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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:23pm 27/01/23 | 1 Comments
The long-awaited Diablo 4 is on track for a June release, and today Blizzard has outlined its plans for Diablo III's Season 28 - called Rites of Sanctuary. It introduces a new end-game progression system with new Legendary Powers (triggered via Potions), and a skill tree that will grant powerful Seals.

Seals range from "Items have no level requirement," "+25% Movement Speed (Uncapped)," "Increases your highest elemental skill damage bonus by 10%," to "Increase damage against elites by 20%." It'll be up to you to choose which path to take and unlocked powers apply to all characters and will last for the entirety of Season 28.

"The order in which you unlock additional Seals and obtain their powers is entirely up to you and which powers align with your character’s build the most," Blizzard writes. "Once a Seal or Legendary Potion Power is unlocked, you’ll immediately receive that Seal or Potion’s power and will have the ability to unlock connected Seals or Potions once you have the required materials."

The three Legendary Potion Powers sound awesome too. Potion AA, "When you drink your health potion, you manifest one of three runic circles on the ground that grant increased damage, increased cooldown reduction, or increased resource cost reduction." Potion AB, "When you drink your health potion, all enemies within 25 yards deal 25% less damage." Potion AC, "When you drink your health potion, gain a random shrine or pylon effect."

It's very detailed, and unlocking all Seals will take quite a bit of materials. Like hundreds of Forgotten Souls and Deaths Breaths and Bounty Rewards. As a new endgame system to play with, one that will augment and power-up existing builds - it sounds awesome. And it sounds like it has been influenced a little by Diablo 4's Paragon Board system.

Season 28 will arrive alongside Patch 2.7.5 which features a number of items and set buffs too. The Demon Hunter's Natalya’s Vengeance set is getting a rework to become a Spike Trap set, and the Wizard's Hydra set is getting a buff too.

Head here for the full patch notes.

Patch 2.7.5 and the Season 28 features will be added to the PTR next week, which means it'll probably be a few weeks at least before it hits the live game.

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Posted 03:59pm 28/1/23
Successful recipe for D4, Blizz concentrates on story and epic cinematics that they do well, and leans on the Maxroll community for endgame direction. Working well lately.
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