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Post by Term @ 12:50am 04/05/02 | 62 Comments
Its official, the upcoming DOOM will be launched as DOOM III, announced in a press release by Activision and id software. DOOM III will be debued at next months E3, and officialy distributed around the world by Activision
"DOOM III will change what people expect to see and experience in a PC game," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "We couldn't be more psyched about DOOM III, and are thrilled to debut the title at E3 with Activision. Get ready to be terrified."

"We are excited to continue our successful and long-standing relationship with id," said Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. "I'm sure that id fans and action gamers alike share our anticipation for the latest incarnation of DOOM, which is one of the most important franchises in PC gaming history. There is no doubt that DOOM III will be at the top of every gamer's most wanted list."

With this news in, I think we could expect to see a test demo around christmas, if quake, quake2 and quake3 are anything to go by in judging id's development schedule for new games, which is normally spot on, dispite the fact they continually manage to create some of the best engines seen in Action games within each new game released.

We will hopefully have lots more news on the subject when Gobo heads to E3 to provide live coverage of the events for AusGamers.

doom 3
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:53am 04/5/02
OMFG, i cant belive it, it feels too soon, omg i want to orgasm. someone hold my hand... damm alot of people will need upgrades.
Posted 12:54am 04/5/02
Actually I thought they were aiming to have the title out by Thanskiving this year?, thats what ID have done in the past.

Tech test around July, full game out by end of November.

That's what I bloody want anyways!
Posted 12:57am 04/5/02
naa dude your wrong, quake and quake three the test was launched in nov
Posted 12:58am 04/5/02
Term: quake 3 was 6 months late
Posted 01:01am 04/5/02
i want a gf4 :(

and id are the masters of "when its done" and its done right when it is!
Posted 01:02am 04/5/02
WOOT!! doom 3!!
everyone of course remembers doom 1 and 2...come to think of it...i never did complete them without cheats lol
Posted 01:03am 04/5/02
haha that "magic url" thing sure does suck at the moment.
Posted 01:06am 04/5/02
id have seemed to consistantly stuck to a 2 year devel cycle on new engines I think, imo trog is the man that should be doing this, what other 24 year old do you know with doom dolls in his house
Posted 01:10am 04/5/02
cant believe you sent gobo and not me :p
Posted 01:11am 04/5/02
actually quake3 test came out in march as i remember playing it on an imac at work, (as it was apple first)
, now i hope everyone isnt forgetting macworld LAST YEAR, when they showed some doom tech, so i wouldnt supprise me if the demo/test came out after e3, (right after) and the game comes out in nov/dec.

Posted 01:52am 04/5/02
As long as they leave the brown spiky imps in the game, I'm happy.
Posted 03:12am 04/5/02
awesome news, so they finally dropped the d-bomb.. i think your expectations of a christmas test are a little 'overcompensative' if a test was only hitting around that time then you'd still be waiting for the full game until about this time next year, i think that is way off... its coming up to the 3rd anniversary of the time the first q3test was released & not to mention the q3 independant hardware vendor test which was leaked on the net and spread everywhere a bit before the official test as well so.. q3 is some pretty old tech especially by previous id game cycle standards which were closer to around 2 years... i'd say doom3 is a lot further along in development than people have a clue about.. just because they've been tightlipped about it doesnt mean they havent been at it for a looong time.. look at unreal2/ut2k3 tech, thats basically identical in cycle since their last game as ut & q3 were released chrissy '99 and their new effort is nearly ready to drop... i'd guess a release of doom3 2nd half of this year but more likely just in time for christmas for that whole convenient $$ thing, but a test/demo i'd say wouldnt be too far off, this winter/quarter3 or thereabouts...

we'll see @ e3 what theyve got ready... but i really dunno why people think it is unreasonable to expect the next advancements from q3/unrealtournament1 tech games this year, i mean the next unreal games will be upon us before you know it, its not unreasonable to expect ids creation soon either... if they were to be released 1st half of next year that would be about a 4year cycle between their last effort & that would be just ridiculous.... the tech (in gforce3&4's) have been here for close to a year already, its overdue as it is & also idsoftware usually only demonstrate & begin to showoff their new game when it is only a couple months away from completion.. should be awesome..
Posted 02:42am 04/5/02
Posted 03:09am 04/5/02
pfft d3, i pfft at you all!
Posted 03:14am 04/5/02
pfft go play ut2 :P
Posted 04:50am 04/5/02
what other 24 year old do you know with doom dolls in his house
They're not dolls, they're figurines. The Quake 2 things could be mistaken for Dolls, but they're ACTION FIGURES!

Quake 3 Test came out around this time of the year (in fact a few days before E3 in 1999) - be great to see a Doom test now but I consider it unlikely :)

All good news if not expected; good to see Activision and id keeping up their partnership.
Posted 07:34am 04/5/02
omg /me wets myself in anticipation...w00t, w00t, w00t!!
Posted 07:58am 04/5/02
Woohoo! Bring on the pain!

/me dances a jig

I wonder how much more awesome it's going to look, given we saw it at the macworld expo thingy in Feb of _last_ year.. I'm Excited!! Holy how good is it gunna be? It's gunna waste every other fps.. Better get some practice in guys muhahah
Posted 08:06am 04/5/02
All i know is that my computer will be unable to run it.
Posted 08:06am 04/5/02
Excellent. but too bad it wan't run on a geforce 2 mx :(. Somone buy me an upgrade.
Posted 08:29am 04/5/02
The day is soon upon us. LET THE FESTIVITIES COMMENCE!
Posted 08:32am 04/5/02
At last the force will be in balance
Posted 08:39am 04/5/02
Posted 08:40am 04/5/02
How will this system go?

Athlon xp 1600+ @ 1800+
Asus Gf3
Epox 8kha+ mobo
256 kingmax DDR cl2 pc2100
40 gig ibm deathstar
Posted 09:55am 04/5/02
Posted 10:01am 04/5/02
We all forget that ID dont f*** around for ages like other dev companies. Carmack is a code monkey and he probably does twice the work other at his level achieve.

Lets run a poll or a betting tab. I reckon they will ship the game before the end of 2002. Tech test within the next 4-6 months.
Posted 10:05am 04/5/02
Existence, Carmack made a plan update a while back pointing out that the GF3 was his 'base' card he was writing the game for. He stated that with all options on and a decent cpu you will get 30fps.

Obviously truning down some of the uber lightin optiosn and such will reap higher frames.

It will be interesting to see this 'new' chip Nviida are releasing in Ausgust. I bet its THE card to run this game on.

Hmm looks like I'll have to sell my GF4. :P
Posted 11:32am 04/5/02
im going to upgrade especially for Doom3... ive been planning this ever since i saw the movie from the GF3 launch at that mac expo thing.

oh god, im looking forward to this one... this is one title over anything else that they have to get right.
Posted 11:55am 04/5/02
I just wanna see a bit of ingame footage. ie. Actually playing :) That will be cool.
Posted 03:08pm 04/5/02
i think that though ID wouldn't release a game unless it's "perfect" they still aren't dumb and will ultimately work their asses off to have the game ready by Christmas.
Posted 04:39pm 04/5/02
omg, this is what my beast of a pc was designed for :D

can't wait for this game and the nv30 chipset :D
Posted 05:42pm 04/5/02
Ah s***... Doom3 will not run on my computer at all.

Looks like its time for another fantastict computer to be built. :D
Posted 05:44pm 04/5/02
Destrkta: only thing is it ain't going to be a beast by the time the next Doom is out.....
Posted 05:47pm 04/5/02
ooh can't wait.

how frustrating is it knowing that in the id offices they are probably playing/testing DOOM3 at this very moment.
Posted 06:23pm 04/5/02
what's gonna be interesting is to see if ID can actually put some decent single player into it.

quake, quake2, RTCW....

i'm sure the graphics will rock, and multiplayer will be fun if your into deathmatch.

but i'll be pretty suprised if the single player has much depth to it, i'm guessing unreal2 will prolly be a lot better.
Posted 06:30pm 04/5/02
Yeah but they're going to be very different games.
Posted 06:42pm 04/5/02
I usually dont get too worked up about coming releases, but ooohhh!! Doom 2 was the first game I ever bought :)

Looking forward to this...
Posted 06:49pm 04/5/02
what's gonna be interesting is to see if ID can actually put some decent single player into it.
Nah, that won't be interesting. If you have any cluez, you'll be too busy blowing over the fantastic environment and f*****g scary graphics to have a chance to care about the storyline.

I just spent 10 minutes looking for the quote of American McGee saying something like "storyline? ahahahahahah" when questioned about the storyline for Quake, but I couldn't find it :( Anyone that can find it I'd love to see it again in context.
Posted 08:10pm 04/5/02
i would be eternally grateful if someone would let me burn a copy :D oh and orrow their geforce 4 :D
Posted 09:09pm 04/5/02
my gf2 is going to melt :(
and even with like a gf*5* my 1.2 athlon with normal sd ram wont be able to take it :P
Posted 01:09am 05/5/02
I keep telling you people, it isn't DooM III that you have to wait for, but Quake IV.
id. will just create an engine (possibly an update version of trinity which was pushed aside so they could do q3a and ta) with lots of nice special effects and eye candy, they will not create a brilliant storyline. If anything it'll be mediocre just like DooM I or II, they thought up the story for DooM I after they had finished it, not alot of foreplanning eh?

