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Post by Term @ 02:35pm 01/03/02 | 30 Comments
Today, Microsoft, makers of the upcoming Xbox officialy announced the titles that would be avialible on 14th March when the Xbox is released into Australia, Alan Bowman, director of Xbox in Australia had the following to say about the release titles:
By June, more than 50 titles will be available. Of course, the titles will just keep on coming after that. The impressive and growing portfolio, and the future generation capabilities and versatility of the Xbox console, mean that it will provide a whole new world of game play experiences way into the future
With just inside 20 games available on launch it is about that the ps2 was launching with, however, given the 3 month delay between US and Euro/AU markets I would have expected a stronger showing. Some of the A list titles are Halo, DOA3, Max Payne, and Wreckless. Check out the full Press Release for more info from Alan Bowman, and what you've been waiting for, here are the titles
Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding Microsoft
Batman: Vengeance Ubi Soft
Blood Wake Microsoft
Dark Summit THQ
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX II Acclaim
Dead or Alive 3 Microsoft
Fuzion Frenzy Microsoft
Halo Microsoft
Jet Set Radio Future Sega
Mad Dash Racing Eidos
Max Payne Take-Two Interactive
NBA Live Electronic Arts
NHL 2002 Electronic Arts
NHL Hitz 2002 Midway
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Microsoft
Project Gotham Racing Microsoft
RalliSport Challenge Microsoft
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Activision
Transworld Surf Infogrames
Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions Activision

Latest Comments
Posted 02:50pm 01/3/02
What's a 'mircosoft', and when will the 'mircosoft' Xbox be 'avialible' termanoid?

Ahh the sooner you pay me 'officialy' edit your posts, the safer we'll all be.

Posted 02:49pm 01/3/02
so sue me, I was in a rush
Posted 03:15pm 01/3/02
Posted 02:53pm 01/3/02
how much will they cost?
Posted 02:53pm 01/3/02
/me sues term for qgl profits.
Posted 03:18pm 01/3/02
heh its a new console ffs. let it be
Posted 03:19pm 01/3/02
tell me how much it fuggen costs !!! :D
Posted 03:36pm 01/3/02
Xbox $649 or cheaper (only by $5 depending where you shop) games gonna be $99.95 peripheals same price as PS2
Posted 03:39pm 01/3/02
is anyone here going to get one?
Posted 03:39pm 01/3/02
i think i might get one once they get a bit cheaper
Posted 03:46pm 01/3/02
Yer i am gettin one Thursday. And a cube aswell. I'm bringing mine to QGL IF i can get a protective case happening.
Posted 03:48pm 01/3/02
ya gettin a cube? mad! are they pal or u gettin a NTSC one... how much?
Posted 03:51pm 01/3/02
i'm not really sure about the cube, i just hope they release games that are aimed at ppl older than 4 and have actually good game play... sif N64
Posted 03:52pm 01/3/02
Gettin pal $399. might aswell. Cube and Xbox pal. Just not really prepared to pay the extra $20 per game for NTSC
Posted 03:53pm 01/3/02
Does EB have Cube demo unit's yet?
Posted 03:57pm 01/3/02
no, not even Xbox ones yet. they will have them on monday (xbox) not sure on cubes
Yeti Skinner
Posted 04:56pm 01/3/02
Kaygen: I won't go to the next QGL LAN, but i might go to the one after that and see if I can bring my XBox so we can hook then together for some 8 player Halo action.
Posted 05:33pm 01/3/02
Wouldn't that require 8 people and not 2?
Posted 05:40pm 01/3/02
Posted 05:40pm 01/3/02
That would require 2 ppl who have Xbox's plus an additional 6 playa's stop trying to be a smart arse Khel
Yeti Skinner
Posted 05:48pm 01/3/02
Exactly. Where in my post did i mention that just us would play.
Posted 08:56pm 01/3/02
probably the biggest news thats been hushed up by Microsoft, is that Harvey Norman have refused to support the XBOX.
Posted 11:39am 02/3/02
Harvery Norman haven't "refused" as such, They are tied in with Sony and don't want to break that relationship. More of a i'm gettin Sony pussy why should i try MS pussy. etc...

Who Cares about Hardly Normal's Theres other places to shop for xbox apparently Toys "r" Us have a good combo going.
Posted 11:48am 02/3/02
Game Cube is getting Soul Calibure 2. That is all I need.

PS2 for Tekken Tag/ Tekken 4.

Game Cube for Soal Calibure.

X-Box for.... nice green looking x.
Posted 12:38pm 02/3/02
PS2 is getting Soul Calibre 2 aswell. Atleast that was what I last heard. PS2 also getting VF4 and Tekken 4.

Fighters are in heaven.
Posted 01:56pm 02/3/02
All systems are gettin Soul Calibur 2. PS2 VF4 is exclusive ( dunno for how long) and Xbox has DoA3
Posted 02:10pm 02/3/02
xbox can keep DoA3. I want my VF4 ;)

Been eharing good things aobut it. esp the little tamagotchi type mode in it.
Posted 02:29pm 02/3/02
Fighters are in heaven

Not Until Capcom bring out the 2D fighters
Posted 12:29am 03/3/02
who care's CUBE gets Rouge Leader which kick's all those crap fighting games ass's, and guess what i've play'd it and it kick's ass neways hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Posted 07:49pm 05/3/02
i think you are N3gatiV3
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