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Post by natslovR @ 05:47pm 21/03/02 | 10 Comments
R18+ ratings for computer games is in the news today. To repeat verbatim the ABC News article: Brian Harradine say an R18+ category will result in games with more porn and violence being sold, and the Justice Minister goes off on a 'save the children' rant:

"This is a serious matter because one might think that by imposing an R 18+, that is regulating more interactive computer games, but then of course that could then allow into the market, and it would be difficult to police these games, if they were allowed into the market, as to how they might fall into the hands of young people, those aged under 18,"

It appears this is in the news once again because ten days ago the OFLC released a paper titled 'Assessment of Public Submissions on the Discussion Paper and Draft Review' in regards to the review of computer games classification that commenced late last year.

The review received 372 submissions from a 'wide cross section of the Australian Population' including the online petition that was carried out representing 600+ adult gaming Australians. The report said most views could be broken down in to one of two arguments:

1) 'minors should be protected from material likely to harm or disturb them; everyone should be protected from exposure to unsolicited material that they find offensive'

2) 'adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want'

It seems gamers made a good impression, though we need to be able to come up with an age breakdown of game playing Australians to be taken more seriously, at least we are being recognised:

The singularlity of its focus, the clarity of its arguments and its attempt to present the views of its membership suggests that the adult computer game playing constituency is emerging with sophistication. Their views suggest that the Draft Revised Guideliens in relation to the "R" Classification for computer games need to ensure that they are faithful to the first principle of the Code

The first principle is that adults should be able to watch what they want.

Unfortunately it seems that slightly more individual submissions were received against the R18+ category for computer games than for it, but I believe certain politicians are starting to talk down an R18+ category for games as they realise that many Australian gamers do want R18+ category for games and they are fearful that we will get it.

The report concludes with the following:

"It is recommended that the review process proceed in developing a consistent set of classification sysmbols and categories, incorporating adequate and informative age-related categories; certainly including the "G8" classification for film and the "R" classification for computer games..."


Latest Comments
Posted 06:10pm 21/3/02
i was reading the myer catalogue about the xbox and they had r18+ written at the bottom of the page it said R18+ for ratings and i went WTF!
Posted 06:18pm 21/3/02
Are you trying to outdo term with the size of that post? You know he still has a bigger penis than you :P
Posted 06:18pm 21/3/02
Hmm.. I put my name to that petition. I read some of the other entries in it and was disappointed, many of them were by people who freely admitted to being 14 or 15, and had comments to the effect of: "you cant stop us itsi our rite..."

Rea' good impression by those losers :)
Posted 06:21pm 21/3/02
Posted 10:42pm 21/3/02
it amazes me that they're having so much trouble with the idea of having an R18+ rating on games when the R18+ rating has been enforced on music cd's and songs would have to be a hell of a lot easier to obtain than full games, obvisouly if kids can't buy them in shops there going to download them or get someone old enough to buy them but that would have to apply to music and video aswell.
Posted 11:01pm 21/3/02
i'd rather smoke cigarettes than look at porn. WAIT!#$@$# THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!! THE OTHER WAY AROUUUUUUUUUUNDD!!!$@#$!
Posted 11:11pm 21/3/02
IMO there should be R18+ 'games', but instead of calling them games (which implies they are for kids) call it 'interactive media' or something and get the f*****g retailers to ask for ID when you want to buy the items.

I don't know what it is like now but when I was 14 I had no problems getting into MA15+ and R18+ movies, is probably the same deal for a 13-14 year old buying an MA15+ game...
Posted 11:15pm 21/3/02
bah. i bought my 1st pack of ciggarettes at the age of 13. Any child can get what he/she wants. Just need to know where.

Why ruin the enjopyment of those of use that are over 18, just because authorities are incapable of coming up with a way of solving a problem.

Banning something does not make it go away.
Posted 11:48pm 21/3/02
yer true dat. now that i'm almost over the age of 18 its all cool but ffs get over the "protect the kids" speach!!

Posted 12:16am 22/3/02
My point was to make it 'hard' for kids to get 18+ games, but in reality it won't be. Just like kids can buy smokes, 18+ movies and anything else they want. When I was 14 and living in Sydney (legal smoking age was 18 there at that time) I had no problems buying smokes or getting 18+ movies etc, only thing I couldn't get was booze - that is what older siblings are for.

Don't get me wrong though, kids shouldn't be able to get adult content unless their parents think it is ok for them.
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