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G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 Gaming Mouse Review
Review By @ 04:45pm 29/03/18

Product: G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780
Type: Gaming Mouse (Wired)
Price: $69.00 AUD
Availability: Out Now

There are degrees of gaming peripherals, ones that focus primarily on performance and ergonomics, and others that try to sell that “gaming hardware” look. Be it from an overuse of black to convey edginess, or the simple addition of RGB lighting. The RIPJAWS MX780 from G.SKILL (who you probably best know as one of the premiere makers of reliable memory) does all of the above. And more. Because it’s not every day you find interchangeable side grips and adjustable weights.

Grip It

Or a height-adjustable palm rest. Which makes the RIPJAWS MX780 somewhat of a customiser’s dream. If you’re the sort that wants a lighter more freeform mouse when playing first-person shooters and then something a little sturdier when browsing. G.SKILL has got you covered. The design is also ambidextrous, making it an all-rounder too. But one that has clearly been designed to shine during play with comfort certainly there. The only comparison we can think of is adjusting a desk chair to suit your needs and what you like, which is certainly rare when talking about a mouse.

The fact that this is one of the first gaming peripheral’s from G.SKILL is also surprising. The build quality is uniformly excellent thanks to the aluminium frame, giving it a premium feel that far exceeds the price.


  • Sensor: Avago Laser Sensor
  • DPI: 8,200 fully customisable
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Buttons: Eight Programmable
  • Weight: 111g (120g with weights)
  • Cable Length: 1.8m

From a technical perspective the 8,200 customisable DPI of the RIPJAWS may put it lower than most of the other similar products we’ve reviewed, but it’s worth noting that most humans would rarely push DPI beyond 4,000. In addition to the excellent build quality of the frame the buttons and zones all follow suit. Even if the click sound tends to be on the loud size. Perhaps to compete with rise in popularity of borderline obnoxious sounding mechanical keyboards.

One of the great features of the RIPJAWS MX780 is the addition of on board memory that allows profiles to be saved directly to the mouse. A neat touch that showcases G.SKILL’s attempt to create an appealing mouse right out of the gate. In fact, the bundled software is also quite good and even better than some of the stuff offered by more seasoned hardware players. But, we won’t go naming names.

That being said there’s a lack of “out-of-the-box” gratification, making this a great option for those that like to tinker with hardware and device settings. The overly angular and menacing design may not appeal to some, but it’s hard to argue that this is a great mouse from G.SKILL.
What we liked
Fully customisable ergonomics
Solid build quality
Great value for money
What we didn't like
Angular look is a little dated
A bit on the loud side click-wise
Even with added weights it’s a little light
We gave it: