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Ballistix Elite DDR4 3600 Gaming Memory Review
Review By @ 04:20pm 27/06/19

Product: Ballistix Elite DDR4 3600 Gaming Memory
Type: Memory/RAM
Price: $157.99 USD (2 x 8GB 3600 MHz)
Availability: Out Now
Link: ballistixgaming.com/products/dram/elite/ballistix-elite-ddr4

If you’re in the market for some memory, especially whilst in the middle of a new PC build then there are plenty of DDR4 options currently available. From affordable and reliable green blocks of Kingston RAM to the sort of stuff that comes with RGB-lighting and heatsinks to allow for faster dual-channel speeds. The new Ballistix Elite DDR4 3600 falls into the latter category minus the flashing lights. Also, it’s clearly aimed at the most hardcore of PC gaming enthusiasts. A statement that one could apply to several peripherals but rings true here.

With a quality heat-spreader and real-time temperature monitoring the new Ballistix Elite is aimed at those that not only want the super-fast 3600 MT/s speed, but also go one step further thanks to overclocking.

Tech Talk

  • Speed: Up to 3600 MT/s
  • Density: 8GB
  • Latency: 16-18-18
  • Voltage: 1.35V
  • Bandwidth: PC4-28800

Designed and optimised for the latest Intel 7th generation and higher and AMD Ryzen processors, something like the new Ballistix Elite is limited to the most recent PCs out there. With the heat-spreader designed to better dissipate heat than most modules on the market, performing your own tweaks to timing, voltage, and so forth is easily manageable. For those that simply want to stick to the recommended settings and speeds then enabling the XMP profile via the BIOS to open the 3600 MT/s profile is relatively straightforward. And if that sentence made no sense, basically it means that for faster DDR4 memory you often need to enable the faster speeds via motherboard settings.

Ballistix also offer a limited lifetime warranty for the Elite. No doubt a feature that makes this a great choice for enthusiasts out there that like to tinker with their PC hardware to optimise performance. As does the Ballistix M.O.D. Utility program, which gives real-time readouts of things like temperature and so forth.


Speaking of enthusiasts, when it comes to memory there’s an entire sub-culture within the PC gaming community that is all about trying to push memory as fast as humanly possible. Presumably, without it melting through your desk and into the floor below you. This is a highly competitive scene too, and one that Ballistix was able to obtain the world record for memory speed recently – with 5726MT/s setting the DDR4 frequency world record.

And this was attained via professional overclockers using the new Ballistix Elite DDR4 3600 that we’re reviewing here. Of course, it wasn’t long before that record was beaten, and then reclaimed again by Ballistix – with a new speed record of 5758.8MT/s. Now, obtaining those sots of speeds isn’t exactly possible via tweaking a few settings. At that sort of level, overclockers use liquid nitrogen to cool the hardware. As in the only stuff out there that could briefly put a stop to the advanced cybernetic T-1000 sent from the future to kill John Conner.

"With the heat-spreader designed to better dissipate heat than most modules on the market, performing your own tweaks to timing, voltage, and so forth is easily manageable."

In fact, for our review we didn’t bother with overclocking and were simply content with the already fast enough out of the box 3600 MT/s speeds. Outside of transcoding video, this is more than enough when paired with a modern graphics card. From our experience anything less than 3000 is where you’ll begin to notice a drop in performance. Paired with the right processor and Ballistix Elite DDR4 3600 gaming memory will offer up a few extra frames-per-second, especially at 1440p resolutions and above. Compared to the standard 2666 speeds we see the 3600 of the Ballistix Elite results in about a 3-4 frames-per-second increase. Which we found when testing with Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Total War: Three Kingdoms.

In the end, with the lifetime warranty, excellent build, not too flashy all-black design, and affordable price-point the latest Ballistix Elite module is well worth the investment.
What we liked
Fast 3600 speed
Great build quality
Easy to monitor and tweak
What we didn't like
Better suited for Ryzen builds rather than Intel
We gave it: