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Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard Review
Review By @ 05:32pm 17/09/18

Product: Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard
Type: Mechanical Keyboard
Price: $249.00 RRP
Availability: Out Now
The Alienware name is one we’ve all come to associate with high-end gaming hardware, from laptops to PCs, all featuring the little alien logo. Owned by well-known PC maker Dell, Alienware represents a line of game-specific hardware that is pricey sure - but often a mark of quality too. More than the sum of its angular design, chrome finish, and RBG lighting – the Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard more than lives up to its name. A great addition to the Alienware range that would suit just about any build.

Look and Feel

As the more expensive of two Alienware keyboards currently on the market the most noticeable difference between this and the AW568 is the chrome finish and the per-key RGB lighting. And once to take away the expanded on-board memory and macro functionality, everything else from the Brown mechanical keys to the promise of a 50 million keystroke lifecycle remains the same. That is, a sturdy, weighty, and solid build coupled with a feel that no doubt will last for years without every showing any noticeable degradation. Not that this is something you can tell, overall, with every keyboard on the market but there’s just something about the Alienware AW768 that feels like it was built to last. A part of which can be attributed to the angular design of Alienware in general and the company’s great track record.

The only thing that feels off or missing with the AW768, outside of performance and functionality, is the fact that the wrist-pad is sold separately. Which is strange because in terms of height and the sharp drop off of the front angular bits of hard plastic, this means that out of the box the AW768 put some stress on wrists that could have been alleviated with a pack-in rest.


  • Switch Type: Brown Mechanical Switches
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Cable: Wired (USB)
  • Dimensions: 49cm x 17.18cm x 3.48 cm
  • Product Weight: 1.46kg

  • As a gaming keyboard the Alienware AW768 pulls no punches in terms of the underlying hardware. The use of Brown switches hits that sweet spot of tactile feedback without an overly click-y response, suiting most applications from gaming to typing. Although only available in this style of mechanical key, it’s not a detriment to overall product. At 1.46 kg the AW768 is weighty too, more so than most keyboard alternatives - which place it firmly in the camp of a ‘park it once and watch it never move’ peripheral.

    In terms of mechanical keyboards, the heavier option is usually the way to go as movement or instability in the frame whilst in use is never a good thing. Actuation is not overly sensitive with the AW768 either, and like the Brown switches the 45g feels comfortable. And for those that might be wondering what actuation force is – which is one of things you learn whilst reviewing various keyboards – it’s the pressure required for a keystroke to register. It’s more important in mechanical keyboards across long-term usage, and coupled with the AW768's 50 million keystroke promise - means that this will be one keyboard that will last for years. And with the same precise and comfortable feel.

    Type Cast

    Although it only features partial direct media controls in the form of a mute button and volume wheel, where the Alienware AW768 shines is through its easy to use customisation tools, macro support and additional functionality. As a part of Dell this also means that connecting to Windows 10 machine and the Alienware Command Center will automatically fire up offering direct access to all of that and a library of pre-existing themes for several existing games. A feature that will no doubt be useful for those that aren’t into the whole setting up of macros deal.

    In the end it’s hard to fault the Alienware AW768, and really when it comes down to it - deciding on the right keyboard for you will come down to personal preferences in terms of, well, look. Because everything else is handled superbly here. And from our own testing we've come to really like the chrome and angular looks that Alienware went for.
    What we liked
    Solid build quality
    Great keystroke feel
    RGB light bar and chrome finish are both great visual touches
    Detailed macro and profile support
    Alienware Command Center Software
    What we didn't like
    Wrist rest an optional extra
    Media controls limited to dedicated mute button and volume wheel
    We gave it:
    OUT OF 10