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The original Splinter Cell came out 20 years ago, and Ubisoft celebrating the milestone as part of a retrospective of the game we also got some concept art from the planned remake. Which is currently in development.

Creative Director Chris Auty, Technical Director Christian Carriere, Senior Game Designer Andy Schmoll, and Associate Level Design Director Zavian Porter sat down to talk about the iconic stealth action game, whilst dropping some hints as to what to expect with the remake. We learn that it will be a good foundation for the series going forward, and that there will be an option to complete the game entirely in stealth, without having to kill anyone.

"Stealth is an extremely important pillar for us, and we aim to incorporate modern design philosophies, improving the minute-to-minute stealth gameplay that was so special in the original," Andy Schmoll said.

"[Sam Fisher] has these tools in his toolbox that he can use to react to that stuff at a split second," Chris Auty adds. "He can do these split jumps, get up high, and kind of avoid contact. He can plan ahead by looking under doorways and using these tools to understand where the threats are."

And as a nice little bonus for fans, the original Splinter Cell (PC) is available for free via the Ubisoft store until the end of the month.

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