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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:54pm 09/03/23 | 0 Comments
In a first for the game, Wargaming has included an Australian Commonwealth naval commander, Matilda Kelly, as well as the Commonwealth light cruiser, Brisbane, set to come to World of Warships this April 19 in a "special themed adventure".

Launching on March 9th – is the Queen of the Seas campaign in World of Warships.

In this special themed adventure, running for three weeks until April 19th, you will follow the path of an Australian bushranger who is trying to reach the mythical continent of Mu by means of a legendary ship – Brisbane.

The reward for completing adventure tasks will be a temporary resource – pirate tokens. The main rewards of the event will be:
  • Commonwealth naval commander, Matilda Kelly
  • Brisbane, a Commonwealth light cruiser, representing the royal Australian Navy
The story begins in 19th century Australia. Infamous privateer-turned-pirate, Matilda Kelly, has been apprehended following an ambitious yet unsuccessful raid on a Royal Navy man ‘o war and sentenced to life in an Australian penal colony. Join Matilda as she braves her way through the continent in search of a legendary ship which is said to help escaped convicts to reach safe haven. Destination—the mythical continent of Mu.
  • To participate in the adventure, follow Matilda’s path by clicking the different pins on the map
  • Upon clicking the pins, you will be presented with buttons to claim the missions that progress the story
  • The reward for completing the missions is Pirate Tokens, which can be used in the armory to unlock special content, including Brisbane and 19-point commander, Matilda Kelly, with a unique voiceover
Brisbane was a light cruiser project developed after the end of World War II, with more powerful and advanced air defense, and is armed with ten dual-purpose 152-mm main battery guns with a good rate of fire.

The ship is similar to the cruiser Minotaur, but with significant gameplay differences. Brisbane is equipped with HE shells, class-standard AP shells, and enhanced torpedo armament. The ship's torpedoes are distinguished by a large number in a salvo and a good range.

The ship has weak armour, but low visibility, as well as a "Specialized Repair Teams", which will allow you to restore a significant part of your HP. In addition to the "Specialized Repair Teams", the ship's consumables include "Hydroacoustic Search" and "Surveillance Radar". In addition, the ship has improved engine performance - Brisbane can quickly pick up speed!

During the event, Brisbane will only be available for Pirate Tokens. In one of the future updates, the ship will be permanently added to the Armory for doubloons.
It has been an age since I picked up this, but I'm not gonna lie, this actually sounds pretty fun and interesting so I might have to dust off the commander's hat and get up to the bridge and jump back in.

Check out a bunch of screens of the Brisbane below.

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