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Post by trog @ 12:05pm 20/09/02 | 27 Comments
Blizzard have officially announced their new title, a console-only tactical action game called StarCraft: Ghost.
In StarCraft: Ghost, players take the role of Nova, a lethal Ghost operative skillfully trained in the arts of espionage and tactical combat. Twenty years of ruthless physical conditioning and techno-psychological instruction have made Nova a being of terrifying potential. With the help of a determined group of allies, players follow a series of story-driven missions, engaging in a deadly mix of planetary battles and dangerous solo operations. To complete their mission objectives, players must execute intelligent tactical decisions while mastering an advanced arsenal of sophisticated weaponry.
Sounds sort of Metal Gear Solid-ish, combined with the StarCraft universe. Anyway, StarCraft fans can rejoice. Begin rejoicing.... now. Looks like we'll be seeing the title on all of the current generation consoles, XBox, PS2 and GameCube.

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Posted 12:52pm 20/9/02
AH HA! Yes! I was semi correct about the starcraft 2 thing. This game sounds AWESOME!
Can't wait.
Posted 01:07pm 20/9/02
n expect it too be gay... pfft wtf is this... its just gonna be like renegade why the feck dun developers jsut stay what they r good with?????
Posted 01:16pm 20/9/02
i cant wait for this game, im hopeing its gonna b a bit of kik ass, tho im a big fan of blizzard games
Posted 02:24pm 20/9/02
even thou i got a ps2, dosnt look like its coming to pc :(
Posted 08:22pm 20/9/02
all this is is blizzards retaliation to C&C:Renegade

looks much better though
Posted 08:36pm 20/9/02
The actual graphics look pretty good so far but man wtf, purple hydralisks and guys in firebat armor shooting machine guns? Kind of a bit off SC eh.
Posted 09:02pm 20/9/02
I've bought ever blizzard game out ....

I've also enjoyed every one.....

I don't see why this would be any different ....

Posted 09:03pm 20/9/02
It looks more like Oni than Renegade to me.
Posted 09:20pm 20/9/02
purple hydralisks and guys in firebat armor shooting machine guns? Kind of a bit off SC eh.

It sounds and looks and awful lot like Space Hulk for my likeing >:/
Posted 09:35pm 20/9/02
I so, so desperately wanted it to be star craft 2. This is just, well, not what I wanted :P
Posted 10:30pm 20/9/02
how the f*** is it "revolutionary"

doesnt it say that on the website? .. i cbf looking

doing surgery on pc
Posted 01:35am 21/9/02
Too bad it will be on console, and therefore not worth buying/
Posted 01:41am 21/9/02
It seems we have a contender for most retarded comment of the year.
Posted 01:43am 21/9/02
its funny because dais is a nintendo fanboy!
Posted 01:44am 21/9/02
am not :(

oh wait..
Posted 02:22am 21/9/02
Console-only. Way to piss off loyal fans of the SC "universe"...
Posted 03:25am 21/9/02
hrmm getting very tempting to buy an xbox

3)now this sc2
Posted 11:16am 21/9/02
i dunno, wouldnt making it console only eliminate almost half of their buying market. Being the fact that almost all of starcraft fans are PC based.
Posted 11:26am 21/9/02
and who's to say all those starcraft fans dont own consoles?
Posted 12:00pm 21/9/02
and who's to say all those starcraft fans dont own consoles?

Or will buy a console because of it ?
Posted 09:59pm 22/9/02
Is the the official site??

I'm getting a bit confused when the F.A.Q clearly states that Starcraft:Ghost is NOT Starcraft 2

Anyone know the story?
Posted 10:05pm 22/9/02
Posted 10:29pm 22/9/02
Im Still waiting for World of Warcraft :D its got a while but :'(

Check it out..

OOPS!! its actually
Posted 10:15pm 22/9/02
i looked at the screenshots on that page... have they moved SC away from the big maps and have gay little maze runs levels now or soemthing?

or are they screens of cinematics or what? cause it looks mighty up close and mazey to me,
if so it aint really strat game anymore is it :/ and not a sequel to startcraft really IMO.
Posted 10:18pm 22/9/02
I bet theres alot of people who are anoyed at blizard for not making it in the same style of the first one.
Posted 10:20pm 22/9/02
oh i can see this being a giant flop then!

well i spose if its on console it cant really be multiplayer can it cause they dont go online as far as i know...

what a waste of starcrafty goodness :(
Posted 10:26pm 22/9/02
it looks pretty cool to me but then again i wasn't really a big fan of starcraft..
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