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Review By @ 05:55pm 19/09/17

Product: Razer Lancehead
Type: Gaming Mouse (Wireless)
Price: $239.95 AUD
Availability: Out Now
Link: razerzone.com/au-en/gaming-mice/razer-lancehead

The Razer Lancehead is a high-end, ambidextrous, wireless laser gaming mouse from Razer that aims to provide precision and accuracy without any discernible difference when used either in wired mode via the provided USB cable or in its default state – wireless. There’s a general rule out there that any mouse aimed at the pro-gaming crowd has to be wired and feature an optical sensor. To limit any chance of interference. Which, means that any deviations from this norm should provide a smooth, seamless, gaming experience. Otherwise be met with scorn and fury. It’s safe to say that the Razer Lancehead does indeed perform exceptionally well when put to the test – and then some. Which is great, because it doesn’t come cheap.

Grip It

First-off the build quality with the Lancehead is exceptional, as to be expected with a price sitting in the $200 range. But, the first thing you do notice – outside of the subtle and stylish chrome finish and impressive use of RGB lighting - is that it’s an ambidextrous mouse. Making the symmetrical design something that will take time getting used too. That is of course if you haven’t spent much, if any, time with an ambidextrous mouse before. Like me. As a leftie that mouse’s righty the first moments with the Lancehead were a little weird, because it was hard not to simply want something along the lines of the Razer DeathAdder in shape. Palm grip for the win and all that.

The decision to go this route is interesting because it was only after continual use that the Lancehead revealed its true potential. And now it’s a close friend to my gaming desk. The sleek finish, mechanical Razer mouse switches, textured grip for comfort, and again impressive use of RGB lighting, make this one mouse that has a premium feel to match its price-tag.

As a wireless mouse one of the great features of the Lancehead is in how it can go from wireless to wired-and-charging in a matter of seconds, thanks to the cable being able to connect easily to the supplied wireless dongle. Now, the bonus here is being able to situate the wireless receiver directly on your table, desk, or gaming surface. Making charging the Lancehead a matter of moving a cable a few centimetres and then picking things up right where you left off.


  • Sensor: 5G laser sensor
  • DPI: 16,000 fully customisable
  • LED Color: RGB (Razer Chroma)
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Buttons: Nine (programmable)
  • Weight: 111g
  • Cable Length: 2.1m
  • Batter Life: ~ 20 hours

The close proximity wireless dongle means that with the Lancehead you can enjoy long sessions of shooters like Overwatch and Quake Champions without any wireless hiccups. As in zero, zilch, or nada. Now this could be due to Razer’s Adaptive Frequency Technology that apparently ceaselessly and relentlessly scans frequency channels every millisecond for the mere hint of any interference so it can quickly switch frequencies to avoid lag-free wireless transmission. Phew! But, it’s hard to verify exactly how that works. It certainly sounds impressive, and because I didn’t experience any issues, I’ll assume that it works.

The Razer Lancehead wireless performance is clearly best-in-class, and with the Razer Synapse software you can of course customise and fine tune just about any setting. Whilst setting up a variety of DPI profiles that can be switched to easily via buttons on the Lancehead itself. Hint, they’re under the scroll wheel. All in all, it’s great to see that there is a wireless gaming mouse with the performance to match any wired offering we’ve tried of late. And as a premium peripheral it’s hard to fault the Razer Lancehead. Other than taking one look at its price. But if that’s the barrier, the Razer Lancehead: Tournament Edition offers a cheaper wired version with most of the same features.
What we liked
Subtle chrome finish and great RGB lighting
Premium feel and mechanical mouse switches
Razer Synapse software allows for deep customisation
Decent battery life and auto-sleep
What we didn't like
Ambidextrous design does take some getting used to
Thumb position might be low for some
Side buttons a bit small. And sharp.
We gave it: