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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:03am 16/05/23 | 1 Comments
Coming to both PC and Xbox this month, Evil Villain is a game that flips the script, literally. You play as a defeated final boss. Your abode has been claimed by the heroic err... 'hero' of the piece, and you want to get it back and regain your position as a person of extreme power and importance. And you're more than willing to tell the player about this again and again.

I know you're spending all of your time playing Zelda, and to be frank, so am I. However, the bozos at UberStrategist said it would be fine to release two weeks after Nintendo’s biggest release of all time... here's what's in store:
  • A Quest Called Revenge!: Face off against hordes of heroes, avoid devastating deadly traps, and solve increasingly problematic puzzles as you reclaim the halls of your castle from the filth that now lives within it!

  • Crudely Chaotic Humor: Prepare to laugh, or at least grin, thanks to an assortment of fourth-wall-breaking fun, bathroom stall save points, silly NPCs, and sassy wizards!

  • Metroidvania-Inspired Design: Delve into a new, eviller point of view, explore carefully crafted locations, navigate intricate levels, and use your skills and elements to unlock new paths in the Metroidvania-inspired world.

  • If You’re Evil and You Know It: Utilise the evil-ness you harbor to slash, hack, and stab your enemies, and if that isn’t enough, you know you’re a wizard, right? Harness the elements and vaporise them.
Originally slated to release late last week, Evil Wizard is now dropping on May 25 so you can all make dicks in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (because let's face it, it's what you're all doing).

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You lost me at yet more generic pixel art.
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