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Or should that be Nautical Chart? Whatever the case, the brilliant cosmic-inspired atmospheric-horror fishing game, Dredge, is in line to pull up some new content for all the eager anglers out there who likely helped forge some of the decisions behind these upcoming additions.

Everything mentioned in the map above is scheduled to arrive this year, and most of it for free, which is awesome. Sharing details over at the PlayStation Blog, our friends from across the pond gave up this nice bit of info on the game's foreseeable future:
Finally, we will be developing a paid and entirely optional DLC featuring the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation. They’re looking to establish an innovative drilling operation in the area to revitalize the towns and populations, but their ultimate goal is unknown. As you gather materials to construct new buildings and biomatter to fuel the rig, meet new characters, craft new equipment, and catch new fish, you may uncover the truth behind their potentially nefarious operations.
Can't wait for that one. Here's hoping there's also plans to drop a New Game + mode at some point too, which is something the team told us in our interview with them they'd look at if enough community voice was behind the want for it.

In our in-depth review of the game we wrote:
In Dredge there is an unknown presence which has caused calamitous change to the natural order of things. People crave things they ought not, and the sea has swallowed more than it ever has and things have emerged from depths unknown. You’ll meet mysterious folk in your travels, and even more mysterious creatures. You’ll be tasked with Pursuits -- side-quests gathered along your work and exploration jaunts, that range from helping research elusive fish to reuniting feuding brothers to helping a downed pilot seek revenge on nightmarish creatures of the muck. And each one of these Pursuits is peppered with character and verve. That tone I’ve been so strong on, it’s represented so much in the people you meet and the stories they tell, and throughout all of this, the writing in Dredge, albeit short, is exceptional for what’s here.
Stay tuned for more on the actual dates for these intended updates as we have them, and if you haven't played the game yet, we highly recommend you do.

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