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So many things that have been under development are getting pushed out for you the gamers today, first it was, now its, and we have one more coming… is one of the most exciting developments that we have been trying to build since late last year, and after a brief but painful hiccup late last year, Nathan and Alex here at AusGamers HQ have been working tirelessly to make sure that AusFourms become a reality. Being pretty busy on other developments which we cant talk about during the day, they have both had to work on AusFourms during their weekends and late at night when they get time.

AusForums isnt an attempt to compete against other networks who create forums for clans and all sorts of other things relating to youth media for their own communities, its something completely different.

It can be best compared to forums, we give you the user, the ability to create forums, name them what you want, then directly edit the look and feel of the forum by allowing you to modify and upload your own header, footer, and CSS files to our servers. So you can create rich creative forums in the same look and feel of your existing web site, while at the same time making your forums easier to use for your sites visitors by taking advantage of the 40,000 registered users of AusGamers.

To create a forum to discuss your favourite game, or for your clan, you simply need to head on over to Ausforums, login then goto, this will give you the option to decided where to create your mountpoint, what folders you like, and how many forums you want! You can add passwords to forums for private conversations, and modify the look and feel.

Check out these examples of how you can modify your ausgamers forums QGL Lan, Dylan, and AusAnime to name but a few examples of what you can do if you want to.
Update: Ausforums can be found on any Ausgamers site by the link in the AusMedia section of the AusGamers bar.

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