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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:16pm 21/11/22 | 0 Comments
Nintendo and Pokèmon studio Game Freak are not exactly known for rushing games to market, or releasing them before they are ready - but Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet on Nintendo Switch looks to another case of a game making its debut with a number of performance issues and visual glitches and bugs. Albeit some pretty funny ones.

Like this one, featuring Psyduck doing their best Tyler Durden from Fight Club impersonation.

Here's the moon just showing up.

Here's Pokèmon after dark.

Then there's this, which showcases the game's performance stuttering to the point of freezing. Before recommencing.

And whatever is happening here.

Of course, not all players are experiencing the above, nor have all reviewers who have been playing the game prior to launch. What seems to be the general consensus though is that performance is not great - to say the least. And that visually, it's a step behind most Switch titles and struggles no matter if it's in handheld or docked mode. This points to the issue being with the state of the game itself versus anything to do with the hardware capabilities of the Nintendo Switch.

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