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Roccat Khan Pro Gaming Headset Review
Review By @ 01:12pm 07/02/18

Product: Roccat Khan Pro
Type: Gaming Headset (Wired)
Price: $149.95 RRP
Availability: Out Now

Roccat has been the hardware business for quite some time, and it’s great to see that the company can still create some truly impressive products. Case in point, the Roccat Khan Pro gaming headset. A lightweight and comfortable headset that in addition to being a great choice for a wide range of hardware – from PC to console - almost ventures in the realm of audiophile sound quality. A strange but very welcome direction for a gaming headset to take.

Tech Talk

  • Type: Closed
  • Driver: 50mm
  • Frequency response: 10 to 40,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 25 ohm
  • Cable length: 2.45m + audio/mic splitter cable
  • Weight: 230g

Okay, so the High-Res Audio label and talk of these being one of the industry’s only true high-definition gaming headsets is really a marketing reference to the well calibrated driver and frequency response. Now, your typically impressive gaming headset usually has a frequency response in the realm of 20 to 20,000 Hz. So right off the bat the Khan Pro offers near audiophile levels of response with its top-end of 40,000 Hz. But what does that number really mean? Well, for the most part that the Khan Pro should have no issue providing excellent results across a wide range of musical genres. Especially 24-bit HD recordings, where low, mid-range, and high-end detail are important in recreating directional space without overlapping, compressed, or muffled audio.

In the realm of games and other media the increased frequency response should mean no loss of sound detail. In the sense that music, effects, speech, and incidental effects like footsteps and distant clamouring should all come through clearer and more distinct than other headsets. Assuming the calibration hasn’t been botched. That’s the idea, and for the most part all the above rings true for the Khan Pro. The only issue is that as a dedicated 3.5mm headset, the sound quality itself is dependent on hardware. So direct connection to a motherboard, console controller, or smart phone will limit the wow factor that the Khan Pro can deliver.

When paired up with dedicated audio hardware though, like a decent DAC, the results are often stunning.

Design and Comfort

Weighing in at 230g the Khan Pro is one of the lightest headsets you’re likely to find. A design feature that alongside the focus on sound quality is one of the main reasons to consider them if you’re in the market for a new gaming headset. Outside of this and the sound everything else about the Khan Pro is a decidedly average or above-average. Decent, but nothing special. From build quality through to the non-detachable microphone. Being incredibly light adds to the comfort factor, and the Khan Pros can be comfortably worn for hours at a time. Our only gripe with the design is that the microphone tends to get in the way when folded and packed away for travel or portability. An oversight that takes away from the Khan Pro’s exceptional sound quality and ability to double as an on-the-go set of headphones.

Sounds Like

Note that when testing the Khan Pro’s sound quality and performance we opted to base our opinion on the tests conducted with dedicated audio hardware in the form of external sound cards or portable DACs. The frequency response and High-Res Audio claims just about demanded it. And after extensive tests across games, movies, and music, we can safely say that they sound great. Often turning in stunning results for a gaming headset, especially when it comes to music. Game-wise we put them to use whilst playing DOOM, Overwatch, Total War Warhammer II, and even a bunch of Nintendo Switch indies. With more choice in hardware and optimisation, the Khan Pro offered better sound on PC than on other platforms, but across the board it was hard to fault the overall performance.

And really, the only issue that we found came down to specific mixes sounding a little too harsh or emphasised on the high-end. An issue we found across a few games and a couple of pieces of music. Not really a fault in the headphones, so having access to dedicated Roccat software to adjust the sound would have been nice. In the end though the Roccat Khan Pros are easy to recommend, and with a few changes would easily become essential.
What we liked
Impressive sound quality and frequency response
Lightweight and comfortable
Decent mic makes this an easy choice for competitive gaming
What we didn't like
Build quality not quite up to par with the sound
Volume slider feels a little on the cheap side
We gave it:
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