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Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse Review
Review By @ 04:34pm 30/08/19

Product: Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse
Type: Gaming Mouse (Wired)
Price: $89.95
Availability: Out Now

Last year when Microsoft released the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse we were taken back to a much simpler time. A time where if a mouse pointer was powered by a laser, then it didn’t need fancy RGB lighting, weight adjustment, or software that let you program a single click to go through hundreds of unread emails, ignore the ones from friends, and reply to all product offers with a well worded thanks. The surprise hardware release from Microsoft also brought back the look and feel of one of the most popular peripherals from the late 1990s – the Microsoft Intellimouse.

If you were sitting at a desk playing Quake or clicking your way through the latest LucasArts adventure, then odds are you were using one. Of course, the 2018 re-release or remaster updated some of the innards to include a more precise sensor with a greater degree of precision. Thanks to its generous price-point, what initially felt like a retro collectible turned out to be a great choice for everyday PC use too – including gaming.

Returning in 2019 in new and updated Pro IntelliMouse form, Microsoft has seen fit to pair the old-school look with a brand new PixArt sensor and a few other upgrades and updates. Making it a great choice for gaming.

Grip It

As per our review of the Classic IntelliMouse, not much has changed in terms of the look and feel. Not that there needed to be – as the sentiment “lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, and ergonomic in all the right places” still rings true. Even though the Pro is slightly heavier, weighing in at around 140 grams – it still fits well and truly in the lightweight category of mice. The IntelliMouse feel or grip, which is right-handed-only, comes from the era when Microsoft began releasing a bunch of ergonomic peripherals. From keyboard that looked like they split in two (note to self: formerly as Microsoft to bring back it’s ergonomic keyboard with RGB lighting), to mice that seemingly just arrived from another planet.

"Microsoft has seen fit to pair the old-school look with a brand new PixArt sensor and a few other upgrades and updates."

In 2019, the look of a mouse factors in ergonomics almost without fail, so it’s great to see that this design first seen in the 1990s still feels great and is comfortable to use today. That said, even with the new two-tone colour of the Pro IntelliMouse – how boring it all is at a glance compared to the rest of the mice we normally review, is refreshing.


Going Pro for the IntelliMouse’s return is mostly limited to the new PixArt sensor which offers up support of up to 16,000 DPI – a sizable increase of the Classic’s 3200.
  • Sensor: PixArt PAW3389PRO-MS
  • DPI: 16,000
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Buttons: Five
  • Weight: 140g

Everything else though remains, unfortunately unchanged. Fixe buttons, with only three being programmable, and the inability to mess with DPI settings or profiles without the accompanying software. So, although the Pro here definitely includes gaming – if you’re of the sort that does setup macros or likes to adjust weight then you’ll probably look elsewhere. That said Microsoft’s Mouse and Keyboard Center software takes up virtually no memory at all and keeps all the basic functionality and settings you need onto a single page.

In the end the Pro IntelliMouse serves as a welcome upgrade to the Classic. The new sensor is excellent and even works on reflective surfaces and the build quality seems slightly better including a braided USB-cable. But it does this without messing with the look and feel of the IntelliMouse. A design that, yes, has an air of Y2K about it. Still ergonomic, still retro-sleek, and still a little bit boring to look at. In the best possible way.
What we liked
New sensor offers up 16000 DPI precision
Same classic look and feel and ergonomic comfort
Price kept under $100
Braided cable
What we didn't like
Button limit and lack of full customisation could be a deal breaker for some
We gave it:
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