes to audio technology and proprietary naming, branding and partnerships play a major role. Here the surround is built using Waves Nx 3D Audio with more Waves tools available in the Control Studio. So then, the question becomes how Waves Nx 3D Audio might compare to something like Dolby Atmos, THX Surround, or the default surround features of Windows 10. The answer to this, without delving too deep, is very well. Impressively so, with excellent positional audio that felt truly immersive when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign and Remedy’s moody sci-fi thriller Control.

Throw in an exceptionally detailed and nuanced equaliser with additional options to tweak the sound, and Control Studio becomes a powerful tool. Once we came to terms with its functionality, we were able to get great results no matter the usage. Whether that was listening to music, streaming a movie or TV show, or going down a YouTube rabbit hole – the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero on PC quickly becomes one of the best wireless options for PC gaming in 2019.
What we liked
Powerful and versatile software
Excellent wireless response with up-to 30 hours of usage
Rugged and robust design that exceeds its price-point
The best-looking Turtle Beach headset we’ve tested
What we didn't like
Default sound is a little unbalanced and requires tweaking
Busy inline control design that requires learning
Same goes for the great Control Studio software
Needs more presets for those that aren’t familiar with 10-band equalisers
We gave it:
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