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Post by Term @ 08:46am 07/05/02 | 8 Comments
Wargamer have a interview up with Lars Gustavsson, one of the developers on the upcoming Codename Eagle engine game, Battle Field 1942. This game is one that I'm really looking forward to, based in WWII, it allows you to interact with 35 different tanks, planes and lots more in servers of upto 64 players.

Something I never understood was the lack of success of CE online, a few people have put it down to bad speeds online, and obviously lack of dedicated servers. However word is the team from Dice Studios have been working really hard on Battle Field 1942 to make sure that its everything that CE wasnt.
WG: The game has previously been described as "fast-paced." To give us a better feel for the gameplay, are there any existing titles after which you modeled the gameplay or its pace? Why have you chosen to make this game "fast?"

LG: The "fast-paced" gameplay is a result of our experiences from Codename Eagle. There are loads of sims for all different areas out there but when you are tired after a hard day it's always nice to sit down with some action. BF1942 gives you action not only on foot but with planes, tanks and all other vehicles around you that give you a feeling of war that never have been seen before. The mixture of action and speed, later on combined with skill and team cooperation, gives the game that first easy access so that you don't have to read manuals for a week, but after you get into the game you learn that those who combine sea, air and ground troops will be the true winners. This gives the game a quick learning curve as well as a long lasting gameplay where you always can get a little bit better. Look at Codename Eagle, which is more popular now than when it was released two and a half years ago.

Check out the full interview here

battlefield 1942

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Posted 09:16am 07/5/02
You might want to check the link at the bottom of your news post and take out the extra quotation mark :P

Just a little hint...
Posted 09:26am 07/5/02
it wasnt that I had too many, it was that I had missed one, silly rushing on the fly typing :)
Posted 09:32am 07/5/02
B42 is gonna ROCK

i am looking forward to this more than doom3!

(but what would you expect from the resident WWII fanboy?)
Posted 06:32pm 07/5/02
CE was great, we still play it heaps at deathNET and BF42 is looking sweet.

If you haven't already, you should check out the in game footage they've released:
Posted 06:42pm 07/5/02
this is looking alot more fun then anything currently availble...hopefully it won't suffer from the problems that plagued Codename Eagle...i can see a computer upgrade in the works just to play this... :p
Posted 09:47pm 07/5/02
Yes it definately looks like it could be a great game. I am looking forward to it too...its like op flash but based on real events. And they have claimed to go more for action, so hopefully it will be more fun than op flash (which was fun already).

Gonna be one to watch for, it has the layout for being one hell of a memorable game.
Posted 10:45pm 07/5/02
/me sighs!

This game looks sweet, pity it's not coming out now :(
Posted 11:22am 09/5/02
Does anyone else think the first person view looks crappy though? Especially the gun position...I hope they change that in the final release.
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