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Post by mongie @ 06:41pm 09/08/02 | 63 Comments
Just a quick note to tell you all that Winamp 3 has been officially released by Nullsoft.

It weighs in at 3.37mb; there isnt the usual lite, standard and full versions yet, just the full version is available, but they hint that smaller versions will be available soon

Winamp 3 offers a completely new engine compared to the older winamp2. It is built on XML, or so I am told. It allows "freeform skinning" which makes it up to the standard of the old sonique, or wmp.

Update: You can grab it now from AusGamers Files as well (promoted QGL Forum item).


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Posted 06:43pm 09/8/02
So its not beta any more? :)
Posted 06:45pm 09/8/02
I liked this:
Posted 06:52pm 09/8/02
no, no more beta, exocet, i like the "use the new v3" one on the page...


it seems to me much smaller and quicker than the release candidates...

I would recommend it if you want someone different, although, there really isnt that much difference in terms of actual sound quality and playability...

its up to you
Posted 07:02pm 09/8/02

blatant f*****g eye candy, especially those two skins.

but its really really good eye candy.

Im sold.
Posted 07:03pm 09/8/02
/me hits download
Posted 07:04pm 09/8/02
My choice

The minimalist option is good also, fits right in at the top of my Opera window.
Posted 07:30pm 09/8/02
this is how much i love it, if they made us pay for it id buy 10 copies
Posted 07:32pm 09/8/02
Ill get it when a script comes out that lets me press ctrl + alt and a button and i can control winamp from in-game.
Posted 07:38pm 09/8/02
i wanna be able to unpause tunes in game
Posted 07:38pm 09/8/02
i wanna be able to unpause tunes ingame
Posted 07:44pm 09/8/02
I have a nice pretty keyboard with shortcuts at the top that lets me control that.
Posted 08:02pm 09/8/02
hooray for the new winamp...
Posted 08:43pm 09/8/02
can u run old skins on new winamp?
(im assuming the answer to that is no...)
Posted 08:47pm 09/8/02
i think you can hemerage.
Posted 08:47pm 09/8/02
Posted 08:50pm 09/8/02
****ing hell

I cant use my keyboard controlls with it, because it uses special software for the controlling, its not programmable...

Posted 10:03pm 09/8/02
pharcyde, it's called the sneaky amp plugin. I have it set to ` key ~ that way if I'm in game I press ` then the key I want to either ff rew play pause or stop it then ~ key. also they way I have it brings down the console before pressing the key of my choice, so I don't accidentally set of any binds :)

I hated winamp3, last I looked you couldn't change the visualisation options like the fall & rise & peak hold times. schoooo ghey!
Posted 10:12pm 09/8/02
sonique s**** on wingay

Posted 10:22pm 09/8/02
sonique s**** on wingay
AAAahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahh, hahahahhahahaha, hahaha
*wipes tear from eye*

Posted 10:26pm 09/8/02
I join you at laughing ahahahhahaha

sonique is the most useless peice of s*** I ever installed as media players go. Hell I deleted it and KEPT windows media player...that's saying something. Last time I tried to download it you had to f*****g register just to get it and log in to some stupid ass site.
Posted 10:56pm 09/8/02
Just installed it, had a quick go with it...about 2 minutes. I think it's s***. Maybe after a few revisions I'll have another look at it.
Posted 11:12pm 09/8/02
imo WA3 is good just finished d/ling
Posted 11:14pm 09/8/02
shoudn't you install it and test it after you download it before you say its good?
Posted 11:23pm 09/8/02
mm.. corneramp..
Posted 11:23pm 09/8/02
Scuzzy, with Rowan, anything is possible.
Posted 11:35pm 09/8/02
I tried it but didnt like it. I dont care how pretty it looks (and that I have to say is all that has been improved. The aesthetics) Regardless, I like the 2.8 or whatever one. As long as it plays the music I am happy...
Posted 11:37pm 09/8/02
2.76 all the way baby!@#!

i don't know if that's a particularly good release but my fave plug-in works with it without any hassles and it's as bloat free as i can get it atm
Posted 12:35am 10/8/02
Looks good, but I've lost my context menus (ie, right click, play folder in winamp). Anyone know how to get them back ?
Posted 12:39am 10/8/02
ahah, you can resize the main winamp window - that rocks!!! I have this tiny winamp now, instead of a phat gumby one
Posted 09:28am 10/8/02
have you got the menu's back ?? ie right click enqueue ?? cause if nawt i wont install.
Posted 09:37am 10/8/02
hey whoopass

does that sneaky amp plugin work on winamp 3?
Posted 09:40am 10/8/02
WA2 is still king imo, maybe if you wanted a winamp version of wmp then its alright but even then its pretty high ram useage(30meg++)

It might redeem something for me as the top skinners get into gear for the final ver and make some good skins but until then I will stick to WA2.
Posted 09:54am 10/8/02
the fade after songs isnt working for me :(
Posted 10:44am 10/8/02
alright, winamp3 will be alright once i figure out how to do a few things that was possible with winamp2.

for example, how do you...