I'd just like to see how they implement a dark game (like they've promised) and yet make it fast in multiplayer, it won't happen, you people like everything 'bright and glaring' so you'll hate it if it's dark.
And I want something more than just deathmatch or CTF varients, give me something new.

Q IV all the way!
Posted 01:18am 05/5/02
Quake 4 is Quake 2 2.

And Quake 2 had an awesome plot didn't it.
Posted 01:54am 05/5/02
They're not dolls, they're figurines.

Skipping Doom III, and getting Q4.

And for multiplayer, sifn't Serious Sam. :)
Posted 03:29am 05/5/02
Just another FPS.
Posted 08:31am 05/5/02
Achilles, you seem pretty confident in asserting that you know what we want in a game. :/

It is useless to draw conclusions from Doom 1 or 2, as they were the forerunners of the FPS genre, and as such didnt NEED story lines.

Doom 3 has no such protecton. I for one expect a b****ing story line (as far as FPS story lines go) and like my games dark and gloomy. So f*** off.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 09:19am 05/5/02
All I can say is 'meh'. ID makes crappy games but good engines. Wait until another company uses the engine to make a decent game....
Posted 10:49am 05/5/02
possibly an update version of trinity which was pushed aside so they could do q3a and ta
The word from id wsa that trinity was just a name given to the upcoming generation engine/s they were working on. Not a specific engine or game in itself.
Posted 11:09am 05/5/02
/me waits for the nxt PA comic for doom3....

omg omg... i wonder what the system requirements are... man half the reason i got a 1.2 ghz was with the idea to run doom3....
Posted 11:20am 05/5/02
And for multiplayer, sifn't Serious Sam

Serious Sam co-op :D

I reckon they oughta make more cooperative games, they're fun at LANs and when there arent idiots running around being, well, idiots.
Posted 11:23am 05/5/02
hahaha, I remember freaking about my computer specs in exactly the same way when Quake 3 was gonna come out.

I think Doom 3 will be cool. 10 bucks says that the main focus of the game will be scaring the living f*** out of the player, cos wowing them with new technology wears off, and you cant wrap DOOM around a funky new gameplay mode.

Its gonna be find the key, get to the door and empty your arse along the way..
Posted 11:42am 05/5/02
Whoohoo! I am so hanging out for this...

I'm not too concerned about specs at the moment. But I think it's interesting to see everyone threatening to upgrade just because of a new game release. iD just own the gaming community :)

I wonder if this'll have any impact on the CS community? Probably not..
Posted 11:44am 05/5/02
I'm shallow. Sweet graphics impress me enough to forgive lacking gameplay :)
Posted 11:55am 05/5/02
As if this game isnt going to be scarer than alien vs predater. And that game was f*****g scary.
Posted 12:04pm 05/5/02
/me wants a copy now :(
Posted 12:43pm 05/5/02
story lines rock, and my computer is always beastly, xp1600 atm, changing cpu to a 2.26ghz when intel release the 133fsb chipset with rdram 1066mhz :D
Posted 12:51pm 05/5/02
Where the f*** do you get the money for that?

Are you one of those people with, like, a job or something?
Posted 01:02pm 05/5/02
i work 2 jobs, study uni fulltime, and like to enjoy my life :D

plus i get all computer hardware at distributors price since i work in a computer store :D the perks i just love em :D
Posted 01:30pm 05/5/02
I am expecting a slower paced scare-the-s***-out-of-you type game. With a really dark and brooding atmosphere.

I am not expecting a indepth storyline. Something like HL's simple story. You start at point A and have to get to point E, while going through B, C and D.
Posted 01:29pm 05/5/02
Like the resident evil movie.
Posted 04:54pm 05/5/02
Destrkta: why get a "B" for when you can get an "A" and overclock it ? :)
Posted 01:32pm 06/5/02
Doom was the game that really made me love shootem ups. I remember when i was real young playing that game day after day. It was all everyone talked about at school. This was probably what it was like for the majority of kids who played the game world wide. When this game comes out, its gonna be a real big hit. I know that me and my mates willl be getting a copy thats for sure. Go DOOM III !!!!!!
Posted 02:04pm 06/5/02
One thing im really hoping they get right with doom3 is the engine, in a way they kinda f***ed up the Q3 engine... The Q3 engine limits you to making enclosed environment. I hope ID have picked up some tips from croteam and use it in Doom3.

Doom1&2 had some really cool ideas with outdoor areas, i just hope they can be executed in Doom3 and Quake4... Ive always imagined Doom3 as being able to walk into an outdoor area and really sencing i was in the middle of hell... for it's time doom1&2 managed this quite well with awsome skyboxes.

Giant outdoor hell environments in Doom3 would absolutely f*****g rock.
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