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Secure Your Key for the Elder Scrolls Online Closed Beta Weekend!

Thanks to the team at Zenimax Online, we've got 500 Closed Beta keys for The Elder Scrolls Online upcoming Weekend Beta. To grab yourself a key, check out the information below and we'll see you in-game soon enough!
The upcoming MMO will not feel like the everyday online game many are used to playing. Much like in Skyrim and other installments of the series, every place a player can see that player can visit and travel to. The game is being designed to look, feel and handle like previous Elder Scrolls games but with the added element of an MMO.

Because nearly all of Tamriel will be accessible in this game, the developers have spent hours researching each aspect of Elder Scrolls lore to make sure the game not only maintains continuity storywise but also in appearance.

Items such as weaponry and armor will not just be random throughout the world, but look as if it naturally belongs there. Dungeons will fit into their environments as well, with enemies and items fitting in naturally rather then something just placed or lost there

To redeem your beta key, simply follow the instructions below and you will be playing in no time!
How To Redeem Your Closed Beta Key
  • Create your account by visiting the official website.

  • Once you’ve finished creating and verifying your account, click the “Redeem Key” button on the main My Account Page to register your beta key. Make sure you do not include extra spaces after the key is entered or the key wont redeem.

  • When the process is complete, you¹ll be able to download the game client from your Account Page. We suggest doing this as soon as possible.

  • Use the username and password you registered to login and play the game!
  • Beta Timing: This beta will run from 4am Saturday morning of Mar 1 (AEDT) to 3:59pm Monday afternoon Mar 3rd (AEDT).

    Sorry, this ElderScrollsOnlineCOB promotion has finished!
    This promotion has now finished, unfortunately no more keys will be given out.