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Published by Aussie upstart PlaySide Studios through its newly-minted PlaySide Publishing label and developed by UK-based Rocket Flair Studios, this is a city builder designed to promote a genuine long-game that centres around creativity and town and city management. And it looks Ra levels of good in its presentation this early.

Dynasty of the Sands is an Ancient Egypt-inspired creative/survival city builder hybrid set in a stunning open world.

Players will need to contend with seasons, a day/night cycle, weather, wildlife, and disease – right down to the individual desires, hopes and dreams of each villager. These systems and the environment challenge the player as they develop a city to sustain a growing population while balancing the favour of the Gods.

Will you create a paradise for your people? Will you placate the Gods or become one? Or will the desert itself claim you?
The game is scheduled to hit Early Access in 2024 and is the first game being pulished through the Aussie studios' new label.

“We wanted to create a meditative, dreamlike city builder with high replayability and where every decision, no matter how small, had lasting consequences,” said James Bradley, Studio Lead at Rocket Flair Studios via press release. “Dynasty of the Sands is about creating something beautiful in a harsh and unforgiving environment.”

Heres the game's key features thanks to PlaySide:
  • Build up from nothing, explore and exploit the land, the river and wildlife to forge the start of your civilisation. Battle hunger, thirst and the very land itself to overcome the dangers of ancient life.

  • Create resource chains to provide the essentials for your people. Learn to manage in the harsh desert conditions. Deal with pressure to appease the Gods or suffer the potential consequences.

  • Utilise satisfying building tools to raise your settlement from humble mud huts to magnificent city in the desert. Access extensive creative options for building the city how you see fit (buildings, decorations, plants, waterways, platforms, roads, staircases).

  • Explore the map to discover points of interest, resource deposits, and various flora and fauna. Use uncovered knowledge to research technology allowing you to create new and upgraded buildings to expand your settlement.

  • Master control of your city and population through governance. Create laws and mandates which let the city run itself, allowing your focus to fall on the most important aspects of your Empire.
Not gonna lie, as a wannabe Egyptologist (in my mind of minds), this game speaks to me and can't wait to check it out.

Stay tuned for more as we have it and close in on 2024, which feels like it's approaching all-too fast.

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