-change the refresh rates and style (line/fire) for the spectrum analyser visualisation?

-read ID3 tags on play, rather then load/display?

-single click menu selection, where you hold down the button (oldskool).

-change playlist font size?

etc etc...
Posted 11:44am 10/8/02
It's good for the skins that can be heaps small and do fancy s*** but.. Other then aesthetics, WA2 does everything fine, loads quicker and uses less memory. I just recently went back to WA2 after the 3 beta, because I just realised it wasn't worth the extras.
Posted 11:46am 10/8/02
Now if anyone can tell me how to incorporate Winamp controls into onject bar I will be supremely grateful.
Posted 01:10pm 10/8/02
Winamp 3 seems to be a lot more bloated then 2.x. It takes ages to load a skin and doesn't appear to have any advantages over the older version.

Winamp 3 -
CPU usage = 50%
Swapfile usage = 54.9M

Winamp 2 -
CPU usage = 50%
Swapfile usage = 36.6M

Posted 01:33pm 10/8/02
50% cpu usage? wtf
mines 0

or i have misunderstood you
Posted 02:34pm 10/8/02
I actually registered winamp way back when you could pay for it. But I haven't used it in probably 12 months or more. I'll give this a try and hope it doesn't crash on my PC as much as the Betas did.

Should be fun to play with though. I just finished a five day Microsoft "Building Apps with XML" course so I'm gonna get down and dirty with this sucka!
Posted 02:40pm 10/8/02
Scuzzy, with Rowan, anything is possible.

f*** up kerian let it drop already, f** man its like 3 weeks old and stop being a internet toughguy
Posted 02:42pm 10/8/02
I actually registered winamp way back when you could pay for it
Me too!
Posted 02:48pm 10/8/02
Sigh! Them's were the days. Back when a 486dx2 66 was still a half decent PC.
Posted 02:51pm 10/8/02
half decent?
it would have been the bomb!

(kiks 386-20sx in cupboard!)
Posted 02:55pm 10/8/02
Anyone know if winamp3 has the search song feature which was in 2.xx ?

I hate manually looking thru a 9000+ song playlist :/
Posted 03:03pm 10/8/02
Ignore me, I just found the search feature on the bottom of the playlist.

Not as good as 2.xx but itll do.
Posted 05:11pm 10/8/02
anyone have the script phar mentioned for winamp2.xx?
it allows winamp control from within games....
Posted 05:23pm 10/8/02
yer, im after it as well ^ and have been for ages
Posted 05:25pm 10/8/02


Winamp2 is where its at.
Posted 05:27pm 10/8/02
i didnt even bother..there was no os x skin so i wasnt gonna change.

plus ive got winamp setup as i like it, also 2.8 is my b****.
Posted 05:30pm 10/8/02
How about trying something new f***

Quintessential Mp3 Player

imo it has a better decoder than winamp, and is fully compatible with all winamp plugins.

Oh the skins are purty too =)
Posted 05:33pm 10/8/02
I'm downloading it now. Better be good.
Posted 05:42pm 10/8/02
it's called winampmate.
there is also sneakamp
but sneakyamps requires you to type the command rather than hot keys like winampmate.
re so
Posted 05:48pm 10/8/02
anyone have the script phar mentioned for winamp2.xx?
it allows winamp control from within games....

I have a nifty plugin for that somewhere around... here
Posted 05:55pm 10/8/02
f*** winamp 3.

i'm still 2.65 :)
Posted 06:00pm 10/8/02
is it just me or is the sound quality worse in 3???
Posted 06:00pm 10/8/02
Some of the skins for Winamp 3 are nice but its just too bloated to use efficiently. Back to 2.80 for me :)
Posted 06:01pm 10/8/02
I think its worse.
Posted 06:53pm 10/8/02
I like the new winamp.

Except it played my a few of my video files (in divx) UPSIDE DOWN, and it lagged as hell when I tried to play any video files (including the non-divx ones).

So it's back to windows media player 6.4 for videos for me.

Otherwise it is nice... but the repeat one file function doesn't seem to work for me. Oh well... I think I'll use this new winamp for a few weeks before I dig up my old winamp v2.80.

Posted 09:33pm 10/8/02
Einstein: linux gumby?
The GuVna
Posted 09:46am 11/8/02
U cant change the .mp3 icon anymore. The default looks ghey.
Posted 02:03pm 11/8/02
hurah for winampmate :)

Posted 11:51pm 13/8/02
check your task manager.. winamp 3 uses 20mb of ram now..

what a piece of s*** bit of bloatware... 20mb just to play an mp3? even windows media player only uses 10mb of ram for the same job......

damn.. another cool program turned into bloatware..
Posted 11:59pm 13/8/02
winamp atm for me using a giant 2.1Mb of ram :D

btw, nice sig .. (but the quote makes it big [the karma bit])
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