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In case you missed it the first time around, Anvil Saga is a cutely pixelated blacksmithing sim frmo HeroCraft PC that puts you in charge of a smithy during the 100 years war. You take on requests from customers, keep them happy, uncover quests and slowly build out both your shop and your homestead.

Overnight the team revealed that Chapter 2 of the game is now available, and it takes on all the community feedback from Chapter 1.

In this update, the next 20 in-game days of the story mode will await you. Prepare for memorable choices, quirky characters, and a new order mechanic:
The tension between the Witches and the Church is increasing, and despite his best attempts to stay neutral, Arthur will be dragged into their squabbles.
  • Choose a side – each will affect the forge in different ways.
  • The war between England and France rages on, and Arthur is caught between them. The Baron will need to fortify his castle – swords alone won't protect him. Will Arthur help the Baron or turn him away?
  • Finally, you'll have a chance to improve your relationships with the various factions or earn more money with the new 'bulk order' mechanics. The merchant Antonio will approach you from time to time with large orders for you to choose from. These will reward Arthur with reputation points or money for a job well done.
The games takes on a simple 2D side-scrolling presentation but does a lot with very little and features a lot of open play for you to upgrade, expand and engage. It also features a fantastic soundtrack and some quality writing. It also stole one of my ideas for a game which has now made me have to go and re-smith that original concept.

Click here to go straight to the game's Steam page.

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