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Cooler Master Mastermouse MM530 Review
Review By @ 12:41pm 13/09/17

Product: Cooler Master Mastermouse MM530
Type: Gaming Mouse (Wired)
Price: $69.00
Availability: Out Now
Link: coolermaster.com/peripheral/mice/mastermouse-mm530/
Cooler Master’s Mastermouse MM530 is an upgrade to the hardware maker’s previous Storm Mizar entry, with several new features and customisation options that make it a great budget entry for gaming. For the price, you get fully customisable DPI settings, ranging from ridiculously low 100 to the equally silly 12,000. Plus, the sort of RGB lighting that lets you know you’re in the year 2017. In fact, barring a few notable design decisions like it feeling slightly too small overall, it’s an impressive gaming mouse.

Grip It

One look at the Mastermouse and you can probably tell that it’s palm grip design opts for simplicity rather than outlandish new takes on form. That side is left to the RGB lighting, which is fully customisable via the provided software. Another nice touch, that we can definitely get behind for all palm-grip mice, is the inclusion of textured grips on each side that add an extra layer of comfort. In fact, the only real downside with the Mastermouse design is that it feels about 4% too small, so it being a fraction bigger would have been nice. This is an area where it differs from other similar looking mice.


  • Sensor: Pixart PMW-3360 Optical
  • DPI: 100 - 12,000 DPI
  • LED Color: RGB Programmable
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Buttons: Seven
  • Weight: 132.5g
  • Cable Length: 1.8m

Being able to program RGB lights is fun and all, but it’s with the customisation that you get with the Mastermouse MM530 that make it stand out in this price range. With four switchable DPI settings that you can setup, polling rates to rejigger, and macros and button configuration with profile support – it’s impressive what you end up with for the price. And it’s the feature rich software that makes the accuracy of the Pixart sensor even more impressive. You can even mess with individual X/Y DPI settings for that extra bit of customisation.

Coupled with the Omron switches the Mastermouse has clearly been designed for gaming, with seemingly no stone left unturned. Compared to its more expensive counterparts the only real noticeable difference is a lack of braided USB cable. But that’s neither here nor there, and the Mastermouse MM530 is worth checking out if you’re in the market for something simple and easy to grip that won’t let you down when you’re playing anything from a strategy game to a first-person shooter. We did both with Quake Champions and Dawn of War III posing no issue.

Actually, this is a hard one to fault. Hence that little USB jab and the reference to its size earlier. You might think that at this price the build quality might be off, but it’s also pretty good on that front too as it’s made from durable PBT plastic.
What we liked
Feature packed with great customisation options
Great sensor that’s accurate for any type of game
RGB lighting is a nice touch
Textured grips too
Macro support
What we didn't like
Feels slightly small
RGB lighting could have been more pronounced
We gave it:
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