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Out January 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, the Dead Space remake from EA and Motive is shaping up to be the first big release for 2023. And as enough time has passed since the original game's 2008 debut - it's the sort of remake project that has fans excited. Turns out the entire team at Motive are also big fans, and development began as a remake from fans without any mandate from up top.

The following is taken from our massive Dead Space remake interview you can read here.

"Everyone on the dev team is a fan of the original and the franchise," Realization Director at Motive, Joel MacMillan, tells me. "We weren't mandated to do this game. This was something we chose to create, where everybody on the team really wanted to make this game. And so we were all very familiar with the game heading in."

"It was important that we adhered as closely as possible to the original," Joel continues. "Because we're huge fans of the original, we didn't want to change anything just to change it. That was really something that we challenged ourselves with over the course of the whole production. Whenever someone would suggest a change, even if it was something small, we would ask ourselves and each other, do we need to change that?"

Being fans, when the team at Motive got to dig into the original code and take a peek at the game's engine and tech they came away even more impressed.

"We had hubris when putting this game together partly because, when looking under the hood when we started, checking out the engine to see how well everything was put together by the original team - we all quickly developed a real sense of humility," Joel explains. "We all have a real sense of respect for what the original team did. So we didn't want to mess with it more than we needed to. The goal was to augment and enhance where we could. Yes, we have added some sequences, and we've added some features, and we've added some game mechanics, but it was always under that guiding light."

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