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Presented by Prime Video.

ANZ creators are getting together and being paired into DUOs to take on special missions in Warzone’s DMZ based on the new blockbuster series Citadel on Prime Video.

Citadel is a new cinematic series on Prime Video full of espionage-driven thrills. It comes from the visionary directors behind Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, the creator of Prime Video’s excellent Hunters series, David Weil, and sees mind-wiped elite agents Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) called upon to prevent the rise of Manticore and a new world order.

With secrets, lies, relationships in the balance, and danger around every corner, Citadel has all the hallmarks of a heady blockbuster action spectacle.

To celebrate the launch of the new Prime Video series, the Citadel: Spy Challenge is pitting some of the most well-known names in ANZ against each other by throwing them into Call of Duty’s DMZ to settle the score. That is, equip their most spy-worthy gadgets and start heading into areas and locations they should not be to complete missions inspired by the Citadel series.

Considering the high-stakes action and thrills of Citadel the show, you can be sure that the ANZ talent will bring their best ‘elite agent’ skills to determine the best Spy DUO in the ANZ region. With the first round of streams wrapping up, here is the schedule with links to each livestream channel for Round 2.

Joel Bergs and Taylor Morgan
4 May at 8 PM AEST

Drewd0g and Kultzy
5 May at 7 PM AEST

BazzaGazza and Nalopia
6 May at 2 PM AEST

Crayator and Berticuss
7 May at 9 PM AEST

Recreating moments and themes from the show, these duos are split into male and female pairs and placed into the open, narrative-focused DMZ mode in Warzone 2, where each DUO on the Al-Mazrah map is tasked with Citadel-themed missions. Very cool.

As seen in the first episode of Citadel, Round 1 tasked our local DUOs to get on a train and loot its goodies. Additional missions included securing weapons cases, contracts, and more, with points given to each successful infiltration. Tying moments from the series to Call of Duty is fantastic to see, and there is even a leaderboard tracking each DUO to see who will take the espionage crown in the Citadel: Spy Challenge.

And with that, we have already seen some great Spy DUO action. Facebook Gaming streamers Kultzy and Drewd0g kicked things off, with Kultzy taking on the role of the rookie spy Agent K teaming up with the veteran Drewd0g as Agent Bolt. Although Agent K unknowingly pulled the pin on a grenade while sitting in a moving car, the Spy DUO still managed to successfully taken-down enemies, loot the train, and exfiltrate with critical intel in tow.

After the end of the first round, the energetic and hilariously chaotic combo of Nalopia and BazzaGazza sits atop the leaderboard with the most points. Even though Nalopia was left behind during their round as Bazza took off on a chopper as part of a rescue mission, fake-crying out that they were double-crossed in a way that paralleled the story in Citadel.

With the second round drawing inspiration from the second episode of Citadel, our intrepid Spy DUOs will be tasked with rescuing hostages, securing nuclear materials, taking on a most wanted contract, and even trying to survive being hunted. That last one is especially awesome, as Mason and Nadia must be on their Call of Duty-like toes to stay one step ahead of their enemies while being hunted by Manticore in Citadel.

Citadel is now streaming on Prime Video. Start your 30-Day Free Trial on Prime Video Today.

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