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Logitech G613 Mechanical Keyboard Review
Review By @ 05:09pm 01/12/17

Product: Logitech G613
Type: Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Price: $169.95 RRP
Availability: Out Now

When it comes to mechanical keyboards there are plenty of great products to choose from, with entries from a broad range of brands. But, when it comes to a wireless mechanical keyboard - one designed specifically for gaming - the choices are slim. Which makes the addition of the Logitech G613 something to take note of. A no frills, in that you won’t find any sort of RGB or per-key lighting on this board, entry that packs several great design features from customisable function keys through to tactile, dedicated, audio control.

Look and Feel

Okay, so as a fan of RGB lighting the fact that flashing colours don’t play a role in the story of the Logitech G613? That took some getting used to. And really that whole no frills line was a lie because the G613 is still visually appealing. What you get is subtle design that shapes the look, from curved edges to sleek and strong charcoal lines. It’s a bit of a weighty one too, at almost 1.5 kg with a solid build powered by two-AA batteries and an adjustable height.

Even without per-key lighting a lot of care and thought has gone into the design and feel of the G613, from the sunken layout of the keys to the wrist-pad and the dedicated audio controls. Clearly a premium product, and one that also supports Bluetooth connectivity in addition to fast, responsive, wireless.

But, as a Logitech mechanical keyboard there is a different keystroke to what you might be used to. Especially when compared to the many boards out there that opt for the popular Cherry-MX switches. Featuring the company’s own Romer-G mechanical switches, which lack the clicky feel of Cherry-MX switches, the Logitech G613 is a relatively quiet keyboard with a snappy mechanical response that is not only perfect for regular typing - but great for gaming too.


  • Switch Type: Romer-G Mechanical Switch
  • Durability: 70 million keypresses
  • Cable: Wireless, USB receiver
  • Dimensions: 478 x 216 x 33 mm
  • Product Weight: 1410 g

As per the product notes and from our testing the Romer-G switches have a short-throw actuation measured at 1.5mm. Apart from sounding quite impressive what that means is that the responsiveness comes down to snappiness. The different approach to other mechanical switches means it’s the sort of feature that Logitech almost has all to itself. For typing it adds a layer of touch to the process, which is extremely comfortable. So comfortable that you can tell just be reading this extra sentence which was put in for no good reason other than to demonstrate that the G613 is great for typing, that it’s great. And smooth.

But gaming is where the G613 also shines and after completed the excellent Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus in its entirety with this board, plus some DOOM, and Destiny 2, shooter performance is great. In the age of per-key lighting that switches profiles depending on what game you’re playing some of the gaming keyboard identity does get lost with the G613 when compared to other mechanical offerings. But, as a wireless peripheral with long battery life there is a plus side.

Type Cast

With function keys running down the left side there is some level of customisation which is nice, as is the game switch at the top that disables the pesky Start key. Also, the Logitech G (for gaming) software has been getting better with each new version, making configuration of this and other Logitech devices you might have a breeze. In fact, after spending well over a month or so with the Logitech G613, it’s become my keyboard of choice. For its great wireless performance for gaming and comfort for typing.
What we liked
Wireless that lives up to its name
1ms response time
Dedicated audio controls
Subtle and sturdy design
Logitech Romer-G Switches
What we didn't like
A look that sits somewhere between productivity and gaming
Some per key lighting would have been nice
The Romer-G feel may not be for those that prefer a click-ier mechanical response
We gave it: