We sit down with Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of World of Warcraft, to discuss the launch of Dragonflight, WoW development, dragon-riding becoming a mainstay, and more.
World of Warcraft: The Big 2023 Interview
We take a deep-dive on the ambitious remake for one of the most celebrated games of all time - does it stack up?
Resident Evil 4 Remake Review - As Good as OG?
It’s more than a simple step up from the original born from high-end 4K console hardware; it’s a revelation.
PlayStation VR2 Review - The Best VR Gaming to Date?
We chat with the devs working hard to bring us as much gore and flesh as possible in Dead Island 2!
Inside Dead Island 2's Gloriously Gory FLESH System
Halo 3 Review (Score: 8.5/10)
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 24th September, 2007
Halo 3 is a fitting end to the series, it doesn’t break any new ground by any measure, but it is fun and is sure to break countless sales records due largely to Microsoft’s relentless marketing and PR campaign. There’s no denying this is a worthy purchase, just be aware it’s not the be all and end all of existence...
World in Conflict Review (Score: 8.5/10)
Review by Dan @ 24th September, 2007
World in Conflict is a worthy purchase for any real-time strategy fan or any team-based shooter regular that wants to try something different. Singleplayer leaves a bit to be desired but the work invested in the multiplayer platform provides the potential for countless hours of real gaming entertainment here anyway...
Blue Dragon Review (Score: 3.0/10)
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 21st September, 2007
Even having some of the headiest names in the Japanese RPG industry isn't enough to save this game from taking some of your life. Tedious, repetitive gameplay and wooden, annoying characters coalesce to make Blue Dragon a must-not-have Xbox 360 title...
Stranglehold Review (Score: 8.5/10)
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 17th September, 2007
Stranglehold is that rare breed of game that fuses simplicity with great technology. The destruction model for the game’s environments is unparalleled, while the overall sensation of cool just keeps you pushing on...
BioShock Review (Score: 9.5/10)
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 28th August, 2007
An absolutely masterful piece of game design and a title that further proves games are fast becoming art and not just a pastime for kids or so called nerds or geeks...
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