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Like Deathloop before it, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks' Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to make its Xbox Series X|S debut roughly a year after launching on PlayStation 5. As a timed exclusive it looks like the exclusivity period is ending with Ghostwire: Tokyo set to launch into Xbox Game Pass (both Console and PC) on April 12. Plus it arrives with a bunch of new updates.

There's a whole new rogue-lite style game mode called 'Spider's Thread', new areas to explore in the game's impressive recreation of Tokyo, more story, new enemies, and even new skills. We enjoyed the game at launch but found it a little lacking in some areas, so this new version definitely sounds like an improvement.

Here's a trailer for the update, alongside info on the new things coming - which will also be available on PlayStation 5.

New Spider’s Thread Game Mode

In addition to the main game, the Spider’s Thread game mode tasks players to navigate a 30-stage gauntlet selected from over 120 hand-crafted levels with one simple goal: get to the end. As players clear challenges and complete stages, they will unlock more skills and earn in-game currency to spend on upgrades.

Explore New Areas and Uncover More Story

The Spider’s Thread update adds new locations to visit in the ghost-riddled streets of supernatural Tokyo, including the local Middle School area. These new locations come with new missions for players to take on and uncover more mysteries. The main game’s story will also feature extended cutscenes, granting players a deeper look into the plot as they play through Akito & KK’s adventure to stop the menacing Hannya from destroying Tokyo.

Face New Enemies with New Skills

Dangerous new Visitors arrive to Tokyo in the Spider’s Thread update, like the invisible Silent Gaze or elusive Retribution. To defeat these new enemies, Akito will receive new skills including, Charge Rush and devastating Counter Attack.

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