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And it is setting up to leave Early Access and arrive on PC and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch this October. Featuring an incredibly unique art-style and presentation as well as a truly jarring story with a cosmic horror tone, World of Horror is one of those left-field Indie offerings you almost have to experience.

Uncover the dark happenings of the seaside town of Shiokawa as eldritch gods awaken from their slumber yearning for the Earth’s destruction. Solve mysteries to reveal the madness lurking in the air and hunt down ingredients to perform dark rituals in an attempt to delay the inevitable demise of humanity. Combat grotesque abominations in roguelite turn-based RPG, all in a masterfully crafted 1-bit universe created in Microsoft Paint.

The year is 198X. Madness plagues the residents of the seaside town of Shiokawa. The Old Gods have returned to satiate their bottomless hunger for despair. Unspeakable monstrosities hide around every corner. Investigate the harrowing happenings, perform arcane rituals with scavenged artifacts in an attempt to delay the inevitable, or crumble with the Earth itself.

Take on dreadful mysteries as 14 playable characters, each with their own stats and perspectives on the blight before them. Unlock new characters to face the horrors with each playthrough, and figure out survival strategies that lean into their strengths and shore up their weaknesses. Manage both health and sanity in the face of terrifying encounters, cruel curses, and unfathomable settings via procedurally generated events.

Fight to stay alive in classic RPG turn-based combat with fists, kicks, or scavenged makeshift weapons found on location. Consider purchasing weapons and combat accessories from masked lunatics and shiba inu shopkeepers. Choose battle tactics wisely, as every decision can cause life, death, or madness. Explore every corner to uncover clues, collect helpful trinkets, and more along the way to reach the least harmful of multiple endings.
It's a testament to the level of craft and skill out in the indie landscape to see a effort like this being made in Microsoft Paint. But more importantly, it's that very process that helps sell the creepy nature and tone of the game. World of Horror comes to the above platforms on October 19.

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