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Review By @ 04:56pm 19/03/19

Product: HyperX Cloud Mix
Type: Gaming Headset (Wireless)
Price: $299.00
Availability: Out Now
Link: hyperxgaming.com/us/headsets/cloud-mix-wired-gaming-headset-with-bluetooth

Versatility isn’t always the goal when hardware makers are looking to create their next gaming headset. And even though we’re assuming that a group of technicians in lab coats and marketing people wearing suits sit in a boardroom brainstorming the next evolution in underlying tech that hasn’t changed all that much over the years - versatility is unusual, namely because a ‘gaming headset’ implies something built for a singular purpose.

HyperX, which has grown from strength to strength in recent years with its peripherals, is introducing a new Cloud product that aims to be your go-to set of cans for anything and everything. Portable and light, with both a detachable microphone and a built-in microphone, wired and wireless options, Bluetooth technology, and even Hi-Res Audio capabilities. So yeah, the new HyperX Cloud Mix is versatile.

Tech Talk

  • Type: Closed
  • Driver: 40mm with neodymium magnets
  • Frequency response: 10Hz–40,000Hz
  • Impedance: 40 Ohm
  • Microphone (Detachable): Noise-cancelling
  • Microphone Frequency (Detachable): 50Hz-18,000 Hz
  • Microphone (Built-In): Omni-directional
  • Microphone Frequency (Built-In): 50Hz-8,000 Hz
  • Weight: 260g

Right, so with most gaming headsets and headphones topping out at 20,000 Hz when it comes to frequency response – doubling this is where the whole Hi-Res Audio fits in. Although not essential for gaming or even everyday media consumption, going this route often mean special attention placed on balancing audio and creating a wider sound-stage to help sell the effect of lows, mids, and highs. In practice the Hi-Res capabilities of the Cloud Mix impress, with clean and clear sub-bass frequencies and snappy highs.

As a direct result more power is required to keep it all sounding nice and full – resulting in a perceived softer or quieter sound than most headsets. With the HyperX Cloud Mix offering up wireless support via Bluetooth (to ensure compatibility with a wider range of hardware), it manages to mitigate this issue with an impressive 20 hours or so of battery life. With the option to plug straight-in once the battery dies too. Versatile.

As an everything headset, HyperX has factored into the design the prospect of taking the Cloud Mix with you on-the-go. So, you get both a higher-end detachable microphone designed for gaming, in addition to an inbuilt microphone for when you’re out and about. This conscious effort on the part of HyperX is impressive in that all of this was packed into a small and lightweight frame. There’s a premium feel to the Cloud Mix too, with the detachable microphone offering up near broadcast quality voice recording.

Design and Comfort

As an over-ear closed headset, the HyperX Cloud Mix – for better or worse – features the smallest (in size) cups we’ve seen in the Cloud range so far. Something which is attributed to being able to blend in with other headphones you might see in public – according to the press material. Traditionally, gaming headsets opt for larger over-ear designs in the name of comfort, so in keeping the weight down to 260 grams in a more headphone-friendly size – the HyperX Cloud Mix might feel too small for some. In our own use we’d say that the overall ear-size is just about the bare minimum you’d want in a closed design. Not uncomfortable by any stretch, but not ideal either.

All of this points to the new Cloud Mix being the all-in-one multi-purpose headset that it, well, is. Although the build quality is uniformly excellent with a sturdy aluminium frame and soft cushions, to justify the premium price you’d want to use them for gaming, listening to music, and travelling.

Sounds Like

Unlike the PC-specific Cloud gaming headsets, the Cloud Mix is purely a stereo headset – with support for virtual surround software. In our testing we preferred the cleaner un-messed with stereo signal, especially when testing the Hi-Res or HD audio capabilities. Also, when used wired we found that the audio quality was noticeably improved when connected to a proper pre-amp versus a motherboard – which is always a plus when it comes to audio. Game performance across titles like Anthem, The Division, Apex Legends, and Far Cry New Dawn, offered up excellent channel separation and depth for a stereo signal – with a rich and full sound to boot. Something which we’ve come to expect with the Cloud line from HyperX.

But, when it came to music, it often required a bit of EQ tweaking to get things sounding right. Paired with HD uncompressed recordings across a few different genres (Electronic, Jazz, Classical) the results were all impressive – if a little unbalanced. Clean with detail and depth, but in going versatile it’s strange that the Cloud Mix places more emphasis on the low and high-end frequencies. In what sounds like pure game-focused balancing as opposed to being, well, versatile. In the end though, the Cloud Mix is definitely still that – and a great option for those looking for both a pair of headphones and a wireless gaming headset.
What we liked
Lightweight and solid build
Hi-Res audio with great voice capabilities too
Versatile and designed to double as wireless headphones
Carry bag
What we didn't like
Balance puts a little too much emphasis on bass and highs
Cup size will be too small for some
We gave it: