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"Our goal for Dragonflight is that there should always be something right around the corner", writes Holly Longdale, Executive Producer on World of Warcraft. With the recent release and positive reception surrounding the latest WoW expansion World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Blizzard has revealed its post-launch roadmap for 2023. And yeah, it's looking good.

Although it's still one of the most popular online titles the recent history of World of Warcraft has been a little rocky, especially in relation to the Shadowlands expansion and its release. Blizzard is looking to change that with Dragonflight, with the team prepping six content updates for 2023. Which will kick off early next year with the arrival of a new Trading Post system.

As per the announcement, it looks like Blizzard will be adding more in between major updates to ensure that there are more regular content drops. "In total, we are planning to deliver six content patches, fairly evenly spaced, over the course of 2023," Holly Longdale adds. "This will include two major updates, the traditional pillars of our expansions—with new zones, raids, and seasonal rewards—but in between those, we want to keep expanding and evolving our world with new world events, updates to systems, and evergreen holidays, new dungeon experiences, new narrative chapters and cinematics that can serve as epilogues or as prologues to the next major step in the adventure, and, most importantly of all, more opportunities for us to respond to feedback and change or add elements based on what we're hearing is most needed by our players."

"We don't want there to be any specific formula for the size or shape of these updates," Holly says. "But the goal is simply more Warcraft: more story, more content, more rewards, more events, more tech improvements, with less downtime between them."

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