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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:57pm 18/11/22 | 4 Comments
Striking Distance has done things by the old-school developer book, as far as how information surrounding its debut survival horror sci-fi epic, The Callisto Protocol, is concerned. And today has capped off a stellar year of teasing and showing off, with the game's official launch trailer that is full of wow moments in and of itself, and teases an even greater experience on the whole.

Set on Jupiter’s dead moon Callisto in the year 2302, The Callisto Protocol challenges players to survive the horrors of Black Iron Prison and uncover the dark secrets of The United Jupiter Company after a mysterious outbreak throws Callisto into chaos.
In addition to the trailer above, the fifth episode of the Helix Station podcast prequel story is now available, and having listened to the first four I can confidently tell anyone remotely keen on this game to check it out -- it's just the right balance between sci-fi cheese, intrigue and horror. And hey, it has sci-fi fan staple, Michael Ironside.

The Callisto Protocol released on December 2 for PC and console.

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Posted 10:18pm 18/11/22
looks alright, but i think that without these alerter documini's to guide us into what to expect from what it is that Deadspace, Half-Life and cinematic/shock gameplay have already been then we wouldn't be missing much that hasn't already been seen before just with the new development tooling that pushes more polygons and raytracing through a cinematic lens.

maybe i am being pessemistic, it's cinematic spaghetti sci-fi zombie horror to get jump scares from and that's not just a remake of what we've seen previously.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:37pm 21/11/22
It's a fair comment, but horror and sci fi are almost singlehandedly defined by tropes. What makes them stand out, individually, is how those tropes are handled and contextualised.

What I get most from the game, and I've watched it very closely, is Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield being let off the leash a bit, and delivering a darker, harsher version of Dead Space. The world building here is one of the things I'm most looking forward to though, and as stated in the OP they're already doing a good job of it with the prequel podcast.

I think this will be cheesy and jump scare-ey, but I reckon it'll be handled in a fairly compellig and challenging way.
Posted 07:51pm 21/11/22
yes after listening to all the episodes of the podcast, i was in for the digital deluxe version on Steam
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:21pm 22/11/22
Hah! That's cool :)
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